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The professors and staff really get to know you on a personal basis and strive to help you reach your goal of graduating with a career not just a degree.
It has a beautiful capmpus and the professors are well educated. The location offers many opportunities for students. It’s also a very manageable size of students. Overall it’s a very pretty and good education college.
There is a generally friendly and open atmosphere throughout campus. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people and get involved if you look for them! Professors are approachable and want to see their students succeed!
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I liked all of the different things I could get involved in such as Intervarsity, knit and crochet club, campus ministry, Circle K, and Loaves and Fishes through Vita. There were a lot of activities to do there and places to hang out with friends such as playing games and watching movies or going on nature walks. The location is very relaxing as it is a very scenic place being surrounded by lots of trees with a view of Lake Superior. The nursing program is very good as are the classes and professors. I loved some of the courses such as choir, orchestra, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and others. The people who attend here and work here are generally very inclusive to others.
Small College, with a huge focus on the wellness and academics of the students. Professors are amazing, they always are checking in to see how the students are doing and if they need help. St. Scholastica offers a wide range of student support services, putting the student first always. As far as athletics St. Scholastica offers many team based sports, and many inter murals. Over all this is a place you want to go for community, hospitality, respect, stewardship, and a love of learning.
If interested in occupational therapy, I BEG YOU to consider a different program. Saint Scolastica’s MSOT program is extremely disorganized, lacks diversity and ignores students’ concerns. To a program that is supposed to train health care professionals, I found the lack of empathy and concern for humankind by not only most of the students but most of the professors as well to be both heartbreaking and disturbing.
I liked the small community feel that Scholastica offered, but at times it can feel too small and cliquey. Overall I had a good experience as the general staff and student body was very welcoming and friendly.
The College of St Scholastica believes in Benedictine values that the faculty, staff, and students have to live by and it creates a great community that is not hard to adjust to. I love the way classes are conducted: the Professor to Student ratio is good. There are a lot of resources on campus like Writing Centre, Supplemental instructions, Campus Ministry, WellU and many more that actually makes CSS a good home away from home. The resources are not only helpful in terms of learning but also physically, socially and mentally. You can never go wrong at the College of St Scholastica.
The classes are very focused and the teachers are always willing to answer any questions you may have! I positive experience!
The College of Saint Scholastica is a charming campus filled with professors, eager to make a difference in students lives. They not only curate an energetic learning environment, but the instructors work hard to develop lasting relationships with the students in their communities. I personally had a professor check in on me over the summer to see how things were going, and offer support during a stressful time in my life. I would definitely recommend this college.
School, campus, professors and the local area are awesome! The food program however- AWFUL. For anyone with dairy and/or MSG sensitivities the food program will either leave you in the bathroom for hours on end or starving!
I really enjoy the effort that staff and faculty put forth to help students succeed at pursuing an education. They provide many resources for students to utilize that help prepare students for not only college, but life afterwords as well.
St. Scholastica is a wonderful, welcoming community of people, but it tends to feel like a high school because of its small size. I really wish they had the funds to expand the campus, such as having our own football field and improving the quality of buildings, which are quite old. Despite the number of clubs on campus, many sport-related activities can't be hosted due to lack of space on campus. I could go on, and although it's nice in some ways, there are more areas that need to be improved, for safety and a better, full college experience.
CSS has a a beautiful campus right by Lake Superior, it also has a lot of technology resources for student use, especially for healthcare majors. Because Scholastica is a smaller, private university, it can get clique-y at times although this has seemed to improve since I entered my actual program.
It’s an amazing, welcoming community. Has a great, high quality staff delivering a high quality education.
The College of Saint Scholastica does an amazing job of individualizing your experience. Each person you meet with greets you with a warm and welcoming smile and is more than willing to help you. They offer so many different services, activities, clubs, classes, majors, and individual experiences.
The college of St. Scholastica is a very welcoming campus. It’s professors really care about you as a student and want to see you succeed. You are not a just a number here with smaller class sizes. This is one of the best colleges in Minnesota.
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I really enjoyed my professors in the Exercise Physiology program, my classes are challenging, engaging, and relevant to what I'll need to know in my future job. Sometimes the party culture on campus gets to be a little too much, but I just stay away from that side of things.
I honestly love everything about The College of St. Scholastica. I love the community feel and the small class sizes. The small class sizes allow me to understand the material a lot better. I have also made some very close friends here at the College. I would not change anything... Well maybe the weather!
I really like the small school atmosphere. CSS is a very welcoming community with friendly students and faculty. The professors are dedicated to providing quality education.
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