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TAC is focused on finding the truth about the natural and spiritual world. The students are all very joyful and the campus is absolutely beautiful.
For someone who attended a college prior, this felt like high school with stricter rules than my parents had ever thought to set for me.
No WiFi in dorms or on campus. Your laptop must be plugged in via ethernet and facing outwards where all can see. No internet allowed on phones.
Music and movies must be on an approved list before listened to or played publicly anywhere on campus, including dorms.
No PDA anywhere on campus, even if you are engaged. Seeing them NOT holding hands made me more uncomfortable.
Prefects are designated students to patrol campus at all times and after curfew and “hour” (work for an hour without pay) fellow students who are out past 10pm, wearing a skirt just ever so slightly above the knee, etc.
As for such a small student body not having to worry about assault, one of my close friends was assaulted while on a date with a fellow student. Not a word was spoken since this incident happened “past curfew”.
Thomas Aquinas is an amazing college for multiple reasons. One, the subject matter is composed of questions that men have asked for centuries and will continue asking for the rest of time. Second, we read all original works which gives students a more true idea of the author's thoughts. Third, we use the seminar method which means that students don't just sit in class and listen to a teacher lecture. Students read the material and then come to class and discuss it among themselves in order to find answers. The teacher is only there to ask questions to promote and guide discussion and to keep the discussion from going too far off course. Fourth, the Catholic community is rock solid.
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Thomas Aquinas College is the most secure place I've ever lived. (In all aspects of the word secure.)
The degree obtained by attending this college might not appear to be lucrative, however contrary to popular opinion, due to the community is very useful in the hiring process.
Thomas Aquinas College is not suited for every type of student, but for those that are inclined to the style of living and education provided for by the college, it is the best experience of every students life thus far.
The campus of Thomas Aquinas College has consistently been rated by several collegiate magazines in the top ten for most beautiful.
Thomas Aquinas College does not offer any sports programs for the students due to its desire to have the students focus on education.
Thomas Aquinas College is a unique liberal arts college due to its emphasis on classical education. It is a fully integrated curriculum which some may consider a lack of educational options, but it is rather a tool used to promote the focus on obtaining the truth through the great works of western civilization. It does not offer any extracurricular classes or clubs, but there are student run events, which for a school of 370 students works out with great success. The promotion of the spiritual life is what, personally, the school is most effective in doing.
I feel extremely safe on campus, and there have been no instances of campus crime that have affected the safety of students. The college is very small so everyone looks out for each other so there is no fear of assault, sexual or otherwise.
The tutors here are all very friendly and knowledgeable, since to teach at Thomas Aquinas College you must be able to teach all the classes the school offers. The tutors are often available for discussions at meals and after class, and it is not unusual to sit behind a tutor at mass. The tutors are also able to create relationships with the students and will sometimes invite classes over for dinner.
The dorms are all clean and close to classes, and each dorm has a unique atmosphere that fits with its residents. There is free laundry and a small kitchen as well as an exercise room, common room and study rooms in the dorms. The dorms are a nice place to relax and hang out, but they are still quiet enough that it is easy to study in them.
I was a little intimidated by the idea of going to a college with less than 500 people considering that my high school graduating class alone had over 800 people, but the small size creates an amazing community that I never thought would be possible. Having the same 17 people in five of my classes has actually been a great experience because you truly get to know your classmates and form a class dynamic where you work as a team to pursue knowledge together. Instead of fighting your classmates to beat them out with better grades, you strive to improve yourself and can help and be helped by others. This unity is a huge benefit that comes from the single program that all students take, and the classes are all engaging enough to compensate for the lack of electives. The curriculum at TAC is beautifully crafted and works as a cohesive whole so if students were to pick and choose their courses they would be missing fundamental elements necessary to complete later classes.
Thomas Aquinas College has a standard of academic and religious excellence which attracts people of like minds making it the best place to study the highest things with wonderful people.
not too much of a part scene
great variety, a little pricy
very strict but not pigheaded. they listed to reason
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Not a big priority to most students
Not much partying goes on what little does probably detracts from the overall experience.
Not much variety and far away. A lot of the restaurants that are not chains are very expensive.
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