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The King's University - California Reviews

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Amazing. The staff is so helpful and the people are so nice. I love this place and I love to be with them. Looking forward to our future together!
I take all my classes online and I absolutely love doing it. They make it so easy to use and move forward.
I love the Professors most of all. They're genuine and helpful. The course load never feels separate from the stuff you're supposed to learn. You're treated like a real person instead of just a numbered student. I can't say enough good things about the University and the leadership.
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This is an amazing school, caring and positive atmosphere. The King's University lives up to what they say, When God calls you and you walk in Faith, The King's University is there for every need and great experience. They give you a chance and help you in wise counsel.
The King's University is a truly amazing place to study. Everyone is welcoming, kind, and like a big happy family. The classes themselves are taught by top-rate professors, who are gracious if there is good reason. They are always open to extending a helping hand to struggling students. There are also so, so, so many student resources for everything under the sun. It's also a smaller campus, so pretty much everyone knows each other, which means that there are always plenty of people to hang out with. And, if you want a moment alone, there always plenty of study places to chill in. Since it's a Christian University, it also has a prayer room and chapel every Wed. Overall, if you're a Christian looking for a safe and fun college I recommend it 10/10.
It is by far one of the most spirit-filled places to go to school. The professors arei compassionate and want you to succeed! They have many years of practical experience. They are here not because they need to be, but because they want to be.
I like that they have the Messianic Jewish Studies program which is not offered at other schools. The professors are knowledgeable about the subject matter and even though my classes are online, I am able to easy connect with everyone along with the Professor. I feel like it’s a close group.
The King's University is an Evangelical college where students are encouraged explore their passion by growing in relationship with the Lord.
This is a university that gives every opportunity and is more than willing to walk you through their programs. They make every effort to see you succeed.
TKU is an incredible college that has tight-knit community, excellent academics, and a spiritual atmosphere that encourages mentorship and growth.
freat faculty, helpful and considerate, good selection of classes, enough workload to know youre in college, but not so much that you cannot have family time.
I have been at The King's University for two semesters and it has been one of the most amazing blessings in my life. From the other students, to the staff everyone is friendly, helpful and inviting. I have grown as a student but also as a person. I feel like I am seen among a large body of students and that has meant the world to me! Could not recommend this school any more highly than I do! Wonderful place to grow and receive an education.
Grateful there is a school that brings ministry and education together. They help cultivate and build us on God's word while incorporating education to help us out in the world.
This school has been really great to be at so far. The teaching is super applicable to the work I already do in ministry. This school is very Spirit filled and the professors are sensitive to the Spirit's movement.
The King's University takes campus security very seriously.
I love my school. They're working hard to provide better class schedule options for their graduate students. So far, so good! The classes are informative, intentional and directional.
The environment secure and because of the higher selection of students. The mentality is different in a Bible College than a State University mentality
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It was the easiest out of all colleges in the application process. Yet, I felt valued and I liked the feeling of being selected and not just generally accepted to fill a number. They were picky in applicants, yet supportive the whole time.
I'm not involved in sports, so therefore I cannot give a good review on it.
Everyone has been so helpful and quick in responses to any question. I feel I can approach my professors and they are about helping me be as successful as possible.
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