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Very convenient online classes, but speed of semester can catch up to you fast if you dont pace yourself. It can aslo be very hard to self teach yourself, which is what you end up doing.
The staff at easy to work with. The classes s are very complex and the learning experiences in valuable. The blackboard is very user-friendly and easy to correspond
Everyone has been very helpful as I begin my college studies at this university. I am an adult student returning to college and I am doing this online/remotely.
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Ok institution, provides relevant online training. On par with most other online colleges. Works well to fit academic material around your work schedule.
For busy adult students, TESU is the perfect fit. Adapting to an entirely-online education does take some getting used to, but the mentors and staff are all incredibly helpful--they WANT you to succeed. And the results speak for themselves! I transferred into TESU with a dismal GPA (<2.0, yikes) and graduated with a 3.5 and straight A's. No, TESU was not my first choice for my undergrad education, but I am so thrilled with my experience at this underrated little uni.
TESU provides online classes that include an extensive writing component. Each class that I have taken provides excellent resources to complete research papers in an APA format which properly prepares to write well thought out, research papers and essays. The options to your CAPSTONE projects are helpful in order to put your best effort forward. Communication from the University is excellent and updated frequently.
I really liked this school because they are flexible and allow a great number of transfer credits. Going from an Associates program to a Bachelor's, I found it hard to find a school that had options to fit all of the courses I already took into a specific degree plan. TESU did that!
Thomas Edison State College is a good place to graduate fast if you are a self-motivated student and if you are good at taking tests, as they accept a lot of CLEP and DSST tests for credit, as well as their own test-for-credit exams, TECEP.
You get decent return on investment from this college. If you are willing to work, it will work out for you. This college especially caters to non-traditional students and military members. The college has 12 week online semesters for undergraduate problems and offer new semesters for enrollment every month. Thomas Edison State University will accept virtually 100% of transferred credit, which makes it really easy for students that have past credits from CLEPS,DSST's, prior learning credit, military credits, past college credits, or the like. I highly recommend this college if you are serious about getting a regionally accredited college degree and have serious life/work obligations.
They have been great to work with and are extremely understanding about being a full time employee while trying to earn a degree.
The ability to set your own pace and study online has been a godsend while I've been working full time. The mentors convey that they're really there to help you succeed and many of them go beyond in order to make that happen. For an online college, everything feels very accessible.
I've found the courses through TESU so far to be interesting and challenging, but not too stressful. The professors are positive and willing to work with you. The price of classes is high though, and there's an extra fee for paying with a credit/debit card. I wish there were more majors than what there are, and I wish they'd expand their classes to that there are more options.
I finished my B.S.B.A. and M.S.M. at Thomas Edison State University. Although, like other schools, occasionally you feel like a professor is phoning it in, this is NOT the case in general. I have had many professors who pushed hard and who were incredibly supportive of my goals and schedule.. My degree got me a job in the field and industry I was aiming for within 2 months of graduating. Everything I learned there I put to use every day in my profession. This is not a degree mill, this is a school that understands the needs of adult learners and is flexible enough to make it possible to succeed. (Even with a full time job and 3 kids)
I love the convenience of online schooling. It has been great for my busy life. As an online university, the school is a bit less involved in checking in on students to make sure they are taking the right courses and doing well with the technology and material.
It's so nice to have a University that understands time constraints. I have the ability to take classes or study by myself on my own time and test out. I've contacted the help desk regarding several questions and they get back to you right away. I can't wait until I finally have a completed degree later this year!
The staff are always willing to help in anyway possible. They always provide help as fast as they can and they are also very helpful with military students.
Only plan on going here if you plan on clepping everything. The teachers are terrible. They do not read your homework and only mark it based on if they like you. I once got a semi good grade, when i should have gotten a zero.

They also make up bogus fees to keep you from graduating.
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Professors were friendly and accommodating. Could be more clear on assignment descriptions though. Overall great experience!
TESU provided a great opportunity for me to work and receive life-changing credit that enabled me to complete my degree!!
Semesters begin every month, so there is no wait to begin taking courses. The mentors I've encountered have been very pleasant to work with and are very considerate of the the fact that we are all adults and have lives and responsibilities outside of school. The classes are challenging and I feel I am getting every bit the amount of education as I would in a traditional university.
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