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The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg Reviews

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My experience here has been pleasant
Im told they are professional
I liked and bonded with quit a few teachers here
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I believe this program works
Most of everyone in my major are kinda of like me we connect on a more higher developed level. It is easy to work with the people in this major as well ,all in all I love it
Im at a school were I have made connections and actually learned from my teachers plus its in my field which is art.
I experienced frustrations while learning my financial plan the school had created for me. It is very unrealistic.
I personally prefer traditional in-class lectures, however, the online courses are easy to read, understand, and follow.
I have yet to experience or read up on post-grad information as I have not made it to that level in my school career as of yet, however, I am aware of many services/internships offered for post-grad students.
The courses are fair. The professors, and academic counselors all have done an excellent job with assisting me towards achieving a higher education.
I was completely blindsided by additional fees after the application was submitted and accepted. Had I been informed I would need to come out of pocket with $230/month, I probably would've reconsidered applying.
To be an interior design major at the art institute is engaging and fulfilling. The class schedule/program offers a healthy work/school/life balance. The professors and staff are helpful and understanding.
Overall experience is very positive and staff is helpful
I feel that this school's quality of career placement is mostly helpful. Meaning that I feel that they are willing to help those who go here find their dream job, but you have to be able to put forth the effort and everything you do is effected by the decisions you make.
I love the classes and the programs my school has to offer. It really gets down to the specifics in which one would need to know to become an animator. Although the workload is far from easy. It takes a lot of dedication and passion to reach the goals that are both expected and required of the students. Another great aspect of this school is that it allows to also have a part time job on campus while being a full time student. I am not only able to help other students with the materials they seek in the store I work at but, I am also lucky enough to have some free time to work on my homework there as well, thus insuring that I am dedicated to making my dreams reality.
The school's programs and classes and amazing for inspiring artists that wish to move forward with this career. It was what got me interested in being an animator/artist myself. However, i feel that the financial aid department is not fully honest with its students.
I like the class sizes at this school. Many of the teachers are in the work force field and could give you connections and opportunities for internships. It is close to many businesses and close to the city. The only problem I have would be financial aid. They could be more helpful and offer more scholarships.
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Took 3-4 times before all of my classes finally transferred.... from the same school, different location. Pathetic.
Too expensive. Administration takes EVERYONE.
Class sizes are roughly 8-25 students. Professors in DPH are great!
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