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The University of Alabama in Huntsville Reviews

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very nice campus! everyone is helpful and friendly. lots of options for scholarships and financial aid.
The University of Alabama in Huntsville is a great school to prepare you for any Science Technology Engineering or Math fields.
Overall I am happy here. I have made friends and have gotten some amazing opportunities. There are a few downsides such as insufficient parking and it seems that there is always construction happening somewhere on campus.
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I love UAH's location down the street from the US Space and Rocket Center. Everyone on campus is super nice and very welcoming.
I'm glad I decided to go to UAH. I was worried about starting college, because high school counselors made it seem like I was going to flunk out by just setting foot on campus, but UAH proved them wrong. They give the students here so many opportunities, and have events going on every week as a break. The housing on campus is great as well. We have suite style dorms where there are four rooms, and four roommates. If you're thinking about UAH definitely go on a tour, you can see the campus and view a dorm room. Class size depended on the subject, but my largest class this semester was probably about forty people. The professors are very friendly, and there will always be people in your class that are willing to help work on problems with you. Study wise, there are tutors for almost every subject if you need them.
The university of alabama has a fantastic nursing program that has benefited me greatly in my journey to become a nurse and my future as a nurse practitioner.
I like University of Alabama in Huntsville because it is a community of people who want you to be successful. From the professors, to the
Student Success Center, to the career center, the campus is continually giving students opportunities to be the best they can be.
It is smaller than the average university and everyone is super helpful. The staff is wonderful about connecting with you and helping in any way that you need.
This particular school was best for me in my situation coming back to school after working professionally for ten years. The school's NEW theatre program is making wonderful progress, but it is clear this school focuses on science and engineering more than any other department.
University of Alabama in Huntsville is a great place for engineers. Engineering is the most common degree sought after.
It is hard. The further you go, the harder it gets. But the more confident you get because you know by the time you get out of there, you are ready for any flow and any blow. You Will be a critical and creative thinker, And a problem solver no matter the major you started with at UAH. You Will discover the team player and the leader in you even if you started as the most introvert individual. You will learn to seek more than just the solution to a current problem, but reach further into futuristic solution. You Will be a better person for passing through UAH, someone reliable and efficient.
My experience with The University of Alabama was PERFECT. It was in my local area and I was still able to engage with the family with friends. The admissions and the professors love to connect with you and build long-term relationships with peers of the same age. I love how they have so many avenues for so many people to invest into if they would like.
Great ROI so far. Been there less than a year and have already landed 2 internships and internships lead to jobs. Career services are well involved with the colleges on campus.
I am now going into my second year at the university. So far my experience has been very good. For many of the classes that I have taken, I can say that the professors really care about the subjects that they teach and that they want their students to succeed. This can not be said for all professors, but that is what is generally to be expected from most other universities. Something else that I like about UAH is the open and cleanliness of the campus. One thing that I would like to change is where classes are located. sometimes it can be difficult to get from class to class if you only have 15-20 breaks and your classes are in different sections of campus.
I really love the UAH campus because you get the big college feel without the flashy college lifestyle. There’s is such a diversity of students because this school isn’t known for a variety of outstanding programs. They make you feel right at home and want to make sure you find the major and organizations that are right for you.
I love the atmosphere and everyone is very helpful! The campus is very conveniently located for engineers because there are a lot of aerospace companies around. This allows for many co-ops and internship opportunities.
Great experience so far as a member of a psychology lab team as I am preparing for graduate studies in the fall!
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This is a small school that started off as a satellite campus and is currently trying to transition to being a larger school and suffers from that. It has yet to gain its own identity other than being a good college for engineering, science, and nursing.
The campus air is very welcoming and enjoyable. It's easy to find things, and the employees and students are willing to help with any questions that might be had.
The university of Alabama in Huntsville is a well rounded university. It offers different programs to cater for different student needs. Housing in campus and out of campus is affordable. Food options in and around the city of Huntsville are excellent. Parking around campus is somewhat lacking.
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