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All the administrative people care about you. If you need help with something, they are for you to help you
There is a wonderful campus with good food made by the students. Many people come to visit on a daily whether to eat at one of the restaurants on campus or to get some baked goods out of the apple pie bakery. The dorms are nice and clean. The only areas for smoking are in the gazebos located all over campus. Gas stations and food off campus just minutes away. Everyone is fun and keeps a welcoming demeanor.
$ is the main focus, get students in & forget that they need an education.I have heard so many stories of verbal abuse from instructors the mentality is"we are training you for the real world" WHAT?If anyone spoke to me like that "in the real world" I would make sure that person would be fired!No person should think that is normal!too fast paced to learn.The wines class is a joke.Everyone knows this class is flawed & they continue the same plan!It is broken, FIX it! A school should help students succeed,not 80k to attend,I expect WIFI that works, printers that work (students are required to email &print assignments), tolerable food-even on the weekends-& support staff that actually supports.They set students up to fail.I would NOT recommend this school.They are just after your $ the prestige they once had is gone
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I love what I do for a living and I’m very grateful that I’m able to go to the best culinary schools in the country. The branch campus is in San Antonio it’s pretty unorganized but at the end of the day everything gets handled and done.
Best training I could have hoped. Instructors were top notch, helpful and concerned about passing along knowledge that only experience can provide. When we left for the last-time one of our chef instructors Nick DeMayo, told us "you now have the basics to survive in the field of culinary arts, so forget everything you learned because you haven't seen anything as yet about the workings of a real kitchen". We all soon learned that he spoke the truth! The one star ratings were given as they weren't even available sorry
I loved the classes and the scenery. The professors knew how to connect with each and every student to give them the best learning experience they could ask for. I love the Culinary Arts Program as well.
the culinary institute of america is a great school. i am not began the college yet but i heard it is amazing. i cant wait to join the college
My experience at the CIA was one that I will remember forever. All of my chefs and professors were very entertaining. I also really liked the meal plan at the egg and all of the healthy choices available.
My experience has been excellent, the food plan is amazing, and the student housing rocks, I do not have any complaints.
Overall my experience with the culinary institute of America is something I could have never dreamt of. I am currently finishing up my first semester and it's really hard but absolutely worth it.
I just enrolled with The Culinary Institute of America. The admissions advisor has been very helpful in getting me started. I will officially start school the last week of August 2019.
The things I like about Cia is that there are friendly people there and everything seems to be clean and organized class sizes are good and dorms look clean. Staff and students are nice and are very welcoming.
Gorgeous campus, amazing food, great professors, ninety minutes from Manhattan, NY. Learned so much, not only about how to work in a professional kitchen but also how to run a business.
It is the best culinary school you can find. It has a lot of people from many different place and countries, there people totally new to culinary while some are already professional.
The school is a hard school and the curriculum is unforgiving in nature. They have no empathy towards student issues including the death of other students. While professionally the curriculum is second to none, the understanding of staff and administration is last.
I love everything in CIA. There is no counterpart for the CIA. This is the best culinary school than any others.
There’s nothing to change about the culinary institute of America. Meeting people from around the world and from around America is the best part, creating amazing relationships with not only my classmates but all of my instructors. Having the ability to learn from Master Bakers is amazing, who can ever get to say that when earning my degree in baking and pastry I’d be able to say that all of my pastry chefs are all master bakers, now that is rare. This school is a well respected institute for everything they offer, and I can’t wait to graduate and say that I’m an alumni of the Culinary institute of America I have so much pride in saying that I’m student, and I’ll always have that pride of saying I went to this amazing school!
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The Culinary Institute of America is the best culinary college in the world. I've grown into who I want to be at this school and I am forever grateful for that transformation and ongoing growth.
This is the dream place of those who truly love food and are passionate about the culinary world. The education and rigorous training is unmatched, the exposure in the field and opportunities as a student reaches all corners of the world and begin to professionally build you from day 1, and its prestige and global recognition goes undefeated. Only the best make it through.
I really love it! Everything is do professional, the faculty, the facilities, the genuine help to help you to succeed in your career.