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1,085 reviews
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I liked that I was able to earn credits early as a high school student. CCBC also payed for four classes for every high school student taking classes there. That was really nice and after that they pay for 50% of my tuition for each class I take. This has allowed to me to accumulate 29 credits while only paying about $2,000. The professors at CCBC were a little hit and miss, both of my English professors were terrible but my psychology and communications teachers were good. The one thing I don’t like is how the campus is so dead, it feels like no one actually wants to be there which makes the atmosphere bad.
CCBC is overall a great school with many locations and online classes to choose from. They streamlined the transfer process by working with other 4 year colleges to create class layouts to show you exactly which classes to take at CCBC to begin your journey to earning your bachelor's degree. As a full time working mom it's wonderful that my Federal Pell Grant covers the majority if not all of my tuition and books for spring and fall semesters; however, I have an issue with the Financial Aid Department in processing the required independent verification worksheet. It has taken almost a month for 1 worksheet to be reviewed after they confirmed receipt. Instead of my book credit being applied to the bookstore before my classes start, allowing me to purchase required books with my remaining Pell Grant funds, I have to pay out of pocket for books and wait for a check to be mailed to me weeks after classes start.
Everyone I met there was willing to help and show me my way around campus. The students there are always willin to learn something new or teach someone what they learned. And that's what I like about it.
I am really enjoying The Community College of Baltimore County as the campus is easy to maneuver around and can quickly get to my classes. As a plus the financial aide office and the scheduling counselors are helpful and friendly. I believe this was the best choice for me to start my college journey. I look forward to the other benefits I may experience over the next 2 years.
Community college of Baltimore is a great place to figure out your future and really plan ahead. There's so much help, all the faculty and staff is helpful. The advisors are great! There is so much diversity within the campus, it really makes you feel like a part of the small family.
Advisers should be more knowledgeable. I get different answers for the same question. Some advisers don't even know what are they talking about. Spoke to many advisers and always end up with different information. Which, I don't know which is correct.
My experience at the Community College of Baltimore County has been a wonderful one. I enjoyed the level of loyalty and commitment between the teachers and students. The teachers most especially were always willing to helped and make me understand course materials that were difficult to understand . Students life at the Community College is a plus based on the fact that, the faculty gives each and every student the opportunity to choose their place of interest, and work on improving their lives in places that are difficult . Moreover, I've realized that the Community College makes students to reach their maximum potential in terms of academic. They make you to work independently and at times work as team on real life project . I'll recommend the Community College of Baltimore County to any one who desires to return to school and improve their live.
Well I went to the extension center at Owings Mills for a year and a half and it was not bad. There's barely any food place there; the academic center people had bad attitudes, well most of them a few were nice. There are good teachers also that I really enjoyed. Overall my experience was not bad.
College is truly what you make of it. You have to put something in to get what you want. CCBC is a really good school if you try your best. They have plenty of majors and transfer programs. They have a honors program and international honor society. They have a program for low income students that offers free tutoring from professionals with degrees in their field. The school is for students who will take the initiative to succeed. You can't be lazy because if you are, your grades will suffer. No one is going to hold your hand at this school or baby you. It's the time for you to grow up and be an adult.
I went to Community College of Baltimore Country as a international student. The international student office and advise are really helpful to me. They help me in registration, applying on campus job and when i have any difficulties in my studies. Teacher are always helpful.This is a nice community college to finished the general studies needed for the major.
The professors I had this semester were very easy-going and easy to understand when they were teaching.
CCBC has good teachers and the classes were enjoyable. The administration is friendly and helpful, and easy to contact.
I love CCBC and how they have open resources such as , the free writing center so students have free access of Internet and computer use to submit and do homework.
i have not attended college yet I enrolled but I start in 4 months and look forward to starting.........
The School really works with the student to get through the enrolling process. I was able to contact the director of the hvac program directly. He was able to help me choose the best class to take. I enjoy the class settings and look forward to continuing my education.
I've been taking alot of credits and hopefully I am accepted into the nursing program next fall
I've had a good experience so far
I havent had to transfer credits yet but hopefully when I need to the process wont be that difficult.
I havent had an all online course I've mostly had a course that requires the completion of some online work and as far as that its been so far so good
I havent quite checked out the career services department yet so I cant give a fair and honest review
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