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I love how helpful the school is, they try there very best to make sure that you are accepted and if not they tell you what is needed to help you get accepted. I have nothing but good things to say about the school and everyone i have spoken to throughout the journey has been amazing!
I love that they offer different courses and a program called "Jeff-at-night", where they offer a variety of courses in the evening for people who are unable to attend in the day. I was able to complete a large amount of my pre-requisites in he evening to accommodate my schedule and also online courses, which are very helpful with my schedule.
I am a student in TJU's occupational therapy program. From the beginning when putting my application in, I have had nothing but positive experiences. The admissions department was supportive and communicative while I was on the wait-list and since entering the College of Health Professions everything has been equally supportive. It is a challenging program with faculty who are dedicated to what they do and to helping students learn and apply what will be needed once we are practitioners.
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Thomas Jefferson University is a great school! It has a community feel, and it's so close to resteraunts and sight seeing. Diversity of students is pretty low, but it's a very inclusive environment for those whom represent less represented populations.
I very much enjoy the diverse opportunities Jefferson has to offer. The professors are extremely helpful and wanting for you to succeed in all you do. Overall, I have a great time and amazing learning opportunities.
I will be starting in 2 weeks however, the interaction that I have had with staff to this point seems as though they are very helpful. The class sizes and styles seem to be important to the school to optimize excellent learning.
The school offers lifetime career guidance which means that the success of its alumni's are important to the school.
I am not familiar with the health and safety practices of the school. I am aware that the school has a health center that offers many services, though I have not had to utilize them. I have not heard anyone complaining of safety issues, however being as the campus is located in a large city, I am sure that their may sometimes be a concern.
I do not live on campus. I have heard from current campus residers that they enjoyed their stay in campus housing and that it was very convenient.
I am not familiar with the greek life. I will be a new student.
I have not started classes yet, however, my interaction with the school to this point has been pleasurable. The admissions office was always pleasant and available for guidance through the application process. Since acceptance, the department has been very thorough with providing "next step" instructions for necessary prematriculation guidelines.
I will be a new student at this school so I am not extremely familiar with its athletic department, if any. The school is a school specifically for those interested in health careers such as nursing, doctors, physical therapists, etc... Therefore, based on the high intensity of these programs of study, many students do not have much time available for extracurricular activities.
As I have only taken online classes, I have found the professors to be extremely accessible despite not seeing them in class.
As we are connected and affiliated with a hospital, I feel that the career opportunities within this network are numerous.
I typically feel very comfortable walking around campus and typically see at least one security guard around.
The only Greek life that I am aware of is that of the honor society's. They are relatively difficult to get into as you have to have a very high GPA, but certainly feasible.
I really enjoy that the majority of my program can be done online as I am working full-time and attending school.
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I attend online classes, but as far as I am aware there is not a strong sports presence.
No one really cares since we all focus on the academics.
We have great opportunities for jobs and internships through the school, our degree is highly specialized yet we continue to learn of different career opportunities. Our alumni network is relatively young, but in the relatively few years of our existence, we have made a big name for ourselves among the healthcare community and it is found that preceptors request our students over students from the other local schools
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