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Best school I ever went to I want to go back. But I can't because my roommate was nice they had really nice security guards and very polite people I was surrounded by people I wanted to be including my proffesers
i heard that the school is a really good school and that most people graduate from the school. I've never been to the school but I had a family member go and they had the best of times. so I'm very interested in this school.
Juilliard does not have an athletic department because it is a conservatory.
Review The Juilliard School
I am so glad that I chose this school. The teachers completely reached out to the freshman class and created an intimate and challenging environment.
The housing is great for NYC. Its located right in Lincoln Center on the Upper West side of Manhattan. Approximatley 100 yards from the Juilliard building. The rooms are small but the worth the location and proximity to the school.
The common outsider sees Juilliard as a prestigious, uptight school with classical views. However, the insider sees the real Juilliard. The amazingly supportive community and family of artist that we are. We learn to collaborate and enjoy or time with in the the glass walls that allow us to draw inspiration from the city, our canvas awaiting our mark as artists. I have had an interesting time here at Juilliard and wouldn't change my decision for the world. The faculty is amazing, the work-study opportunities are phonemail. I not only have a genuine dance family, I family in the admissions office, in the costume shop, I've made amazing friends with the security guards and even the chefs and cashiers at the cafeteria. Its a home a way from home for me.
The Juilliard School, although assumed to be a very competitive environment was filled with the most welcoming community of dancers, actors and many musicians. I'd never seen so much school integrity and spirit anywhere as I did within the first few weeks of orientation. Days filled with educational and recreational activities allowed students of all years of study to come together and get to know one another. The diversity within the school is admirable. As an international student I feel right at home. Having the teachers, mentors and peers by my side I believe Juilliard is the school that will guide me towards a desired future.
Many students choose to stay on campus due to the location. But some students feel like they need their own space away from the school. Since you are with the same small group of people all day, some people find it nice to get away from all of that. The price for an apartment in the city is often very high, but students usually find roommates to help cover the expensive costs. Transportation is very easy to and from the school with the use of the subways.
Being in New York City means there is food located everywhere. Having so many options is very convenient for students who wish to rehearse late into the night. Also, there is an app called Seamless that delivers food from a very large selection of restaurants for students who do not have time to go to the Cafe or go grab food from a restaurant.
The administration is great at the school. They try very hard to make the environment very friendly and welcoming. The freshmen orientation may seem very tedious and long, but the staff does a very good job getting out tons of information. Most students want to be practicing or rehearsing, so the administration does a good job accommodating students to their needs. In the dorms they've put practice rooms on each floor so that musicians do not keep other students awake. There are strict quite hours however, that require students to be done practicing by a certain time.
Once the school has selected their incoming freshmen class, they make every effort to get the kids they want to attend. They offer very good financial aid to kids that need it.
Students at the school are very dedicated to their art form, therefore the party scene is not very big. On the weekends, many students choose to stay in and practice, but when the occasional party arrises many students attend. Parties are usually held at student apartments and they help bond the students. Students generally do not have classes with students from different divisions (dance, drama, music), so meeting other students at parties can help build new relationships and make new connections. The school also puts on several events throughout the year such as a Halloween dance, or a Snowball that many students choose to attend.
The Cafe is shared with the School of American Ballet, and is located on the 3rd floor of the dorms. Most students are ok with the food served. The Cafe contains a pizza bar, a grill, a salad bar, a sandwich station, and an entree station. There is usually a fairly large variety in the choices you can make. The cafe does a good job accommodating to vegetarian and vegan options as well.
Living in New York City as a college student is a dream come true. At the Juilliard School, you are living right in Lincoln

Center, which provides you with many opportunities to see different shows in all art forms. Many people tend to stay in the dorms for the connivence it brings to students. The school is connected to the dorms by a short walkway outside. With student's busy schedules, being that close to the school is very helpful.

The living arrangements are arranged in a suite style living. In each suite there are 5 dorms, three double rooms and two single rooms. Also, each suite is equipped with a living room area and three bathrooms, which all contain a toilet and sink, one with a bathtub, and one with a shower. The bathrooms and suite are cleaned weekly by students to keep the environment sanitary.

Freshmen are required to live in the dorms, while upperclassmen are put into the housing lottery. To apply for housing for the following year, students are required to attend three informational seminars called Horizons. These seminars range from a variety of relevant young adult related topics from information on substance abuse and warning signs of sexual assault, to a lesson on the history of hip hop dancing. Many students attend these because they want to stay in the dorms for their convenient location.

Being such a small school, the social atmosphere created amongst students is incredible. Everyone shares a common passion for the performing arts, and the school is constantly putting on events for students to participate in. Having the school located in the heart of Manhattan also gives students the chance to explore the city and see what all New York has to offer.
Strict when living in the dorms but otherwise fine.
Small Gym in the dorms but access to city gyms is possible.
It's New York... It's great :)
Review The Juilliard School
I haven't noticed a lot which is great
Gym could be remodeled and more oriented to our needs.
Able to meet many artists in the business.
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