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My experience is okay due to personal reasons of my messing up the first time, but it’s getting better. This is a good choice if you don’t want to go straight to a 4 year or you want to take credits while still in high school. Im not sure what I would change.
I like it because everybody gets along and the teachers are very nice and will help you out no matter what they want to see everybody succeed in life.
I am very pleased with the environment. The professors are really great. They have all helped me with things outside my education. I joined different clubs to see where I fit it.All the faculty staffs are very welcoming. I admire CCBC alot . Thank you.
Review The Community College of Baltimore County
Good College, I learned a lot from CCBC that will surely prepare me for a university. I took courses that made me realize what I wanna do as far as majoring in.
Welcoming and considerate to all students, but some professors lack skills that would further their students knowledge and capabilities. Also, financial aide is a nightmare.
The Community College of Baltimore county is a good school, its very diverse and a big campus for just a community college. The only thing I would fix is the lack of support with staff help. The advisers don't really help much and some of the staff members seem very easily annoyed. But, its overall a pretty good school, one thing I do like is that it has so much to offer, that's if the school has what you're looking for.
I liked the size of the classes at CCBC. The student/professor was ideal for my learning type because it allowed for you to develop a personal relationship with the professor for help with any questions or concerns. The small classes also allowed for strong team building among your classmates.
For my 1.5 years of being enrolled at CCBC I would have to say it is a great school. Some professors are absolutely amazing, and really support you and your future, while others seem like teaching is a chore. The cyber security program is very up to date and hands on.
My experience was not bad. Every professor that I had so far were very helpful and supportive of my students. I would like to change the luxury of the campus.
The faculty and teachers are all very helpful and supportive. They have three campuses for students convenience and offer a wide array of courses.
i think ccbc is a good college to start your career and the teachers there are wonderful. they can help you in anyway they can and they also wanna see you succeed as well .
the only thing i would change is that to see if the school library can be open later
Since I've been attending CCBC, I've been surrounded by nothing more than amazing students and teachers. The students I have had a privilege to work with have done nothing but been motivational and helpful, as well as the teachers.
It's a good college if you're motivated. The teachers I have had are nice and truly want you to succeed. Common sense goes a long way in your social life.
Great school! I have learned a lot and it is a great start as it is very affordable and an easy commute with a few locations.
to spread apart and needs some work on the look of the campus and the majors offered, there are slot of non-informative teachers that withhold information
Currently I attend the Owings Mills Campus of the Community College of Baltimore County. The college offers six campuses to attend through out Baltimore County, and a tremendous amount of on-line courses. They offer day, midday, evening and weekend classes which helps those with busy schedules or working adults as myself. The classes at the Owings Mills campus are conveniently located right next to the new parking garage that is also connected to the subway. This offers great flexibility for access to this campus. I will say that I enjoy this campus a lot, due to the fact that it is right next to new shops and eateries that are with in walking distance. I believe that for those who do not have a trust fund or a rich uncle, that attending community college and then transferring to a university, is a great return on your investment. Currently, students who graduate from CCBC, will have all of there credits honored when enrolling in a university with in Maryland.
The Community College of Baltimore County was the best decision ever for me. Financially, going to a two-year out of high school versus a 4-year is the best decision you should make if you don't have the funds for a 4-year.
Review The Community College of Baltimore County
I like that this school offers Associate's to Bachelor's programs. This program will allow me to get my Associate's degree and a job in my desired field while working towards my bachelors.
My experience at CCBC has been good. My professors have been very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to helping me understand what is being taught. CCBC is more like a family then a school.
The Community College of Baltimore County us a very diverse campus. Most professors are accessible and they create a friendly environment. The class size depends on the subject, people are friendly, and the campus is somewhat clean.
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