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The Salon Professional Academy - Anderson Reviews

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U can't miss during the first 8 weeks but if something happens they allow 6 months of leave. Also u have 21 free days but use them wisely
The best contacts for jobs I've yet to see at a school
The classes are fun but the instructors are what make all the difference
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The school owners have several contacts. They are very good at getting us jobs. They encourage us to be our best and teach us to enhance our beauty as well as others
It's fun and engaging. We spent 8 weeks on basics. Mainly bookworm and manikins. Then we go to the floor and sped 4 days a week there and one day in theory. They help find work after graduation.
I love this school. I love the teachers, the students, and even the redkin who sponsors them. It is a very upbeat and fun environment. They care about us graduating and even help us find job. They have job fairs and engage us in professional setting to make sure we are ready for he real industry.
I don't really have a whole lot of feedback about the student body yet.
I haven't been to enough classes to really answer this question thoroughly yet.
They do not include other options aside from grants, scholarships, federal student loans, and cash. The financial aid officer was unable to help much with any other sources aside from doing a sarcastic google search (I say sarcastic because the pointed out that I could have done this- I'm not the financial aid assistant, though, I did not feel it was appropriate since I do not know her resources).
They stated that they can help with employment during and after, but this does not appear to be accurate.
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