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The Salon Professional Academy - Melbourne Reviews

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The salon professional academy is one of the best schools I've had the opportunity to learn from. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable with the coursework I'm learning, there are so many helpful,creative, energetic people here it helps bring out my creativity. Not only does this school teach beauty it also teaches great people interaction and maintaining a professional ethic in a work environment. This school has made me proud to say I'm a future cosmetologist!
TSPA is rated number one on my list of colleges. TSPA provides hand on learning as well as smaller class sizes and one on one teacher tutoring.
Nothing really unique. The school isn't that great
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There's no resources besides our books.
Its diverse. Theres people who have kids , juggle work . ITS OK
Its not what it is expected to be. They fill your head to make you think it is the best cosmetology school. The teacher teaching the class is super hyper and crazy , she speaks inappropriately and likes to make fun off people with illness which I find offensive. Shes a poor excuse for a teacherand she considers herself perfect . I wouldn't recommend this school at all. Some of the other educators are great. But most of them don't care.
When you receive financial aide the check goes to the school and then the school cuts a different check to us. Like they take their cut and give us the rest.
The classrooms are too big when promised smaller classes, the educators don't care (except for one), I honestly can't wait to graduate so I don't have to put up with the drama of the educators and certain students.
Locating a job after this place seems difficult especially when I'm not getting all the information that I'm supposed to be receiving.
There was only ONE educator there that actually made all of us feel like we mattered. One educator that we actually learned from and she left due to our lead Educator being unprofessional and letting her new supervisory role go to her head. As a student I feel that all the educators as well as the school itself look for themselves as well as the money but not to helping students with our education.
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