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I spent 6 years at Saint Rose as an out of state student, 4 years for undergrad and 2 for grad school. Plenty of opportunities to get involved in student life, athletics and academic groups. I was a secondary education major and I felt very confident going into the teaching profession after my education. The professors were great and most of them genuinely wanted to help you any way they could. The level of knowledge I received for my career at this school is above any I’ve seen in my home state or from state school. I’m so happy I got both my degrees from saint rose! I loved the campus and the off campus life around the area. Definitely a fun party scene if that’s your thing. If not, still a great area! I always felt safe on campus and in dorms.
Great College, has been expanding in all areas. Sports - academics- student life all enjoyable. The culture of each student has a lot of skill. Music performances are a great time, student perform throughout the week. Keep building your education - check out a great experience come to St Rose.
Professors and administration are always so helpful and understanding. I never have an unanswered question and someone is always willing to assist the students in any way they can.
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The college of st. Rose is a beautiful small college that doesn’t have crowed class rooms. The food could be a lot better. You get to meet alit great people and here.
This campus is a excellent place to be because there is no place like saint rose. It has full academic programs that are available that fits the students needs. It brings out attention and plenty of activities and sports and etc to do in this campus
The professors are absolutely great! People that I have met there are so helpful and friendly. The dorms are okay, not the best. Campus is amazing and has a lot of activities to offer. Small class sizes make the education experience inside the classroom personalized. The education department is outstanding! I would highly recommend this school to perspective students!
Academics are okay. Kind of a waste of time because most of the classes are repeats of high school. Faculty in the classrooms are great as well as the dining staff. Residents life could be nicer. The nurse's office is terrible and, after an interaction with them during my first semester there, had me in tears wanting to transfer. Overall, the college doesn't really seem to care about the students well being. Definitely money hogs.
the college of saint rose is a welcoming and exciting place to go to college, with a wide selecting of activities to choose from as well as professors that take the time to actually help you both in class and 1 on 1.
What I liked about the College of Saint Rose is the quality of education. It is challenging but prepares you for your field. The class sizes are small and the teachers are dedicated. Employers that are aware of Saint Rose know that if they hire a graduate from school they are getting someone who will soon become a leader in their field.
I think Saint Rose college is an Phenomenal school for all different walks of like . Saint Rose is very big on different types of support academically. Lastly I think Saint Rose is a great school to attend .
The College of Saint Rose is a very comfortable, helpful, accepting school. I love it here. I recommend my friends from high school come to Saint Rose because it’s great. I have heard some unsettling things about majors being cut, but other than that, the professors and students and even the other people who work here are great. Perry and Annie are both amazing people who work at Saint Rose and make everyone’s day better just by seeing them! The variety of food is a plus as well. This school is great and I’m glad to be getting my education here. I feel like I’m learning from the best, my professors are great. It’s so much more diverse than my high school and I appreciate that so much. All of the events including sports and club events are so fun and inspiring! The campus is so beautiful and welcoming, I feel safe and at home here.
The College of Saint Rose is home. Small class sizes allow for a more personalized educational experience. There's so much to do in the capital, you will never be bored.
The staff and students are so welcoming. The campus is small, which makes the classes smaller and more one on one with the professors which makes learning much more enjoyable
Saint Rose is a small school but the sense of home and community consume you when you walk onto campus. It is the perfect school for students who love being involved and making a difference. The classes are great and the teachers really care. The amount of resources are endless, as long as you take advantage of it. Not every school is perfect, Saint Rose still has it's way to go in order approve but I enjoy the time that I have when I am there.
The campus is pretty in the spring and fall, but is tiny. You can walk around the whole school in 20 minutes. Professors are good
As a daily commuter, I wish that I became more envolved in school to have the college experience. I really made no friends at all, but I did love that the class size was so small. Since it is so small, you normally have the same students in classes as you, so it was nice to see familiar and friendly people. The teachers for the most part were awesome, too. Expensive though.
The College of Saint Rose is a great 4 year college that creates a local small town feel while still being in a huge city. The atmosphere of the college is excellent and all of the people on campus are nice and pleasant. It is a college for everybody. There is a large party scene due to U Albany so this is something to take into consideration. Overall it is a great school with a great return on your investment. Highly recommend.
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I love it there! Everyone is so nice and helpful. The only thing is the price but they still give you butt loads of money. Overall, it's a great college.
Horrible omg don’t go here I’ve been here for a semester and am transferring back home. The campus life is horrible. The clubs are pretty wack. The food is horrible. The dorms are ok . Past 8:30 there is barely food on campus because there is only one DIning Hall . The teachers are lazy and very disorganized. There’s just no order on campus
The College of Saint Rose has taught me more about the world and my own life than I had ever dreamed of knowing. The professors are wholly devoted to educating students to the best of their abilities, and prepares alumni to enter the work force or continue on to graduate school. The administration has been tumultuous over the past couple of years, but the students are not affected much by these changes. The education is solid, and thorough. The dorms are clean and big, and the atmosphere is homey.
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