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Saint Rose is a very great college. For many different reasons. First of which is how everyone just welcomes you when on a campus tour or just visiting. For this Im very excited to attend here next fall.
The professors are always willing to help, I love the educational experiences I have had. My major is Communication Sciences and Disorders, and I truly have nothing bad to say against the program or the professors that are there helping me achieve my goals. This semester I have the chance to travel abroad with one of my classes and I am thrilled to be a part of this experience!
My experience is good with the friends I made the techers I have meet. So far it's been an experience where I don't see alot of my self and it's ok. What I like about the college is that they have nice staff that work there, small classes that I can learn from and where the teachers know your name and I am not number 250 in a class like other college's, also they have great academic support that is what every student needs. What this college needs to approve on is alittle more diversity, and to mix us student's up with different ethnic groups so we can learn and see different people. Also, many way that students can learn how to save and how to pay tuition since I see that its a problem here in saint rose because I see alot of people that love this college but dont have the money to keep going. To wrap things up, things in saint rose is great and will recommend to others.
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I really like it here! Lots of really nice people and a very good learning environment. Small class sizes and lots of opportunities, plus a very central location!
I have never toured The College of Saint Rose before my first day as an official undergraduate Freshman. On my first day I was very nervous but as I started moving into my dorm, I felt very welcomed by a group of upperclassman, who gave a helping hand when moving in, along with the security, Resident assistance and the Resident coordinator. All my anxious feeling have been thrown out the window and I was ready to start off my day as a Freshman at The College of Saint Rose. I started my freshman year as a "undecided" major. Staff and professors became very helping in guiding me to where I would declare my major in the future and I am now a Biology major and absolutely enjoy it. Professors are great, helpful and answer any questions you may have. I would recommend this school to friends, family and anyone who is seeking options when applying.
I like the atmosphere around Saint Rose, everyone just seems like they all get along and that even if we don't it's nothing but mutual respect. I would like to change the dining hall hours because they are somewhat short especially on the weekends.
So far my experience has been fair. Its a bit hard to adjust to the new lifestyle. Campus is a decent size and its not hard to go from one class to another.
Went on a college visit, and absolutely fell in love with this college. the atmosphere was exactly what I was looking for.
I like the small classes that we do have here, you get to have one-on-one discussions with your professor. Professors are willing to learn with the students and expand on other topics. My experience so far has be good.
At The College of Saint Rose I have had an amazing experience. My classes are so small that I am allowed to created relationships with all the students as well as the teacher. I have never been to a huge public school so the transition into college was very easy for me. Your advisors are also very attentive and want to make sure you do graduate within 4 years. Although the cost of attendance may be high, the schools financial aid office will work with you to make this the best experience possible. The campus is very small but since it is placed in the middle of downtown Albany it creates a metro feel as if I was still in New York City. This college is whatever you make it. It can be the best 4 years of your life or the most boring. I am glad I picked this college to gain an immense amount of education, friends, and life experiences.
I enjoy the club and athletic opportunities along with the small class sizes. I would just change the food options.
So I'm a first year Freshmen. The presentations they have at the school is welcoming. They have open arms and work hard to have students want to come to their college. Financial Aid is a little difficult but if you know what you are doing and talk to the right people that you know can help you. It's all worth it.
Expensive, but the campus is beautiful and the community is incredible. It feels like everyone is friends with everyone at Saint Rose. The faculty are always willing to help, even if they aren't your professors! Saint Rose is worth the money, and it will always feel like home to me.
I just transferred from a local community college in the area to St Rose. I have not yet attended but since I've applied and been accepted into the college I have interacted with only kind hearted, nice, and caring people. I am very excited to start this new journey in my life this coming fall, and I can't wait to meet ev I am very excited to start this new journey in my life this coming fall, and I can't wait to meet new people.
My experience at the College of Saint Rose this past fall and spring semester was a good/stressful/ different experience for me. The students and the faculty were very friendly and inviting. The classes were good I learned a lot. Of course when the semesters were ending it was a little stressful because of all of the final papers and final exams I had to take but God got me through it. I am a student athlete, I am on the women's track and field team and the coaches are very friendly and fun to be around and so are my teammates .The reason that I gave four stars instead of five is because I feel like the food could be better.
The campus is beautiful and full of nice and supportive students and staff. I have received all the help I need throughout the process of selecting this college and a major. The faculty is very quick to answer emails asking for help and support. I enjoy the many opportunities I have on campus to have a fulfilling college life and career.
The college of Saint Rose is a private school that is small, with little class size of about 20 students. the place or the campus has nice scenery with grass and the benches around the grass where students hang out and relax. Their library are also nice and quiet a great place to study. As for the teachers they are different and bring certain things to the table but they all teach you about life and elements to it so they aren't bad. What I like about Saint Rose is the diversity of students who you get to interact with they also have a weekender that tells you what you can do over their. The only thing I don't like about Saint Rose is the cafeteria food its decent but theyu need to step their game up.
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I love the small class sizes and the location. It's so nice being right in the middle of Albany everything is so close. All the falculty is very approachable and they actually care about your success.
Definitely not worth what they are asking as far as price goes, but it's an astounding campus all around and I'm glad I came here for my first year of college.
Staff is horrible and rude. Professors are cool and classes are small so everyone knows everybody. Party scene is exciting and there are a lot of things you'll remember for the rest of your life.
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