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As a musical theatre major I love my program but unfortunately the department tends to produce children's shows, which is not necessarily what I want to do after I graduate.
I love the school and location. However, the financial aid office is of no help. They told me I had to pay $824 and it ended up over $3000. The are unrelyable. I have a job on campus and o love it. The school education system is great and the professors are amazing!
I'm currently a sophomore in college I'm majoring in Health Science. My experience at the college had been good I think it's a small school to meet many people however, on the negative side there isn't much to do since it's so small we don't have as many activities
Review The Sage Colleges
Attending Sage College of Albany was a horrible, regretful decision, and if I could go back in time and stop myself from going here, I would do so with zero hesitation. The campus was ugly and depressing, the people were bad company, the academics were laughable, the food was gross, and the freshman dorm was disgusting. (The toilets were almost permanently unusable, and people were loud at all hours.) I hate myself for wasting my money on Sage.
I attended Russell Sage because of the affordability. I quickly learned that money didn't matter if I was constantly unhappy at a school. The "professors" here weren't professors at all. All of my professors were first time teachers (adjuncts). The professors and the students here were all closed minded so a different opinion and thinking for yourself were not encouraged here. As for the student life, there were very few clubs- granted it is a small club. But basically, if you weren't a dancer or a liberal- there were very few clubs for you.
I am in an online master's degree program. The professors have been really helpful and answer emails very promptly. Since it is an online course, there are a lot of assignment and they get marked quickly. The platform is Moodle. I found that it took me time to get used to (I have used Blackboard in the past) but once I figured it out it was easy to use. I do think that some professors could use the site more effectively than they already do, to make it easier for the students to learn.
There have been a bunch of glitches in the system since I started and I find that the IT staff have not been so helpful.
When I had difficulty with organic chemistry in my freshman year, instead of finding ways to assist me, it encouraged me to change my major from PT to health education. I have regretted that decision ever since.
I dont live on campus so i cant accurately answer this question.
I believe the value of my degree will be high. I am confident I will be able to find a job.
I dont live on campus. I take online courses only.
We dont have greek life so I cant accurately answer this question.
Not interested in athletics, But seems okay for those who are.
Seems to be a very diverse school. Very helpful when needed.
From the beginning, Sage has created a warm and welcome experience to myself as an individual. It has shaped me into person I'm happy to love and the entire school, including students, faculty, and overall atmosphere, is to thank.
Everyone is extremely respectful of everyone else's wishes and concerns.
The sports teams aren't the best but they always compete at a high levels. For students the intramurals are extremely competitive but enjoyable.
People are always hanging out in the park and doing home work. It is a very nice location accompanied by get people.
Review The Sage Colleges
I have never encountered peer pressure or usuage on campus. I think the policy enforcement is good for those living in dorms. I like that they talk about drug and alcohol and how it can interact with parties and rape/assault possibilities. It's not just DON'T do it but do it responsible.
I have had some really horrible professors who read of power points and don't care about someone because they don't like something about that. I have had really amazing professors who would do absolutely anything to help you if you ask for it. I wish they had more variet of courses offered and this is complaint I hear a lot from other students. To counteract that if you were NOT a transfer student who tranfered in over 60 credits than you can go to a community college to take more variety in courses. The class sizes never seem to be over 30 people. Even though I rated the overall experience on courses and professors at this school as okay. I wouldn't change coming here for anything.
The security of the buildings are not perfect but the secuirty guards are great! On the Troy campus and Albany campus we get these things called POMCO's which is a device you press if you are in danger or need help. They have a GPS singal where the security offices can come and find you and help you out. I feel safe on campus.
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