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I am a current third year undergraduate student at NEC, majoring in classical vocal performance. The school has provided me with copious amounts of knowledge and has helped me grow as a person, musician, and performer. The program is aimed at shaping individuals into well rounded musicians. The outreach program allows students to make their way out into the community, and the environment at the school enables students to dabble into other musical interests outside of their selected majors. There are additional possibilities to minor in different subjects or create your own minor. If courses are not offered at the school, one may take desired courses at nearby universities. As a vocal student, I do wish there were more operatic opportunities, as most of the funding is offered to the graduate program. The new dorm and student life center is incredible and a major upgrade.
NEC places great emphasis on student safety
NEC offers various internship opportunities.
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The rooms are considerably small.
NEC is a supportive community
Between the small campus and the MBTA, it's great
I don't know of too many people getting in serious trouble
Too much promise without following through
Occasionally too windy and too snowy
There is just about 0 street parking nearby
I know I am getting a one of a kind experience
I seem to have to go far to get real variety
You can always find something to do if you look hard enough.
As Boston has many colleges, the city as a whole is very young and energetic.
While we have people coming from many countries on at least 5 continents, everyone seems to come from the same kind of socioeconomic background.
I do not like Boston's weathers. Mostly, during the winter it effects our classes.
There are a few portals for students to find off-campus housing but Back Bay area is really expensive.
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It's a secure area but you will never know.
I improve my musical perception a lot. Thanks to our faculty members.
NEC campus size is small and it's easy to reach from a point to another.
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