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The University of Virginia's College at Wise Reviews

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The University of Virginia's College at Wise is a wonderful place to attend school and to get your degree from. The scenery around the school is very beautiful and it helps you focus as a student. The professors are great teachers and pushes you past your limits. They definitely give you great help and knowledge to help you succeed in the classroom and in life. All of the professors, deans, and staff are very interactive with the student body and each other. One thing I would like to see changed about the college is the diversity. I would like to see more students of different ethnics and races. Besides that, the college is great!
The University of Virginia's College at Wise was the best academic choice I have ever made. I visited and fell in love. Set in the mountains is a beautiful and secluded campus. A university that makes every single student feel special and included. It is truly amazing the effort put in by all of UVA- Wise employees. Despite the college student count being quite small, it gives every young adult or adult to succeed in making their dreams reality. Everyone is so friendly and UVA-Wise is the reason behind it all. Its expected of all students to be the absolute best version of themselves. The university goes out of their way to insure everyone feels comfortable and accepted. They throw events promoting different cultures, religions, races and the LGBTQ community. Thank you UVA-Wise for giving me a reason to wake up and get out of bed! I have found my passion in this crazy world in which we live and I could not be more grateful.
I loved this college so much! The professors are great, the price is relatively low, and I just graduated with no debt whatsoever!! I think going to UVa-Wise was the best decision I could have ever made ❤️
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It’s a very small and down to earth community at UVA-Wise. Love the place and the people there dearly :)
UVa-Wise is pretty rural, but there are some big cities not too far away. Many of the professors are super helpful and are always available to the students. I love seeing how the college has been growing since I've been here. The dorms are pretty good, but there are many off campus housing that students use too. Overall, this is a great school!
My experience, so far, has been fairly positive. They need to upgrade their email to google or something more easily accessible, but overall good
Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel like home, however, it also offers several opportunities for students to make the best of their college experience. It is the comfort of a small college with the benefits of a big university!
Hi everyone! I love the small campus of UVA-Wise! I can wake up late and still make it to my class on time. In addition, it is a beautiful campus, that is gorgeous in the fall! However, there is not much to do. It is in a small town that does not contain much so you'd have to go to Kingsport or Bristol to find the nice restaurants and shopping. We have some fast food and lots of hiking if you are into outdoor stuff. There are also lots of fun things to do on campus, and many trips that you can take with the student activities board!
I am from Wise, Virginia; and being at UVA-Wise makes me feel like I'm home but not at the same time. It is diverse and just all around a great school. I just starting nursing school at UVA-Wise and I am learning a lot of information, I fee like my education has been above average, and I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given. It is difficult to be a college student while trying to work at the same time, that is why I am trying to apply for some scholarships to help pay for nursing school.
I'm so glad I transferred in to UVA Wise. The school has amazing programs, and everyone is so nice and friendly!
I'm an upward bound student with UVA wise. I've stayed over the summer and it was an overall great experience. It's lots of walking and the freshman dorms have no air conditioner. Those are the only bad things about it. The cafeteria food is so delicious and worth getting seconds.
A lot of the faculty are willing to work with you and help you out with making the best decisions. Very beautiful area and most buildings on campus are pretty close to each other. Only thing I wish would happen is to see the area around the campus grow.
The teachers know almost everybody in class by name. The campus feels like a home and everybody is nice. The winters can be a little bad because it it located high on top of a mountain. The cafeteria food is edible, but there are three other options of places to eat and there are places to use dining dollars (money loaded on to your ID to be used at concession stands or other places). There is a coffee shop that is open until midnight most nights. The new library offers 24-hour study rooms.
My favorite thing about University of Virginia's College at Wise is the community! This school has a beautiful campus in the hills of Appalachia and the people here are absolutely splendid. I would definitely choose this school if I could do it all over again because it has got the quality education I desire.
I like it well enough.
I don't know I'm not a Greek.
I don't know much as I do not participate in them, but it is very big on campus.
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The school is pretty quiet, which leaves a lot of time to study, yet all the students and professors are really kind and helpful.
their are parties for those who want to go to them
the best parties are thrown by frat houses
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