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This college staffing is terrible, I’ve had nothing but troubles with the staff that works in the office. Professors are really nice and understanding but the office staffing is bad.
CCBC is a very organized school and makes all information easy to access. The campus is always clean and theres ample parking. Teachers for the most part are always willing to help you achieve your education goals
I went back to school to get an additional degree. I work in the IT field and wanted an Accounting Degree as well since I support finance, accounting, payroll and commerce systems. CCBC was perfect for me. I was able to take evening and online classes to get my AAS in Accounting.
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I already had my BS in Information Systems from Penn State before attending CCBC. I first attended here to get additional IT Certifications 2008-2009. I had no issue with transferring in and getting my Object Oriented Programming Certificate and taking non-credit IT classes as well that were offered evenings, weekends and online. They offered all the programming classes I needed to update my resume and get a job during the recession.
The community college of Baltimore county is a great school to help you find what you really want to do in life if you’re still unsure. There are different advisers that you can speak to that have different systems and ways that they’re able to use to help guide you on your journey. There isn’t any housing on campus, it is a community college so you’re expected to be there for at least two years but it would be cool if they did have it for people that are taking a little bit longer to complete their journey. The teachers are helpful and some of them can be lienient but expect to put the work in after all it is college.
CCBC overall is a good two year college. They have professors who will connect with you and really want you to succeed, but they also have those select few who give the bare minimum. However, they have many resources in order for you to still be able to succeed. For example, the free tutoring is a really great help.
I love the convenience of the Owings Mills extension and the array of classes offered here. My professors are professional, knowledgeable and approachable which is very important to me as a returning student who graduated from high school almost a decade ago.
This school is horrible. It has changed over the years. The professors are either fresh out of grad school with no experience or too old to give a crap. they dont challenge you academically. I had a professor one time constantly come to class late but threatened to lock the door is a student didnt come on time.
I have been there for two years so far and I will soon be transferring to Towson University. Depending on who you get for your classes the professors can be very helpful or no help at all. The professors I had have been very helpful for my two years there.
I love this campus! Most of the professors are fantastic and actually care about their students! The only thing I don't like about this campus is that literally anyone can come onto the campus. There is no security detectors or anything that can detect weapons.
I haven't attended the college yet, but from my application process I can say I will enjoy this school. I got accepted a day after I put in my application.
The Community College of Baltimore County is a great place to start if you haven't the slightest idea of what you want to do. You can start out as a general studies major and take classes the interest you with professors who will try their hardest to get you to declare a major in that field of study. The professors there are great. They become interested in you as a person. My time there was a fun time.
It is a very helpful college. The professors are really there to help you. All the classes I have taken so far have been great, professors update blackboard with current information almost everyday. There is many great clubs, I am apart of the Honors Program, and they have so many different possible transfer colleges come out and speak to us. The food options are slim, its a grill side, subway, and pizza place in the cafe, its not very big. But, there are vending machines in every building. Overall CCBC is great, with a lot of great potential.
There’s so many classes offered. There’s many campuses to choose from. Classroom size Is small. This makes It easier to work with the professor
I like the guidance my schools gives, but what I do not specifically like about the school is that there aren't enough clubs nor a lot of student interaction. It is hard to meet people in my opinion, which is typical for a community college after all.
Many professors are helpful. Majority of the professors that I have had are great teachers that can teach well in classrooms. When I do need help with something, professors and staff members are willing to help. Not only that, but they know the answers to most of the questions that I need. The community college itself, is clean and well done. There is a lot of diversity at the college. Furthermore, going to community college saves me money. However, also guides to the path of which I will be taking in the future. As a result, Community College of Baltimore County is wonderful college to be. I hope that it continues that way.
I really like the professors and they also provide a lot of services to help you through your college experience with them
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The staff are awesome. From the administration to the professors they’re all awesome. They’re very helpful in whatever it is that the student needs.
This is my first semester at CCBC and it has been great. The Professors are extremely personable and seem to really enjoy teaching and interacting with their students. There are tons of events to partake in and the school is a perfect size; not too big, not too small.
I absolutely love CCBC! Before attending community college I thought that it'd be a lower rank of education being taught since it's a community college and not a university, but they proved me wrong! I learn so much within my theatrical major, a lot of things in which I've never learned before. CCBC is awesome!
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