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I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the school. When I came to visit the school and go on the tour everyone was so nice and friendly. It got me more excited about attending the school on August. I can’t wait to start!
The Experience was great! There was food music and hands on training . The studios are amazing clean and extremely loud lol.
Overall so far it has been a rewarding experience. You mainly attend here to make connections because everything they teach you can be learned online for free.
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Fast paced and welcoming environment that embraces passionate exploration. An immersive opportunity to pursue a creative career. Everyone encourages collaboration and networking. Overall, an amazing school!
Liked the hours which you can attend and wish they offered more affordable housing for students in the area of school. It should take me 20 minutes to get to campus but it takes me 55 min to and hour or more to arrive. Plus i am a non-drivers so I rely on public transportation at times. Great school
The thing i like about Los Angeles film school online is that its very well organized for you to access your assignments, post and quizzes. Also it is one class per month sometimes two every now and then, teachers are awesome they explaining the course and assignments as well.
I like how open the learning environment is although it seems in some classes there is no structure at all and some of the professors seem to just make up lectures as they go.
I am finishing up my freshman year, The school that I am a tending is the online school. I love the classes and the teachers are awesome. When you need them they respond promptly I have even had one on one sessions with some of my teachers. I would recommend online classes to anyone who is already leading a full life and can not do the campus life. in about two years from now I will be graduating with my BS in digital film. I am 53 years old so it's never too late.
It’s a good school if you have the money to pay for it and not work. If your doing both it’s going to become difficult unless you have friends that understand and work with you then you will be good otherwise your just going to be wasting your time.
For starts, the classes are amazing, I am only a couples courses in but has been a way better college so far from my pay experiences. The classes have been kept interesting and fun, and has given me a lot more to think about from past experiences into where I want to go for my future.
I love this school. Its a school that teach you everything that you will need to know about the career you wish to make a business or lifestyle out of. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get in almost any sector of the entertainment business.
Professors are nice and encouraging; they know you are here to learn and that you will improve with time.
If you are looking for a good online course and you are self motivated then this is the school for you. Great instructors that really care about your outcome. Good peer to peer contact with other students.
the schools classes for what ever field your going in, is pretty awesome, you learn alot from teachers who work in the industry, and its just a good experience overall.
I enjoyed my time at the Los Angeles FIlm School. I've learned a lot, but I wish I could learn more. If there were doors or close student housing, I would definitely go back to get my Bachelors. I also wish that there were more programs for on Campus and Online.
The tuition is extremely expensive though.
I love this school. I just started and i love every minute of it. anybody in Music or Film i would recommend this school too
Los Angeles Film School so far is a great school. The teachers are very professional and straightforward. I would recommend any mature individual to study at this college.
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I love my college so far. Being able to live out my dreams by doing online classes gives me hope. I love that The los Angeles Film School makes sure they keep up with you with classes and financial services. It is a great school when it comes to wanting to work close to the industry. I have finally found my dream school that has exactly what I want.
Los Angeles Film School has treated me well. The professors are involved in both your education and the entertainment world. They stay up to date so they can keep you up to date. They really do seem interested in your success. They will answer any questions you have. The campus, although small, has everything you need. Parking is difficult and potentially expensive if not done right. The academics have honestly changed my life. I have never learned at a more rapid rate. The way to academic year is laid out helps you stay focused and ensures you the opportunity for good grades. Overall, an amazing opportunity to learn about the entertainment business.
everything was good. it was fast to apply and it was straight to the point. it look me less than ten minutes, that i really liked.