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Seeing the school remove requirement for restaurant experience before application is very frustrating as I went to go out and gain experience in the industry. Then, when I applied years later and was informed that no work history of any kind was required to apply, i feel it is kind of ridiculous and unbecoming of the most respectable culinary school in the country to accept seventeen year old aspiring tv personalities whose only experience is watching cooking shows with celebrity chefs.
You can learn from very basic to advanced skills. Develop many different aspects of field. Although school is located far from city, it is a good way to learn more about yourself and focus on self developing. I don't recommend this place for party lovers. This school is for people who want to be success by passing times of loneliness.
College only cares about making money to overpay their lackluster staff. Student Housing is lacking, food service is poor at best, and the answer from staff is always too bad.
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The campus is amazing, the staff are all very helpful. This is the top culinary school to attend. They don't only teach you skills in the kitchen they teach professionalism. That is a main key to success.
I love the atmosphere, the chefs, and professors. For the most part, students all get along and work well together to get things done. The staff are friendly and very helpful when anyone needs help. The only thing I would change, is well... nothing really. I am proud to be a student at the CIA.
I've been attending The Culinary Institute of America for about a year and as my degree comes to a close I'm struggling with the fact that this school is not as presigious as it claims. Sure the instructors have great credentials, whether or not you learn from them is another matter entirely.
I am starting my first year at this school in January and I have to say that I am very excited. I have visited this Institute over the summer and I was very impressed. Everything that I would do in this schools relates to my major, which is Baking & Pastry Arts. For example, my math class would be about measuring flour or sugar or using an alternate measuring system if I don't have 1 cup. Furthermore, the campus is very nice and elegant. You very comfortable and very safe in the environment around you. The classes are amazing and the instructors are very professional and willing to help. The college has a lot of internships where you go to a hotel or a bakery and work there to build your profile. Overall, this institute does a very good job at getting you out and having true love for your major.
This college is one of the best culinary schools around America. This college has more than just a culinary arts degree, it has culinary science and applied food science. They also provide a program to help those students that want a little more in their degree, called concentrations. For those students that want to get their normal degree in culinary or baking, they can concentrate on a certain area, like farm to table. This is something that is a lot college can not provide. This is a great program and culinary school.
The Culinary Institute of America is filled with talented, passionate, and diverse people. Not only are the students all of these things but the Professors are as well! This environment makes learning not only possible but fun. The campus is absolutely gorgeous with water fountains and waterfalls as well as a clear view of the Hudson river. It's spacious, colorful, and full of places to eat!
What more could one ask for in a college!?!?
The CIA is a great choice of a school but it takes a lot of discipline and hard work to be successful. You get exactly what you put in
I am only a freshman here at the CIA, but I already feel at home. The work is fast paced, we have the best teachers in the world and everyone here is welcoming and ready to assist.
This year I will be graduating with my Associate's Degree in Baking and Pastry. Going to this school has always been my dream for as long as I can remember. After getting accepted into the school I was extremely excited. I can honestly say I am very happy with the education I have received. I can say that after going here I have decided to move my career into a different path, still planning on working with food but adding in my love for human science. Instead of becoming a pastry chef I will become a Dietitian. After we had gone through our externship (which happens between year 1 and year 2) I had realized that this might not be the exact life I want to live for myself no matter how much I love it. I would highly recommend going here if you have a passion for culinary or baking and pastry. The Chefs love their jobs, which makes you not only love the class but fall in love with the career you want to do. You never actually work a day in your life if you love what you are doing.
The associates program is very hands and your externship is built into the program as your third semester; giving you the experience you want and need to grow as a culinarian in the industry. It is a fast paced program and allows you to receive an associates degree in a year and a half. The school is constantly having guest speakers and chefs do demos and talk to us about the industry.
My experience at The Culinary Institute of America is greatly appreciated. This school expands my mind with all the knowledge each chef has to teach. This school is for anyone who has the passion to cook or bake and wants to learn the traditional ways. The only thing I would probably change about this school is to offer more spacing. With the amount of students applying for this school, it could get a tad bit tight. Overall, best culinary school!
Choosing the CIA, was one of the toughest but also best chosen decision I´ve ever made. I enjoy living at the campus, many people who studied at the CIA used to tell me it was their favorite years of their life, I´m starting to believe it. The landscape is amazing and all my friends are super, we have similar interest and we all love doing lots of new things. The teachers are great, food is perfect and in few words. I love cooking, I love CIA.
The CIA is an amazing culinary school, the chefs who work there are very good and willing to help all students. When it comes to studies outside the culinary side the professors are very good, however sometimes they focus to much on culinary instead of general school knowledge.
The staff and all the students are unified as a big student body. they encourage students to find staff to help with their overall college experience. The school is also very diverse.
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I loved this school! I had a blast and I just arrived at this school! This is an amazing school and the teachers at the best there is. We have the most Master Chefs teaching at this school. And the food is amazing, the smell just dances around your nose tempting you. I learned so much in the kitchen in just a short amount of time. I love it here and hope to have more fun in the kitchen and learning new techniques that can further my culinary experience!
Keeps you busy, opens many great oppertunities
rescheduling classes causes your graduation date to change, missing three classes is a fail in the class. Not fair, needs to be changed
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