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Culinary institute of America is a good school to go to. The campus is beautiful and the experience and training I am learning for my career is intense. I am learning a lot. I am using my skills on my externship in baking and pastry in a real business in Virginia. What I would like to see improved at this college would be an up grade on the dorms. The way they charge you for meal plans.
The school struggles over whether it is a 4 year college or a trade school. It portrays itself as having a rich social environment with clubs and activities. the truth is that clubs hardly meet and there is little to do on or near the campus. Not sure why clubs don't meet on the weekends when more students are available to participate. Dorms are typical and upperclassman space is very nice. Caliber of teaching in academic classes varies. Some instructors are solid. Others can't understand how to give an exam on material they cover in the course. Chefs vary from helpful to abusive, which was expected. Seek out Johnson and Wales for a more well-rounded education. Drexel University also has a culinary program.
I love being apart of The CIA. There have been plenty of opportunities for me to thrive and learn as much as I can about the culinary industry. My student life experience is continuously getting better, I have a fantastic time meeting people and connecting with foreign students! The CIA is a major benefactor of diversity, and it definitely shows. This school has always been my dream school, and I could not believe that I actually had the ability to pursue such an incredible education.
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This school is a great opportunity for people wanting to further themselves in the food industry. Its a big commitment and one that is harder than normal college. The classes are a bit different, and the structure is different as well.
the culinary institute of America is a good school if you want to learn how to become a chef and learn everything that goes into running a business. the campus has nice scenery and is maintained well. also, the academics are pretty easy all around.
The Culinary Institute of America was a one of a kind experience. I only attended the school for 4 months, but I have learned so much about both cooking and life in general. The Culinary Institute of America staff and chefs teaches their students a lot about professionalism, life skills, and discipline, which are key components that will carry over to all aspects of life, not just in the classroom setting. Within the kitchens themselves I have learned a lot about the basics of cooking and the fundamental skills needed to work in a high production kitchen.
This is my first year and so far so good. It is a lot of work but if this is something that you want to do you will make it work. I love my classes and my new friends we do hang out after school and we also work together on our homework. So far I give this school two thumbs up !
I had a mind blowing experience at the CIA. My four years there were amazing from the Chef Instructors, to Professors to new food, cooking techniques and wine; amazing.
I feel the Culinary institute of America is a great school to learn and experience very valuable lessons for one to be successful in the culinary and hospitality industry.
Seeing the school remove requirement for restaurant experience before application is very frustrating as I went to go out and gain experience in the industry. Then, when I applied years later and was informed that no work history of any kind was required to apply, i feel it is kind of ridiculous and unbecoming of the most respectable culinary school in the country to accept seventeen year old aspiring tv personalities whose only experience is watching cooking shows with celebrity chefs.
You can learn from very basic to advanced skills. Develop many different aspects of field. Although school is located far from city, it is a good way to learn more about yourself and focus on self developing. I don't recommend this place for party lovers. This school is for people who want to be success by passing times of loneliness.
College only cares about making money to overpay their lackluster staff. Student Housing is lacking, food service is poor at best, and the answer from staff is always too bad.
The campus is amazing, the staff are all very helpful. This is the top culinary school to attend. They don't only teach you skills in the kitchen they teach professionalism. That is a main key to success.
I love the atmosphere, the chefs, and professors. For the most part, students all get along and work well together to get things done. The staff are friendly and very helpful when anyone needs help. The only thing I would change, is well... nothing really. I am proud to be a student at the CIA.
I've been attending The Culinary Institute of America for about a year and as my degree comes to a close I'm struggling with the fact that this school is not as presigious as it claims. Sure the instructors have great credentials, whether or not you learn from them is another matter entirely.
I am starting my first year at this school in January and I have to say that I am very excited. I have visited this Institute over the summer and I was very impressed. Everything that I would do in this schools relates to my major, which is Baking & Pastry Arts. For example, my math class would be about measuring flour or sugar or using an alternate measuring system if I don't have 1 cup. Furthermore, the campus is very nice and elegant. You very comfortable and very safe in the environment around you. The classes are amazing and the instructors are very professional and willing to help. The college has a lot of internships where you go to a hotel or a bakery and work there to build your profile. Overall, this institute does a very good job at getting you out and having true love for your major.
This college is one of the best culinary schools around America. This college has more than just a culinary arts degree, it has culinary science and applied food science. They also provide a program to help those students that want a little more in their degree, called concentrations. For those students that want to get their normal degree in culinary or baking, they can concentrate on a certain area, like farm to table. This is something that is a lot college can not provide. This is a great program and culinary school.
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The Culinary Institute of America is filled with talented, passionate, and diverse people. Not only are the students all of these things but the Professors are as well! This environment makes learning not only possible but fun. The campus is absolutely gorgeous with water fountains and waterfalls as well as a clear view of the Hudson river. It's spacious, colorful, and full of places to eat!
What more could one ask for in a college!?!?
The CIA is a great choice of a school but it takes a lot of discipline and hard work to be successful. You get exactly what you put in
I am only a freshman here at the CIA, but I already feel at home. The work is fast paced, we have the best teachers in the world and everyone here is welcoming and ready to assist.
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