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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Reviews

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Awesome staff! Quick help for all categories.Clean facilities. Resources at its finest. Yet, the only change I would like to see is the availability of more scholarships. Love it!
I love that the school is in Brownsville where I was born and raised. Even though it's smaller and less diverse than other schools, it has great potential for the Hispanic community.
So far coming back to college has been a smooth transition, I graduated 10 years ago when it was known as UTB. What I like the most about UTRGV is that people is willing to help when you are in need and the environment at school is a friendly one.
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The school itself isn't difficult, so that can be a good or bad thing depending on how good you want your education. There are the occasional terrible teachers here, but overall the professors are usually nice. I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for a top tier education. There isn't a real engaging student life here since most students don't live on campus. However, there are a lot of activities that students do host, which can be cool. Most of the services are run by students, so when it comes to papers and such, you will typically see plenty of forms being lost and questions unanswered.
Attending to UTRGV is a great experiences when it comes to doing stuff and studying what you like. The campus food s really good and their party too. They are known for their sports and academic.
I think it was a success for my first year at the college. I've learnt a lot from that. I thought it wasn't so great because I wanted to leave the valley but because it was cheaper I decided to stay. It's pretty exciting going year actually. We have big oppurtunites and all you need here. But for a college, it's kind of small, so maybe that's the only thing I'm going to change from this college, the scale. Get this slightly bigger. I think this is a great university other than that.
Based off my own experience and others around me, I have seen the advancement in education and the exceptional growth they and I have experienced.
My experience has been good, all the professors are helpful and understanding. If you need any help then you can go talk to the professors and ask them for some help or if they can be leaniunt with some things.
The university is great for helping with academics and financial aid for students. I only to hope to continue to do my studies.
Excellent college of engineering, good teachers, good labs, academic program very similar to UT-Austin, low number of students per instructor, very fair price, low living expenses, with nice lodging within walking distance from classrooms, good acceptance Of concludentes by industries.
UTRGV is a great school. It's small campus allows for close communities and organizations that are fun and appeal to all groups of people with a wide variety of personal interests.
I like the way they now implemented the financial aid for students o be able to become eligible for a free education if they come fro m a income family of 75,000 or less. I think they are fine as of now from what I've seen.
It is a great place to attend college to. The complex is beautiful and the professors are great to talk to and they will help you out with anything. The food is great, and there are many organizations to join, and be part of a community that will help you grow. The area does get pack, but it is cheap to buy a parking ticket compared to other universities. When I went there for a tour, everyone was kind and welcoming. Overall the place is a great environment, and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is one of the top colleges to go to in the state, and the cost is very low.
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is a great college to attend too. They have everything you need and the best part about it is that it's affordable. You can't go wrong with that. Sure people want to leave the state or city to attend college but you also have to think about the expenses. This college will help and provide you with needs. They even offer programs for whatever type of major you are in. They also offer jobs on campus. Which I think is perfect because they will work with your hours. I think this campus will end your education and life.
I've visited the campus various times and in all the times I've gone, I've felt welcomed and surrounded by people who are just like me. In other words, I felt at home and comfortable to be there. The thing is, usually when heading to college, you'd think that the experience would be dreadful but that wasn't the case with UTRGV. I absolutely loved it!
It's a great school that really reflects the surrounding community. The school has a very welcoming environment and has a comforting presence among the student life. Going to this UTRGV would be a great choice for anyone looking for a solid education.
It has given me so many opportunities to become a better student, and the music program is offering so much despite the smaller numbers they have compared to STEM majors. I do hope that they consider hiring more professors in music, though. The numbers of incoming freshman are growing.
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I have seen this university grow because this university is my home town university. The valley is a great place and not what people think it is. The university of texas rio grande valley has a real safe environment
I decided to attend The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley not only due to its proximity to home, but also because of its culture. The university captures the welcoming nature of the Rio Grande Valley in its diversity and atmosphere. I knew I wanted to be surrounded by something familiar and it made easing into the college lifestyle much easier. The environment is a bit too close minded for the person that I am. I'd suggest UTRGV to be more open and advocate school spirit.
I am an English major and I have loved every single one of my professors. They are all so flexible and open minded. I feel that I have been gaining so much knowledge, and having fun while doing so feels like I am never bored in class. Something I think can be improved on campus is that there could be more spaces for just relaxing and hanging out. Areas like the liberal arts building have benches and chairs, but they are so uncomfortable to sit in. The best places to relax while studying or talking with friends are the UREC, Library, and Student Union. They are usually packed for lunch break between 11am and 2pm.
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