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so far the programs been fun concerding this is my first time doing online courses. The teacher and the programs staff has been helpful and trust worthy.
The only thing good about the school is being able to meet people from all over the world. Students are able to network with people from everywhere. However, everything else about the school sucks and if I had a choice I would have picked a different school to attend.
In the Los Angeles Film School I have experience that the school focus in filming production. As well they want students who are passion in this majors who would love this degree.
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They have a lot of support for students. Also they were real clean, nice, organized and diverse. I basically felt welcomed.
I am only a freshman this year at the Los Angeles Film School, yet I'm having a blast thus far. Every day I spend at the Film School is a day spent investing into my future. The campus is great and the surrounding communities provide a insight to Hollywood's culture. I'm excited to continue my career as a student and to exceed expectations.
First off, I joined the digital filmmaking online program. It is amazing. Your teaching is hands in and relevant. The school as a whole is extremely professional. I would recommend this program to anyone with a passion for the arts, but a tight schedule.
I love the school and the way it is set up to learn and to get your degree. Campus life is amazing scenery and environment to be in. I really recommend this school to anyone who is wanting a career in music and film.
It is a great school to study on. It has the best and most prepared teachers there are and it is equipped with the most current tech. What I love the most about the school is that all the teachers know about everything, when you need help about something you can ask any teacher. I would love for the school to offer housing and sports but it doesn't but, It's still the best school for my field of studies (Music Production) and I couldn't have chosen a better school.
Just starting college classes online and all the staff has been amazing helping me get started! They have all been very patient and understanding when it come to all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend this school if you are excited about getting started in film.
The school is filled with incredibly talented people. The teachers and the staff are welcoming, friendly and make coming to school exciting and fun.
Los Angeles film school is a pretty fast pace school. I feel you can never truly master something because every month we are learning something new, but I do feel like Ive learned alot and they teachers have given me valuable tools. I just wish I had more time to focus on a certain trade.
The Los Angeles is a great film school for those who plan a career in the cinemas file also those who want to be in a acting career they offere various of programs who would might be of interest for you.
The los Angeles film school is the perfect school, it feels good to be in school for something you love to do and the LA Film school makes it even more fun to learn. They really get in deep with the content to help you understand what you need to Learn. The teachers are great, the staff an counselors are amazing and have your back at all times. I love this school
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the school. When I came to visit the school and go on the tour everyone was so nice and friendly. It got me more excited about attending the school on August. I can’t wait to start!
The Experience was great! There was food music and hands on training . The studios are amazing clean and extremely loud lol.
Overall so far it has been a rewarding experience. You mainly attend here to make connections because everything they teach you can be learned online for free.
Fast paced and welcoming environment that embraces passionate exploration. An immersive opportunity to pursue a creative career. Everyone encourages collaboration and networking. Overall, an amazing school!
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Liked the hours which you can attend and wish they offered more affordable housing for students in the area of school. It should take me 20 minutes to get to campus but it takes me 55 min to and hour or more to arrive. Plus i am a non-drivers so I rely on public transportation at times. Great school
The thing i like about Los Angeles film school online is that its very well organized for you to access your assignments, post and quizzes. Also it is one class per month sometimes two every now and then, teachers are awesome they explaining the course and assignments as well.
I like how open the learning environment is although it seems in some classes there is no structure at all and some of the professors seem to just make up lectures as they go.