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The College of New Jersey is a great liberal arts school. I love the campus. The academics in some majors are very competitive. In state tuition is worth it.
The ease of my application, the administration in helping me to complete my application and the professors all rank highly.
The College of New Jersey has opened up a new experience for me. It has challengesd my learning abilities and has made me a better student. I learned how to appreciate the community around me and and to live in a hollistic mindset. I am a nursing major and the community at TCNJ has made me develop into a better person for the future as a nurse. I learn from the brilliant minds around, especially the professors and this definitely shapes my education at TCNJ.
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The College of New Jersey is an excellent college. The campus is gorgeous and there are different events that occur every day. The programs are rigorous and there are high expectations for each student, but every semester I feel that I have gained a significant amount of knowledge that I can apply to my future career.
The College of New Jersey is extremely academically challenging, providing me with adequate knowledge and resources to flourish post-graduation. In addition to this, the community on this campus is extremely welcoming and is where I met my life-long friends.
Overall it is a very safe, friendly, supportive school environment with professors who are passionate about what they teach. It is a very academically driven and provides hundreds of clubs, programs, on-campus jobs, and leadership opportunities that contribute to a wholesome student experience. Level of difficulty in classes comes down to major and the professor you have. Not a very diverse campus, but there are various cultural clubs and events so that everyone gets to feel welcomed. To experience the most of the party scene, joining Greek life or club sports helps a lot.
Excellent Biology program, made friends for life! Social aspects left to be desired, definitely not a party school. But- not the reason I went!
Many of my friends attend this college and I have visited on multiple occasions. The biology program is extremely top notch and their theater program is wonderful. Their food selection and dining hall is superb.
The College of New Jersey is an excellent institution. Nestled in the suburban town of Ewing, NJ, TCNJ is in an excellent location by being close to major cities. The campus is beautiful and kept very well. The academics are outstanding and having small class sizes allows for each student to have individual attention. There are a plethora of ways to get involved at TCNJ. Overall, deciding to attend TCNJ has been the best choice of my life so far!
This mid-size school have a great engineering program. There are many organizations for students to get involved with including various sports programs. The class room ratio is small, which I love. Although, I've encountered a handful of professors that are not very good in teaching but the overall teaching staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Friendly atmosphere and a great place to learn.
TL:DR - I will never recommend TCNJ to ANYBODY. EVER. NO MATTER WHAT. I had such a terrible experience, and would have rather donated all my tuition money to charity so at least someone could have benefited from the thousands of wasted dollars. 100% not worth it unless you can go for free, and even then, it's questionable. Do NOT go to this school if you are completing undergrad as an Adult Learner (aka you have a full-time job, rent and bills to pay, etc). Do NOT go to this school if you are looking to become a Web Developer/Designer.

Go to TCNJ facebook if you want to read my full review. This site only allowed 1000 words.
The overall college is great, but the demands for certain programs are too high. The education program here is very prestigious, but forces one to be a double major. The overall atmosphere is welcoming, as the majority of the staff and students are friendly and helpful. In regards to people who work in various offices such as Records and Registration, they are not very helpful. The college is good, but they have things they can improve on.
TCNJ is a great school if you're looking for a school with small classes and some pretty great professors. The best thing about TCNJ is probably the small classes, since you feel obligated to show up. And if you show up to class, you'll probably do better. The professors here, for the most part, are also pretty great. But if you're looking for a school with a more urban setting with a lot of things to do around town, then TCNJ is probably not the answer. It's a pretty quiet setting, but people usually go out to Princeton or Philly if they want to go to a nearby city.
I like the overall atmosphere. It has a private university feel at a public university price. I also like the focus on academics. The average student is more focused on doing well in school than most public universities I've visited. The internet can be a bit slow at times though and the vast majority of the campus is white and middle class.
I've been in TCNJ for one semester and it's been life-changing. I'm more social than I've ever been in my life, which probably came as a result from befriending people on my floor pretty quickly. The major I'm in (Interactive Multimedia) is a perfect fit for me!
If you're looking for a school that has a great balance between academics and social life, this is the one for you. Though it wasn't my first choice, it truly is a hidden gem. It's the perfect size; classrooms are small enough to provide one on one attention from the professor, and you're likely to see at least 5 of your friends walking to class. If you're having a rough week, that's ok; there's always the weekend to look forward to. You can expect parties every weekend from either sports houses or frats, as well as other cool events sponsored by CUB during the week. One of the biggest mistakes that freshmen make here are not giving the school as a whole a chance. A lot of people who are unhappy with the social life or DIII athletics immediately rush to transfer to Rutgers. This school is what you make of it. Once you find your group of friends, which is so easy to do here, you will have the time of your life. I don't regret a single thing.
The College of New Jersey, while difficult, offers a rewarding and exciting college experience for its passionate students. The campus is a close net community of about 7,000 students allowing for professional and personal relationships. Students spend hours in the library preparing polished reports, absorbing study material, or collaborating in groups on research projects, and are well rewarded by the extensive care of student organizations. Even with numerous outlets for students, some student hit a wall, the tutoring center and writing center provide support for students to not get discouraged while trying to obtain success, however if a student does not wish to seek tutoring many professors gladly open their doors to students for questions, collaborations, support and extra help, I have never once seen a student left distressed on purpose. What is most wonderful about TCNJ is that the student is given the environment of a big school without the overwhelming numbers.
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I like the positive atmosphere and the student life. The environment is very inclusive and friendly. There are many clubs, sports, and Greek life organizations to be involved in. I also admire how prestigious and rigorous the academic programs are. They effectively prepare students for future success. The residence life provides very comfortable and clean living conditions. One negative aspect of TCNJ is that the school does not provide many options for majors. It is also difficult for students to explore different options because they are not allowed to apply undecided, and many courses are restricted to those who are in a particular major.
Overall, I love TCNJ. The classes are relevant to your major from day one freshman year, not general education classes for two years. Most of my professors have been excellent and truly care about their students. Some facilities (freshman dorms especially) are outdated, but they are working to update the campus.
I loved attending TCNJ. It was a great size, very well-respected and prepared me well with a liberal arts education. I had the chance to take on new challenges and leadership roles. It is on you to make the most of it, but the resources are there.

However, there were trends toward tightening up regulations that made it less like a college - major restrictions and rules were set on homecoming, for example, that have made it so those over 21 and those under 21 can't even be in the same area. We need to trend back toward trusting students to make smart choices and stop pseudo-babysitting.
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