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The school is beautiful very welcoming. I enjoyed visiting it was a great experience in going. Exploring the studios and students lives. I felt its a good college to explore and it opens your eyes to different art skills. And creating new art outside the box.
I would've liked to see better internships. I didn't feel I was prepared for a job in the industry. The job placement was not very helpful.
I am learning all aspects of Animation and am better informed to choose the section of this immense field. My instructors are extremely helpful whenever I have questions or need help. My counselor is very understanding as I have not chose the direction I wish to go.
And the students are amazing. They also are helping me with work and decisions.
I am very happy with my choice of this institute.
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For a school that runs in 11 week quarters you learn quite a lot, just asuch as if you were taking a semester at any regular college, however as much as that could be a bad thing it has givene and a lot of students the ability to feel as if they had a regular job with non stop ongoing projects that have greatly benefited them in there current jobs as graduates. Just as in any school the curriculum could always be tweeked but so far it is a great grueling program and you gain a lot of academic achievement and character from it. The facilities leave much to be desired but are not anything terrible other than the hours of operation could coincide with students instead of there business staff to better support there students and teaching staff.
The professors and teaching staff are truly axing to be hold, they truly try to care about your well being and success as a student as well as help place your uniqueness in every project that you do. However the balance between a good team teaching staff and the rest of the, admissions, financial, etc. Is heavenly out weighed in a bad way. Many times the wil loose information and documents crucial to your status as a student and mess up your financial. I believe there really are good people at this school but there hard to find or see through all the dead weight that's around. If I had a choice I would have picked a better location the the AI Chicago location. For stars I would rate them 2.5 or 3 stars and that's souly in respect for the teachers on that campus.
Not a lot of schools offer such a specific and isolated degree for fashion design. The internship opportunities are a dream.
The administration is extremely reliable, flexible to your needs, timely, and helpful in all aspects of school you may be needing advice in.
Great interaction and tech support!
Creative field is booming with opportunities and Ai gives you the resources to locate them!
  • Mar 12 2016
  • Value
Knowledgeable professors, small intimate class sizes.
Creative students. Creative teachers. Creative atmosphere! Great location!
I just registered for my first semester of school and the process was pretty painless. The admissions department made everything easy for me.
The students in interior design program at this school are extremely dedicated and motivated to succeed. There is a lot of work outside of class, almost every class is project - based. There are many internship and job opportunities in the area for ILIA students.
I have gained so much knowledge and experience from attending ILIA and I have grown so much since first starting at this school. My teachers and peers here have really helped and supported me every step of the way and have helped me become a better artist.
The professionalism of the professors at FullSail is completely and totally zero for the online education. They did not give their students any guidelines as to what was expected of them or what the professors wanted from them.
  • May 14 2015
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Most professors are very knowledgeable in their field and the course they teach. But this school is very expensive.
  • Apr 15 2015
  • Campus
I enjoyed my school because its a Art school and it focus on your major.
  • Mar 29 2015
  • Campus
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this school is definitely unique because of its art focus, but i would not come to this school again, because it is alot of money to come into the city from my home town to go to classes that are not schedule friendly with me and have the school lack fundamental things that make a college what it is. No gym, no sports.
classes are small, biggest would be with 30+ students, instructors are great, they connect a lot with what they teach and are extremely helpful.
the professors worry a lot about our future which i appreciate, they always try to find ways to help us out with internships or other things.
  • Feb 17 2015
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