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The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences Reviews

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The Christ college is an amazing college. The professors, staff, and students make you feel at home and it is a very fun and educational college. There is a lot of things you can learn there to better educate yourself to be a nurse. There is nothing I would change about the college.
It is a direct admit which means that you are guaranteed a clinical spot once you’re accepted. This makes students more willing to help students as well as easier to find friends. Everyone there is focused on getting their degree and have the same determination.
Overall this is a great program and great school to go to Id you're a nursing major. I transferred from NKU and this was the best choice I could have made. They keep you to high standards as they should due to this also being in a Hopsital. There are so many opportunities given to each student being that there are no housing/dorms, athletics, and clubs. They allow you to follow nurses, intern, and also have plenty of ambassador opportunities as well to go to different schools and talk to students as to why this is a great school. If I could have started over I would have began at TCCNHS.
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I like the hands on experience that we get and how small the classes can be. I feel like they could do a better job at listening to their students. They could also do a better job at teaching, meaning every class should learn the same stuff and get the same amount of information out of the lesson being taught.
The professors at Christ are genuinely here to help us and they show it in not only their lectures but the advice they offer outside of class. The professors are more often than not actual nurses that know the field and use their real-life experiences to help their students gain insight on the nursing career. The classes are made to be interesting which makes me want to attend class each day and coming from me that is a hard thing to do. Overall, Christ has taught me many valuable lessons that I plan to incorporate in my daily life and my life as a nurse.
It is only my first year at the Christ College but it has already taught me so much. I wouldn't trade my decision for the world. The price may bee high but the outcome is worth it.
TCCNHS has been very helpful to me coming in as a transfer student. When you believe that something did not transfer right they will look it over and get back with you in a timely manner. All of the stuff are very friendly and with being a smaller school you can tell that they want to be more personable with each of their students. I love the class sizes because it allows for more time for questions and you do not feel pressured that you can not do something because of the overwhelming amount of people.
When I walked into TCCNHS meet and greet I fell in love! I have never seen so many positive people in one place. I just knew I was in the right place. The tour wasn’t rushed everything was broke down all questions were answered. Everyone was so polite nice and upbeat. I thought the passport idea was amazing, any name or number you need was placed in the passport. I’m excited to start in the fall…Bonita T! !
I like the one on one experience with the faculty member but I would like their bachelor program to be more passing friendly such as a pass grade as 74% instead of 78%
I loved how the school was small and seemed personal. I also loved how close it was to the vast number of medical campuses in Cincinnati.
I was accepted and I made my first visit and I love it! The atmosphere feels great and I feel I could be and do my best here. I love the smaller size and how there is no competition. I feel supported already and I haven't even started!
I will be starting at The Christ College of Nursing in the fall and I cannot wait! When I went to the Meet n Greet everyone was so nice and helpful!
-Sarah Schwing
This is my second college experience. I previously attended a popular university for my first bachelors degree. The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences so far has surpassed my previous college experience. The staff here are so incredibly helpful, the college is very organized, and I truly feel set up for success here. If I ever have a question it is answered promptly and so many of the staff members have bent over backwards to be helpful during my transition into their ABSN program. I am truly pleased with them so far and am glad I chose this college!
I transferred to The Christ College of Nursing in fall of 2017. I cannot even touch on how grateful I am to be given such an amazing opportunity. The professors are great, they are helpful and there whenever needed. I have made so many amazing friends just in the past year and a half. I am one to utilize study tools and there are so many options at this college. You can make appointments with professors and tutors for just about any subject.
Better parking. Different and affordable lunch options. More space to store lunches. Better transitions and more hands on opportunities. Better explain why somethings are the way they are like schedules. Be more accommodating for the non traditional student.
What I like about this school is that it is a small school. Interactions between professors and students will most likely be manageable and easy compared to big schools. I also like how small the class sizes were because I get anxious easily whenever I see a huge group of people.
I have recently enrolled and was accepted into the Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences Healthcare Administration Program. The option for online classes was a definate blessing for my demanding schedule. I was so nervous about this new journey in my life and all the ins and outs of enrollment. My advisors with the Christ College has made this transition easy and seemless for me. I felt at ease and at home at my orientation. and look forward to completing my degree with the Christ College!!
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I've recently graduated from The Christ College in December 2017 with my ADN. The staff is AMAZING. Due to my excellent experience at the college I returned in the Spring of 2018 to continue my BSN.
I am currently enrolled in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and love it! The professors are all very approachable and want you to succeed. Some of the prerequisites can be done online as well.
I have just enrolled at the Christ College of Nursing for fall, and have been blown away by how helpful everyone has been. The staff has gone beyond my expectations with helping me determine my academic schedule and financial options (the financial aid office has been particularly wonderful and supportive). The campus itself is small and well organized; they have provided all the necessities a student would need to succeed. The staff and students are all welcoming and encouraging, and I am thrilled to be joining their community!
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