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I like that Sage College is very inclusive and professors are willing to help you no matter what as long as you ask for it
Everyone is super engaged and helpful as far as academics. They really want you to succeed. Professors are almost always available. The deans of the departments sometimes are not as available.
I could't stand dealing with student services/financial aid. It was a nightmare EVERY single time. However, I loved the faculty and being a person, and not a number. Professors genuinely care about their students, and do their absolute best to make sure their students understand concepts, and are ready to move to the next level. I learned and grew so much at Russell Sage!
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Very informative staff who is well trained and helpful. The programs are rigorous, but achievable and the staff is very supportive and encouraging in helping you reach your end goal.
Sage Colleges is a school that is able to help you get a degree. The professors in this school are able to show you exactly what you need to be successful. Not a lot of students mean that it have more avalibility to see the professor for help.
The Sage Colleges is a good college to get an education. The food is by Sodexo so it is not awful but it could be better. The professors are mostly respectful and there to help.
I am currently a Junior at Russell Sage, I transferred in during the fall (2017). A few things I really enjoy are the small class sizes, student life because there are so many different activities going on all of the time, and the dorms because they are so historic. The one thing I would like to see change would be a little more communication coming from the registrars office and our advisors. Sometimes I feel left out of the loop and haven't been notified of important things until the last minute, which has been frustrating. The other thing I would like to see change would be the food in the dining hall. I would like to see healthier food options..
This College was the perfect fit, the size was average which I liked the most and the staff was amazing. When talking about the living the dorms are extremely nice and very big as well. The professors are some of the best, they allow you to get the extra help that may be needed, and also give you the best learning experience. This college choice was the best decision I have made.
Everyone there is just super friendly, between the students and staff. The level of education is beyond what is nessecary for the work force, whille the small size classes allow for more personal attention to allow each and every student the quality success they deserve. Sage is a wonderful college, I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.
I enjoy all my professors they are very lively and fun. Although I personally do not like how small the college is, and the food choices are very basic.
i love the academics that sage offers, but the campus itself really isn't the nicest, could use some major landscape improvements. Also the food really isn't the best.
The college is amazing and helps out every student. The small teacher to student ratio allows students to participate more in discussion.
The best thing about the Sage Colleges is the sense of individuality that you receive since it is such a small campus; you're more than just an ID number, you're a name and a face that almost everyone knows in the small classroom settings. For example, I myself am currently in a class that has only five other students right now. The average class is usually about 12 to 15 kids at most. You are noticed by your professors (as well as your absence if, say, you tried getting the wise idea of skipping to finish an essay that's due the day of) and even if you don't know the names of all your peers, you've definitely seen them before. So overall, if you really want to feel like someone and not just a number in a crowd, this is the college for you.
I don't live on campus but I love the school so much I drive an hour every day to get there. The professors want you to learn more than anything, and the faculty and staff are always so helpful and kind. Everyone is so willing to answer any question I may have, and the other students are usually also very kind. The only thing I would complain about is that when I transferred, not as many credits as I'd like hadn't transferred and I needed to retake some classes.
As a musical theatre major I love my program but unfortunately the department tends to produce children's shows, which is not necessarily what I want to do after I graduate.
I love the school and location. However, the financial aid office is of no help. They told me I had to pay $824 and it ended up over $3000. The are unrelyable. I have a job on campus and o love it. The school education system is great and the professors are amazing!
I'm currently a sophomore in college I'm majoring in Health Science. My experience at the college had been good I think it's a small school to meet many people however, on the negative side there isn't much to do since it's so small we don't have as many activities
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Attending Sage College of Albany was a horrible, regretful decision, and if I could go back in time and stop myself from going here, I would do so with zero hesitation. The campus was ugly and depressing, the people were bad company, the academics were laughable, the food was gross, and the freshman dorm was disgusting. (The toilets were almost permanently unusable, and people were loud at all hours.) I hate myself for wasting my money on Sage.
I attended Russell Sage because of the affordability. I quickly learned that money didn't matter if I was constantly unhappy at a school. The "professors" here weren't professors at all. All of my professors were first time teachers (adjuncts). The professors and the students here were all closed minded so a different opinion and thinking for yourself were not encouraged here. As for the student life, there were very few clubs- granted it is a small club. But basically, if you weren't a dancer or a liberal- there were very few clubs for you.
I am in an online master's degree program. The professors have been really helpful and answer emails very promptly. Since it is an online course, there are a lot of assignment and they get marked quickly. The platform is Moodle. I found that it took me time to get used to (I have used Blackboard in the past) but once I figured it out it was easy to use. I do think that some professors could use the site more effectively than they already do, to make it easier for the students to learn.
There have been a bunch of glitches in the system since I started and I find that the IT staff have not been so helpful.
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