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In times of COVID, it is very hard to get the same learning experience off campus. At least that is what I have heard from friends at other colleges. The thing is learning at Kings really is one of a kind as the hybrid classes do not diminish the Kings experience. We learn the exact same way on Zoom as we do in the class room. 10/10
I have always been focused on athletics. If school didn't go with my athletic interest there was no chance I would waste my focus somewhere else. However, Kings is different. It is the best college experience I could ask for as a dedicated student and Christian. The professors are all dedicated two, engaging the students and are all interested in what they teach whole heartedly. If I had the chance to attend my dream school, I wouldn't transfer from Kings at all. It has become my dream school. Academically challenging, but the network you get from Kings along with the experience makes it worth it.
TKC cares deeply about providing a foundation for life and learning through the education you receive and the lifestyle you're a part of. However, it fails in some aspects of diversity and inclusion.
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Every class is distinct and contributes to the overall pursuit of knowledge and preparation for student's field of interest while being led by excellent professors.
A King's education is best suited for in-person learning, but I've taken several classes online (both when our school went remote this spring due to COVID-19 and normally scheduled online classes). For students who want to graduate early or accelerate their degree, King's has online offerings during the summer and as dual enrollment classes for high schoolers. Due to their online offerings, I'll be able to graduate early!
While not usually involving the most high-tech online learning options, I've really appreciated my online classes with King's. The classes offered online are also offered in person, and they make sure the online version matches the material covered in person. Even online, they keep class sizes on the smaller side so the professor is super accessible (in the 7 online classes I've done with King's, I only had trouble getting ahold of one professor). Though I prefer the in-person King's experience, I would recommend their online classes!
I'm a senior at The King's College and am more convinced than ever that I made the right college decision. King's creates an environment where you will grow - not only as a student, but as a whole person. From navigating NYC to living in real apartments to challenging classes to the very intentional community (the small size provides a lot of accountability), every aspect of King's has contributed to the tremendous growth I've had since freshman year.
My favorite part of King's is the faculty. In my time here, there has only been one professor I didn't really click with (and I still got a lot out of the class). My professors were excellent teachers, but also good friends and mentors who met with me during office hours just to hear how I was adjusting to King's or how I was doing in my personal life. As I approach graduation, I feel so supported by the community and the strength of my education. The alumni network is so strong, I don't even worry about whether or not I'll get a job!
I only took half a semester's worth of online classes because of Coronavirus. In light of the sudden switch between in person classes and Online classes, the professors tried to make it as easy a transition as possible while maintaining the same level of excellence as physical class.
I do not love New York City, but I love the King's College. While the actual campus is quite small, it forces one to make friends with their fellow classmates which helps students who might feel overwhelmed in the vastness of the city. The Academics are rigorous (and you will almost certainly read Plato and Augustine every semester) the professors want you to succeed and they are more than willing to help you with any confusion that you might have.

There is no meal plan, which was a concern for me while looking at my options, but it takes adulting at college to a whole new level which I think is cool.
The King's College is the perfect fit for me because there's this amazing balance between living in the greatest city in the world (NYC) and being a part of a tight-knit community where the professors know my name and many of the students will be my friends for life.

Don't doubt King's just because you haven't heard of it. Visit the campus, give it a chance, and I promise it will blow your mind! There truly is no college in the world that's quite like King's.
I liked the scale of the school as it emphasized relationships between students, professors and even staff. Though the school lacks the facilities in comparison to larger colleges, its location makes up for it. The professors are friendly, helpful and encouraging.
The academics are great, but it is a very small school that lends to a high school like atmosphere. There's no meal plan, but student life is fun and great for the city. There's plenty of internship opportunities.
I love the professors at King's. They are really invested in helping students understand the world around them. Because the school has a small student body, it is easy to feel known and loved by both classmates and professors.
I will be attending The King'a College in the fall. The moment I arrived at the college I was instantly in love. The activities, involvement, education, and staff were all so wonderful. The college is a Christian college and it teaches students to interact with their peers and the Lord in all aspects of life. The only thing I might change at the College is the campus. I wish it was a little bigger but considering the location, it is ideal.
Rigorous course load. The professors are very involved and take to time to talk to and help the students. Your house will have a lot to do with how you experience the King’s college.
This is a very academically challenging school. You will be pushed to your limits but you will definitely get a quality education. King's does a great job of welcoming the freshman class because of the house system. I got connected with so many great upperclassmen and met some of my best friends. Administratively the school could use some improvement but that doesn't have too much effect on the students. The housing is incredible as long as you can handle being very independent and cleaning up after yourself. Overall, my experience at this school has been amazing and I would recommend to anybody that is up for a challenge to go to The King's College.
The King's College is a University committed to creating an academic environment that rears students of strong character. The King's College emphasizes diversity, integrity, and morale; a beautiful school.
The education, the connections, the faculty, the staff, the students, the location. Everything is above par. I couldn't have chosen any place better to call my home.
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King's itself is a very good school. There are members of the student development team who have more power than they should, have favorites. Thankfully, this only effects a few students.

Your house at King's can have a huge effect on the experience of freshmen, especially with underage drinking. I have had many friends who almost left King's because they have a stringent house advisor, especially in the House of Lewis.

I also wish that the new Career Development director was more involved with students. If you are not aggressively willing to work towards the career you want, the Career Development Department might not be of much use.

However, the academics are great. The campus housing itself is above average. I think the student body itself is really unique and special, and the staff and faculty care about the students and mission of the college a lot! I love the school, and would not have been satisfied anywhere else even with the problems with Student Development.
The King's College is a very unique approach to higher education. A classical liberal arts education with a Christian worldview–situated in the heart of New York City–and dedicated to the idea of pushing college students to become adults in every sense of the word. King's doesn't believe that you have to wait until after you graduate to act and earn the respect characteristic of a grown man or woman. From the business casual dress code, to renting your own apartment, to getting plugged in to a local church community, to emphasizing jobs and internships for every semester that you attend, King's applies a holistic philosophy of enabling young adults to take their place in the culture and workplace. Expect a culture of strong Christian community–the college and its students take their commitment to mission seriously–but this school is for those who have the drive and the will to succeed and establish their own faith not to be hand-held through it by the institution.
King's is a remarkably unique school. While I wouldn't identify it as the perfect institution that is without errors, I don't think I could identify any institution as such. As a student coming from various other institutions, I found King's to be unlike any other. Faculty are truly invested in your academic, emotional, and spiritual growth and want to take the time to know you. Academics are classically rigorous in a way that doesn't allow for shortcuts, but genuine intellectual growth. The community is tight-knit, diverse, and generally, loving and gracious. It's a school where the people are radically different, but the goals are in line. Everyone at King's is here for the same reason: to experience radical growth and the love of God in the greatest city in the world.