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The School of Jazz & Contemporary Music - The New School Reviews

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Enrolling at The New School changed my life ,I was able to appreciate myself and where I come from due to the diversity of culture.Their program allows you to achieve your goals in music at same time elevates you to the greatest success with their required modules.Getting in touch with the jazz greats ,we learn from the masters and there is no better way of learning jazz either than getting it from the ones before us.The level of musicianship in this space is out of this world ,it helps one to grow but just musically but also socially.One thing that I would like to change is the hours of the Arnold building ,we would like to have 24hr access to the practice rooms.
I'm enjoying my experience at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. It feels like a close-knit community because it's smaller in size compared to schools like Parsons or Berklee. All the professors I've encountered are encouraging. Topics in classes are usually executed in a comprehensive manner so that all students understand what's really happening within the music. The practice rooms are okay, some are larger than others. The rooms are not very soundproof. There is a Facilities and Equipment Office where you can check out amps, mic stands, cymbals, etc for the day to use in classes, practice sessions, or rehearsals. The price of the school is extremely high and it's hard to afford unless given a top-notch scholarship; unfortunately, along with that, NYC is already so expensive to live in itself. The school is quite diverse, including many international students.
I love my school but I believe the school has so many divisions and it's so huge that it can be intimidating to push myself out of my comfort zone. I focus mostly on school and how to better my craft but I can have much more experience in what I want to do if I pushed myself and met the right kind of people. The school is really expensive and I believe a lot of the expenses are spent on the aesthetic of the school and not the ethic.
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Diverse and international community of musicians.
Doesn't exist but isn't really required for a music conservatory experience.
For a student studying Jazz NYC is the place to be.
It's a school for Jazz so you can't expect much but there are definitely options available for those who are interested.
No particular unpleasant examples or situations come to mind.
Haven't had much experience with them or reason to.
Great experiences so far and can't wait to go back.
Good knowledgeable professors who know what the material they're teaching and how to teach it.
Great curriculum, workload isn't too tough as long as you keep good habits and don't try to cram.
Lots of good food to eat in the area but you have to be willing to fork out some money.
Not the most social dorms or reasonable costs but you probably won't spend too much time in them anyway.
Be persistent and keep asking and chances are you'll receive something.
you can have any type of food in walking distance
From a musically perspective, this is one of the best facilities in the country
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The ability to meet and play with musicians from all over the country in one localize place
from my experience in NYC, this is the place to be
small school, no athletic department to speak of
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