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The John Marshall Law School Reviews

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JD and LLM programs with MA and PhD secondaries.
From what I know, which is very minimal, is that the classes are smaller and have a very large attention based to students from professors.
Its not Vegas, but it is pretty comparable.
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Chicago is a melting-pot of cultures and cuisine.
No dorms, just a law school. Very limited compared to a typical university.
Chicago has a great mass transit option.
From what I know, its okay. As I stated, I start law school in Fall.
Winters are horrendous but it's Chicago and you should know beforehand how rough it is
Could be much better and ranked.
weather is different everyday, it's the midwest.
It has 9 llm programs, which is more than any other school in the city.
The food is average, like a market.
I live in Chicago so everyone's perspective is different. Personally, I learned I am not a city person, there's is A LOT of crime and it's very dirty. It's a hassle to go anywhere in town and takes forever. The cost of living is outrageous as well. But the opportunity to say you lived in Chicago for a few years, the experience, and the variety of people of people you get to meet is priceless (almost).
The local atmosphere is ideal for a college and college students. There are several attractions within walking distance such as museums and city monuments. Additionally, the city is a cultural hub with an array of events for a multitude of cultural events every week. There are many shopping malls and stores within walking distance, and the Chicago sports teams play at venues which are relatively close to the campus. The locals are very accommodating of students and much of those in the area are themselves students.
The weather in Chicago is only extreme during the winter months. However, the winter minimally affects the campus experience. The campus is located in Downtown Chicago, IL and is in the heart of the bustling and convenient south loop neighborhood. The campus in located in the same block as one of the city's transportation subway train stops, and the entrance to the train stop is no more than 10 yards from the campus entrance. That being said, the weather elements are not much of a factor. Additionally, there are several restaurants and shops within walking distance, and there are several bus stops traveling toward different directions located in the same block of our campus. The weather does not effectively affect the campus experience.
Have to do most of the research on your own about scholarships, and the endowment while high doesn't spread out very far
It's a law school only so the academics are high, and the specialization areas are tough
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It's law school, expectations are high, those that don't meet them don't stay
For commuters that have to drive it may be a little expensive because parking in downtown Chicago is pricey.
Men and Women at JMLS – The vast majority of students at JMLS are what you would expect from law students: focused and driven. There are some very attractive men, but it can be hard forming social relationships in such a competitive environment. It is possible, though.
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