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The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College Reviews

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I like that the classes were straight forward and didn’t go of topic. The school is clean and the teachers are very friendly. I would like to see more actives brought into the school.
Overall the school is pretty good. The academic side is excellent however there is a strong sense of favoritism on campus.
It is so great. The people are so welcoming. The dorms are so roomy. The food oh my god the food. Obviously the best part is the hands on learning.
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I love how small it is, everyone knows everyone, the chefs are able to help you easier. It has great industry connections.
I was invited to an open house in December at the school. I must say, I was pleased. It was a home-like atmosphere, people were friendly, staff were very knowledgable. I even had the chance to sit in on a short class with a pastry chef.
Every student, adviser, professor that I had come across had been so helpful. The school is beautiful and very welcoming. It makes you want to keep going back.
It is the best because at our school we only have four majors. Each program has their production/ operations programs and those classes give us hands on experience in the kitchen learning the ways of the kitchen.
The career services here are excellent. If you ever need a job post graduation you can always get in touch with the people in the career services here and they will help you to find work.
Since we do not choose our schedules, the student success advisers do a very good job at helping the students to accommodate our work schedules with class schedules. The curriculum is not that flexible since we are on an accelerated track and graduate early.
As a student at The Restaurant School we are required to get an internship as part of our curriculum. The career services here do a fantastic job at helping each student to get an internship/job. The school makes getting an internship and preparing you for a career in the industry and huge priority. We have classes in which we learn to interview and search for jobs. We also have many people here who are willing to help us get and internship.
The Restaurant School is really great, I love it there! They have great Chefs, professors, and awesome people that work there; including the student staff! I love TRS because they really care about you, they know who you are, and they are always there to help. The only down side to TRS is there is limited parking and there aren't that many dorms so you have to get there fast. Other the that we have a lot of good people at The Restaurant School.
They promise job placement assistance for life
Everyone so far has been nice.
Job offerings so far have been slim
They transferred high school credits so I could take other electives.
They promise job placement assistance for life.
I'm only a freshman who came from a culinary high school so many of the classes I am taking are repetive for me. I am hoping my next term will bring more new information.
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It's a good school with many diverse students. Some of the courses that I thought were cooking were actually lecture based but informative.
I think that they're very strict maybe a little too strict. But the chefs and some instructors are amazing!
My school is different from most because it focuses on hospitality. So far i have loved my experiences here and would choose this school again in a heart beat because its a family here. The faulty and staff here go out of their way to get you the answer you need to any question you ask them. This school is also different because it does 10 week terms instead of two semesters.
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