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I love this campus and it’s Atmosphere! It’s a beautiful campus with a small student population where you are able to build strong connections with, not only other students, but the professors and other administrative staff there. I’m glad I ended up going here because it is a wonderful campus with very friend individuals, major diversity, and the academic scene is very interesting and unique in its own manner!
C of I is a very good school. It is small and offers diversity in studies as well as athletics. It has a very good reputation as an excellent school.

I have had one experience with one professor that was less than what i hoped for. She was very discriminatory and her teaching methods were very narrow.

Over all, however, The College of Idaho has been a good experience.
The College of Idaho is a very prestigious, academic-driven and welcoming school. When I toured every area of their campus, academics, student-life and ect. were explained in detail. The College of Idaho seems to prepare students for a good future in whatever area of study they choose.
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Would give it 0 stars if possible. I hate it here. The students are of very low caliber, Caldwell has nothing to offer, and basically has no attractions for someone who is academically inclined. I'm transferring as soon as possible. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF GOING HERE!
College of Idaho is a very diverse, welcoming and friendly college that has excellent teachers, classes and a range of great activities on campus!
The class sizes are small enough so that teachers can really help each student. The campus is beautiful and you can get anywhere in as few as 5 minutes. The new library has a cafe that is spectacular. All teachers want you to succeed. The food is so-so and you don't have a choice in whether or not you pay for a meal plan. However, Pasta Thursdays are awesome. Classes are challenging but manageable with help from peers and professors.
If you want to explore yourself and study in a small classrooms. The College of Idaho is the one for you. Good environments and brilliant teaching faculty. Sure you will have a great time
Great education. Like anything, you will out what you put in. I was able to get a great job after graduating from the college.
My overall experience has been very good with the fact that my professors are personable and ready to help whenever asked. The students here are very kind and given that it is a small, private campus, everyone knows mostly everyone! The food here is really good as a catering service prepares the food, and they always have options. My only issue is with the dorms and the price of the dorms as I feel that I am paying more for what I am getting. Overall College of Idaho would be a great fit for anyone looking for a small school that offers multiple opportunities for their students.
I am currently a freshman at the College of Idaho and I have enjoyed my time there although it is challenging. Going to such a small college has been beneficial because professors are willing to help you one on one and make sure all their students succeed. The only thingss I would like to see the college improve on would to have a wider variety of majors and minors.
I really love the College of Idaho, it has become a second home for me, and really allowed me to grow as an individual. The professors here are amazing and I could never imagine going to a lecture hall with over 200 student. We have approximately a professor-student ratio of 1-12 which is amazing. The only thing I would like to see change is the avalability of different food options.
I feel valued as a student. My professors give their best to help me and will always go out of their way to assist me. The coaches want what is best for me not just for the team but they also teach me so much in my respective sport.
I love The College of Idaho! Dorm life is amazing. Because of the real family feel of the people I live with, I wasn't scared at all when I moved in. The quality of my classes is just as beneficial; I've learned so much just in my first semester and the number of opportunities I have in the years to come is limitless.
The people on campus were very welcoming and very nice. The academics are amazing and the sports are too. It is such a spirited school.
It is one of the best colleges you can find. Everyone is so supportive. Apart from lack of interest in recycling and reusing things, every other things of C of I is best.
The College of Idaho provides students with a great education and makes them feel like an actual person instead of just a number. Professors focus on each and every student to make sure they are able to succeed. Overall, The College of Idaho is a great college, but it is expensive also.
Very friendly and nice campus. Everyone I talked on campus was so nice and friendly. There is a lot of scholarships out there for the college so affordability is not much of problem.
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Great community based college with a warm and welcoming feeling.
Small campus, and class sizes with a large emphasis on student involvement.
The tuition is very high, but the rigorous course work and curriculum make it worth it.The one thing that you will graduate with, if you learn nothing else, is the ability to write papers at a high proficiency level. The college has a unique program that lets each student have one major and three minors, two majors and two minors, or for the highly motivated, three majors and one minor, all while graduating in 4 years. The school is like a large family, we look out for each other. Campus safety is always willing to help, whether it is to dig out your car from under a snow pile to taking you to pick up food. The food on campus is absolutely amazing! The party scene is amazing for everyone interested, but no one is ever pressured to participate in it. There are many clubs that you can join, or if you can't find one to join you can make one and receive school funding for it. If you're religious then there is plenty of religion based actives to attend.
I like how everyone on the campus is really nice and care about one another. It's really easy to learn classmates who are in the same class as you are and if you need to find someone, a friend can help out. There is always an event going on on campus for the week and students get really involved with the activities.
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