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I love their double major program it’s super cool that you can get another Bachelors degree for 49 more credit hours. I love that they have so many classes online so it fits my schedule.
Choosing The Christ College two years ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since 2016, I have made some of the biggest academic accomplishments of my life. I feel as if the Christ College staff has contributed to my success and my place on the dean's list the past 2 years. I have easy access to one on one's with my professors, and tutors are available if needed.
The TCCNHS campus is always clean and offers a friendly studying environment. There is always somewhere for me to sit quietly and do my homework alone, as well as places for my classmates and I to sit and catch up. I have encountered awesome people here and made many new friends in just two short years. This college has not only taught me to become a nurse, but it has also taught me who I am at heart. I would recommend The Christ College to anyone who is thinking about becoming a nurse.
Christ is an amazing school, full of amazing students and professors! Class sizes are small and it’s very easy to settle in and feel at home here. Your professors are always there to help you every step of the way and are never more than an email away. If you are considering Christ, I highly recommend you coming in for a visit. You’ll fall in love just like I did!
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Christ is a great college to attend. They give you resources and are reliable. The professors are very knowledgeable. The one thing I would change is the final at the end of the semester. It is worth so much of your grade. I know they are preparing us to be the best nurses we can be but you could pass all your test in your class and have one bad grade with the final and fail the entire semester while you held a high grade. I came close those semester luckily I still passed. Others weren’t so fortunate due to the high percent of the HESI. From what I hear other nursing colleges don’t do this each semester.
TCCNHS is an amazing school for people of any age. The teachers are there for you and your learning no matter what. They will stay with you late, or even come in on their days off to help you better understand a topic. The school is small and quaint which makes it more friendly and welcoming. Everyone is guaranteed a clinical spot, which results in less stress! The Christ Hospital is right next door, and is used for clinical rotations all throughout the program. I love this school and what it entails.
At Christ College, there is not a thing I would change. I picked this school because it is small. I like how my professors can get to know me and can call me by my name in the hall ways. I enjoy the environment were in because everyone is calm and ready to learn. The resources are unlimited ranging from tutoring to self counseling.
At Christ I love the fact that our classes aren't as big and the professors can get to know u personally. The only thing I would change is to have more class time then having to meet up once a week for three hrs.
Im so happy everything is great
I want to work while pursuing my BA at Christ Hospital. I want to learn everything I can.
They focus on what I need to learn where as a large university would make me take classes I don't need.
I love the small class sizes. I come from a small school so this helps a lot.
Online classes are great if you need to work a lot during one semester, otherwise I would personality not recommend them. Having classmates and a professor in person to help you out, is always the best way to learn.
Christ College can only give you an Associate's Degree or Bachelor's Degree. You must go elsewhere to further your degree.
I absolutely love how small the class sizes are, there are no more than thirty students to each professor. Making a connection with each professor is very important because they can help you with studies, but most importantly they can give you recommendations for jobs, scholarships, internships, etc. Having a smaller class size also helps you to get to know the students a lot faster and better. You never know, you might run into one of your classmates one day and they might be able to help you out in someway. Always a good idea to make friends!
During your entire four years at Christ College they are helping you find a job in the medical field, I don't know of another college that does that! They make you feel like they truly care about you, making sure that this is the field of study you want to pursue. Christ College is consistently have job fairs, so no need to worry about getting a job. Christ College has an entire field of staff working on helping students with resumes, interview questions, and a lot more. I feel like I'm going to come out of Christ College with the best resume!
Christ College of Nursing has the most wonderful professors and staff that always make themselves approachable. Our professors are absolute experts in the field of nursing because they have actually been in the field, instead of teaching being their desks their whole career. Knowing that the person teaching me has been in the exact same shoes as me, makes me admire them and want to work harder. The atmosphere at Christ College makes you want to learn more. Having classmates and staff encourage you consistently that you can get through this, is the best part of the college....having that amazing support gets my through achieving one of the hardest degrees.
I have had a lot going on this year and all of the professors are understanding and want to help you.
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If you have any questions, all you have to do is email your professor and you usually get a response within 24 hours.
They will help you find a job at a hospital. It is connected to Christ so you get your foot in the door very easily.
I really enjoy the small class sizes. It is easier to ask questions and if you need help the professors will know you on a personal level.
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