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The New School charges a hefty tuition price and uses the money to invest in high-end architectural renovations and flashy advertising. 90% of faculty are adjunct, meaning that they receive a laughable wage and their teaching responsibilities often fall to the wayside in favor of their full-time careers. There is little spent on a university towards research. Business degree programs are essentially useless, and the Liberal Studies programs require no coherent academic plan to pursue. Advisers have heavy caseloads, and despite their best intentions, often do not have the time to support their students. Do not go here if you are not rich! You can receive an equal education from CUNY for less $.
Worked full time and attended classes nights and weekends. Graduated in 1980 with my BS in Human Resource Management. This led to a number of promotions through the years and enabled me to retire in 2014. I now live a comfortable life on my little piece of paradise in Florida. Thanks to all the wonderful folks at the New School for making it possible. The only down side is I’m still a NY Jets fan!
The school boasts diversity, but I was the only student of color in many of my classes. I have dealt with racist professors who were not disciplined by the school, but instead given vacation time with pay while my conscious had to suffer.
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Love being here, but it is not for everyone. I find that most kids have a problem with NYC itself not the actual school.
The experience has been fruitful. I would recommend new high school graduates and transfer students to apply to the various degree programs.
This school has given me an incredible experience. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to study there. The education is fantastic and most classes are taught in a workshop environment, which gives the student a better understanding of the subject.
The professors are open-minded, kind, smart and professional. They are always there and willing to help if there is anything that you need.
The New school is a very unique place, almost like a bubble within new york city. It is very easy to get lost in the hype of those around you and forget who you are. I would love to see the school shorten the first-year program, or at least reduce the price, as it is not a true example of a college year in parsons, and at times felt like a waste of time- especially at what it costs. However, this year, I have found myself far more satisfied with the course content as I entered my major.
The New School houses a number of programs, I attend Parsons and Eugene Lang in the BA/BFA program. There are many resources offered. Everything from basic power tools, cameras, sewing machines, and laser cutters are able to be rented or signed in to use. There are many spaces to work, but it's important to remember that during finals everything gets filled up and busy. If you need a break, Union and Washington Square are both minutes away. For the most part teachers care and want to see their students improve. Assignments during the Parsons first year program can feel useless at times, but they do introduce you into the school and everything it has to offer. There a number of programs and activities offered outside of academic life though the school, but you're also in NYC so people tend to find their own things. Overall I've enjoyed my first year there, and I am excited to continue on in my major.
It is a very diverse school, the professors care about their students and how they're doing in the class. The administration could be better, but things work out in the end.
Good school in a nice area of Manhattan. Get to pick your classes with no gen eds. So you don't have to take math, science, etc if you aren't a Math major.
I love the location and the modern building and all the different majors offered. There are so many resources offered at the school and many qualified professors who have industry experience. The campus is in an urban setting which I love and the student body appears to be both diverse and passionate about the studies they are pursuing.
crazy high tuition, kind of waste and filled with crazy rich asians but its what you make of it. love the faculty and facilities
I love the diversity and unique academic experience offered here. I wish student involvement in extra curricular activities was more encouraged and easier to access. The student services department is extremely helpful and proactive in guiding towards a future. However, it is extremely expensive.
I have not started my classes but the admission process has been unlike any other school I have attended. The New School really caters to returning adults and tries to make the process as easy as possible.
The New School is the place to be if you want to chase after your dream and turn it into a reality. You can be taught by professors who were and still are working in your desired field. There are endless opportunities.
This school challenges you in the best possible way, surround by driven and successful comrades who are also working towards a career in a creative industry.
The New School offers a different college experience than most schools, both because of unique classroom settings as well as the fact that the buildings are in various parts of Midtown in NYC.
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Classes are very interesting, professors are respectful w/ students members of the Union and the buildings are eco-friendly which is pretty cool being located in NYC
The infrastructure is amazing, especially of the University center, which also happens to be the main building of the university. The freshman dorms are not so far away but the other dorms might be a little inconvenient to get to. The professors are very cooperative and understanding, the seminar pattern of teaching is a huge asset to the school. Overall a good experience uptil now, for me, my friends and my classmates. Not much of a party scene and pretty week communtiy-wise but a sense of community develops between you and your friends as time progresses. A great place to be and uses New York City as a part of the university. Assignments and classes focus on New York City and make sure students use it to their advantage.
What I liked about The New School was the optimism is offered when I first entered and sometimes, throughout the semester (if I had a cool teacher). There were moments where I felt like I could do and try everything I wanted, career wise, and other moments, where I felt like I couldn't do enough and that I made a mistake coming here.
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