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I like the atmosphere and vibe that radiates off the campus. The professors are so helpful and they really want you to succeed. Plus, their office hours are so accommodating to a student's schedule. However, they could improve the amount of adjunct professors they have, and many of their labs/classes aren't run/offered over the summer.
I would highly recommend The College of New Jersey! The campus is beautiful, it has a great reputation for its academics, it has a community feel, and there are so many resources for students on campus.
I love TCNJ. As a transfer student who came freshman spring, there were so many anxieties I had about making friends and adjusting. As soon as I moved in, I knew I was home. TCNJ is tough, and as an education (one of the most rigorous and popular majors on campus) major, I do have a lot of work to do, however it is all meaningful and makes me feel prepared for the real world. My professors really care and are so accommodating and lovely. The foods pretty good and campus town offers so many options, from Panera and fro yo to Mexican to American to Indian to Japanese, you name it. The people here are a big community, and while you’ll find jerks everywhere, they’re honestly few and far between here. If I could I’d do my undergrad experience at TCNJ over in a heartbeat.
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small classes. Great faculty. Faculty cares about individual students. Student body generally very nice.
From my tour at the College of New Jersey the experience was a very pleasant one with me touring around the campus is very spacious and comfortable. From checking out the programs I wanted, they offered so much that I couldn't even imagine and give out lots of information on the topic I wanted. Also the students are very helpful there too.
I love the campus in general. I love how much the professors care about teaching their students. They really want to help their students enjoy and truly understand the material.
Absolutely love the Education department at TCNJ, all of my professors truly care about making me the best elementary school teacher that there can be. The only reason I am giving a 4 is because the History department is NOT at its peak. There are few professors who care about you and your career, very awful.
Upon a recent visitation, I intend on attending The College of New Jersey. The campus itself is well-kept and is very welcoming. Academics at this school are a priority, rather than sports. The class sizes are generally small, making it easier to know your professor 1-on-1.
The College of New Jersey was my first choice and I couldn’t be any happier going here. It is such a great school as a whole with great people. I’m honored to be a student here.
TCNJ is my home away from home. The small class sizes allow students to develop close relationships with professors. There are approximately 150 clubs, ranging from academic to sport to volunteering to hobbies, so everyone has something they can connect to. I have lived all four years on campus and love the community they create. The faculty, staff, and workers around campus make the campus friendly and welcoming. I would choose this school again in a heart beat.
I loved the small class sizes, allowed the professors to be able to engage with the students more. The one thing I wish would change would be the lack of diversity.
TCNJ is a great school, especially if you're looking to be a teacher. The only complaint I have is that it's pretty expensive and it's a bit hard to make friends. Campus is beautiful, food is fine, and overall experience is good.
The college of New Jersey has an outstanding education and athletics program. The freshman year experience here is incredible. TCNJ makes it very easy to meet new people and make friends. This is a very big greek life school although it does not seem as if it is. Overall it is a great school.
Great environment/education and very reasonably-priced. Athletics aren't major here, however some football/basketball games draw in a nice crowd.
The College of New Jersey is an institution that works to create better individuals so that a better society will result. It is a place where all backgrounds are welcome, and it molds each one of its students to genuinely grow. By learning more about the world and simultaneously themselves, students receive a unique experience that is not regretted. Although this school is relatively small, it does an amazing job at making the students feel safe and welcome.
I feel like this is a school to go to if you like small towns will a small number of people. The school is pretty small but does make a big impact on the Ewing community.
The College of New Jersey is a very nice school and all of the people I have met on campus were really nice. All of the teachers I had so far are very nice but I had a few that are not very good at teaching. That being said most of the teachers are helpful and respond as quickly as they can to emails. The campus is a nice size and very pretty. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get from one side of campus to the other (a lot of students use bikes to get around). Everything you really need is on campus but it can be priced kind of high.
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I have absolutely loved the time I have spent at the College of New Jersey. Though daunting and difficult at times, I feel challenged in my course work and prepared to take on the next level of of courses to best prepare for a career. TCNJ offers its students many great opportunities, and a wonderful community of students and staff who together are able to conquer amazing things.
I loved how close the TCNJ community is and all the various resources they offer to help you succeed.
A very good environment socially and academically. More majors and specializations would make this school more favorable to a wider range of students.
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