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The campus is a large and beautiful campus, all of the professors are incredible they are always willing to answer questions on things that you may or may not understand. They are willing to work with you and truly want you to succeed. The Christian community that takes place on a daily basis is amazing and a true blessing. I can not recommend it highly enough.
So far it has been a delightful experience to learn at this institution! The history of the Seminary and the College is really inspiring and is followed by a strong tie of tradition and relevance. There is a reasonable variety in the credentials of the professors that makes the student aware of differing views within evangelical theology and the Christian worldview. The environment is one of the best things in the school. There is a friendliness about almost everyone and a strong sense of community. You will eventually feel like you belong there! Overall, a great place!
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was an amazing experience for me. I actually attended the undergrad college of this school which is Boyce College. Boyce is on the same campus and shares everything with SBTS so the experience is very similar. The facilities are beautiful. I woke up on campus every day in my dorm room and was amazing that I actually got to live and study there. The dorms are newly renovated and very nice. They are a little small but are private and new. The library is huge and extensive. The professors are friendly and kind and will invite students into their homes for meals. The community is strong and welcoming. I felt very at home during my time there. I learned so much at Boyce College/SBTS intellectually and practically. I am so thankful for my time there and I wouldn't change one thing.
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After finishing my first year, I've learned to really appreciate people in general and be thankful for where I'm at in life simply by being here. I've also grown a lot academically as well.
I will be attending classes this fall. I have sat under a number of the professors during biblical counseling conferences. I have benefited greatly.
The safety and security on campus is excellent. They take the safety very seriously.
I know that there are many great connections in many areas but I am not entirely sure what the value of the degree is yet.
Boyce is a great college for students to come have great fellowship and make a lot of friends. There are some negatives in that you are required to live on campus until you are 22 so it can be financially difficult for some. The professors are amazing in many ways and especially that they care about the students and develop personal relationships with their students.
The community and campus life is fantastic, cooking can be inconvenient at times but for the most part I really enjoy campus life. The cost is expensive but is convenient in many ways.
The importance and recognition of sports is nearly non existent.
There are many aspects I enjoy but I am interested in a new adventure and transferring schools.
we do not have drug and alcohol problem in our school
we do not have the above in action
we do have not have the above in our school in action
we do live in peace between us and love all the ethnic groups. There are economic challenges. We do not pay more attention to political beliefs. We are very religion, and we fight a sexual acts.
Our curriculum is well organized, the registration process is very easy, the workload is really heavy, and special study options are choices made by students, and popular studies are very friendly.
As said above, I'm very okay with my school
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Here in my school, we have enough courses and professors at this school. We have quality of courses and processors, the class styles is very okay and the class sizes are very okay too.
The campus life concerning the health and safety is the best. I'm very proud of this.
My campus is very conducive for studies. We have cold atmosphere,
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