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In terms of my thoughts on the Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences, it was a great initial experience that became increasingly challenging. The colleagues that went to school with me were friendly and inclusive, which made me feel like I fit in well. The student mentors that also occupied the school with me were pretty friendly and helpful as well, providing advice and tips towards success. The professors that I have had so far have been quite helpful with their investment in the success of students. They are all open for questions if a student is confused about an assignment or topic of discussion. In fact, some of them are even willing to arrange special meetings outside of school with the students during their office hours at Alvernia University if it is necessary. Overall, if an individual is in search of a school to attend for the purpose of entering the medical field, then the Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences does not fall short from being recommendable.
Absolutely love this school! Recommend to anyone going in the nursing field. The program is very hands on and the class sizes are very small which gives the students a good relationship with their professors.
you're not able to change your schedule, it is set in stone what classes you take and when.
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Nursing students have the option to continue their bachelors at Alvernia University without the application process.
Courses are fast paced. The professors do as much as they can for you but it's really about how much time and effort you put in to your education.
You have a very good chance at getting a job in the hospital after you graduate.
It is a very respected major. The workload is crazy though, and very fast paced.
This school is goal oriented and everyone is there for the same reason. Everyone is very helpful but you must put in the work to suceed.
My research revealed an 84% pass rate for the state boards.
I am currently not in college,I am still a high school Junior. However,I have been looking at five colleges that offer Nursing. I plan to be a L&D nurse (Labor and Delivery),and currently taking Anatomy and Physiology in high school to get a head start because I know that class is required for college. I want to get a sense of what to expect beforehand. Nursing major,or any medical related major is one of the most difficult majors to study because it requires knowledge on the human body and being able to treat and diagnose patients with accuracy. But,I honestly am headstrong on what I want to be and I do not see myself doing another major such as Criminal Justice,Mathematics,etc. Medical majors offer the most job shadowing opportunities,I am able to see what goes on throughout the day in a hospital and observe how the nurses and doctors take care of their patients and how they record/read medical records.
My school is a challenge academic wise, but I'm always able to stay after school for as long as I need for help to succeed. That's what makes my school so great,I can develop a good relationship with my teachers and gain a more better understanding at the topics I am learning in their class. I always want to know I have a teacher to turn to,because I don't always understand what I'm learning when I'm in class. The students at my school are also very accepting. Nowadays, no one is as harsh to each other compare to possibly many years ago. The current generation of freshmen and seniors are not always in just one group of people during the whole school year,they are friendly individuals and would allow anyone to socialize and hang around them. I don't know if I would be able to experience that if I was transferred to another school. In the high school I am in,I befriend and socialize with not just my grade (Junior) but with freshmen,sophmores,and seniors which I have grown to like. Recent times,a senior in our school sadly committed suicide. They were very close to most people,and he was seen as part of the family. After his death everyone made posters for him,and were visibly upset with his death. The teachers were not trying to move forward with class the day after his death, but they were letting the students release their feelings and interacted with the students too. The teachers were also shaken up and teary eyed. I'm very proud of my school for giving him a moment of silence,and to see them cry as well with the students really made me happy to see a teacher letting their guard down with the students as well.
We start clinical experience in our first year at the Reading Hospital .
My school doesn't have any athletic centers, student centers, libraries, or campus activities
Alumni not really interested in school and not much is done to help students afterwards.
Some are better than others
Lots of work but definitely rewarding
Some instructors go above and beyond others not so much
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People are too self absorbed in their own lives and don't take advantage of classmate interactions
Our actual school's resources are limited but coupled with the access to Alvernia, you have everything you could need.
Financial aid way too complicated and not done in a timely manner
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