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I transferred to The Christ College of Nursing in fall of 2017. I cannot even touch on how grateful I am to be given such an amazing opportunity. The professors are great, they are helpful and there whenever needed. I have made so many amazing friends just in the past year and a half. I am one to utilize study tools and there are so many options at this college. You can make appointments with professors and tutors for just about any subject.
Better parking. Different and affordable lunch options. More space to store lunches. Better transitions and more hands on opportunities. Better explain why somethings are the way they are like schedules. Be more accommodating for the non traditional student.
What I like about this school is that it is a small school. Interactions between professors and students will most likely be manageable and easy compared to big schools. I also like how small the class sizes were because I get anxious easily whenever I see a huge group of people.
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I have recently enrolled and was accepted into the Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences Healthcare Administration Program. The option for online classes was a definate blessing for my demanding schedule. I was so nervous about this new journey in my life and all the ins and outs of enrollment. My advisors with the Christ College has made this transition easy and seemless for me. I felt at ease and at home at my orientation. and look forward to completing my degree with the Christ College!!
I've recently graduated from The Christ College in December 2017 with my ADN. The staff is AMAZING. Due to my excellent experience at the college I returned in the Spring of 2018 to continue my BSN.
I am currently enrolled in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and love it! The professors are all very approachable and want you to succeed. Some of the prerequisites can be done online as well.
I have just enrolled at the Christ College of Nursing for fall, and have been blown away by how helpful everyone has been. The staff has gone beyond my expectations with helping me determine my academic schedule and financial options (the financial aid office has been particularly wonderful and supportive). The campus itself is small and well organized; they have provided all the necessities a student would need to succeed. The staff and students are all welcoming and encouraging, and I am thrilled to be joining their community!
Christ college of Nursing was my daughters (Mariah Banion)first choice, she is happy to be attending there and has her schedule ready for the fall. It has been a very informational experience thus far!
I was accepted into the christ BSN program and will begin classes in the fall. I have already scheduled my classes for the upcoming semester. I was nervous going to orientation but the staff and administrators had it organized so well there was no way I could have gotten lost or confused. Everyone I encounter there is always helpful and kind, even the students! I look forward to starting in the fall!
I am an upcoming student for TCCNHS and I have been on a tour two times in the past few months and I find new things to love every time. I love how centered around nursing the school is and all of the history that the people and the building has to tell. I am so beyond excited to be going to this school because I know that with such a strong center around nursing and the health field that my education will be top notch just like everyone else that has went there.
The Christ College of nursing would benefit from being more hands on. As a nursing student I didn’t get the hands on that I wanted. Especially because we have all these great resources like the robots and other things that were only used about once a semester. Other than that it is a good but challenging school.
Everyone at Christ has been super helpful and willing to help me with anything I needed assistance with such as the application and admittance processes. It is easy to get in contact with the people you need. I cannot wait to start my journey to becoming a nurse this fall!
The staff at TCCNHS have all been so patient with my questions and concerns so far and my experience has been awesome! I start in the fall, and I couldn't be more excited.
I will be entering my first year at TCCNHS and I absolutely cannot wait. The staff and the people are all amazing. Even just going to my registration day and the Mix and Mingles they offer have really helped me tog et to know some of the people and the staff. Everyone at TCCNHS have really been so supportive of me and my goal. They have helped me with all of my silly questions and concerns. They really have made my dream of becoming a nurse a reality.
My experience with TCCNS have been nothing short of excellent. I begin my courses in the fall and I'm already looking forward to graduation day. The staff have already been so kind and helpful. You don't have to wait days for your questions to be answered, and each individual that I've needed to assist me with completing enrollment have been available and ready to help. I know I can be successful here and I plan to put forth my best effort.
As a recent graduate and currently enrolled student I have to say that this school is one of the best. The class sizes are small and clinical sites are gaureente. The professors are very helpful and do everything possible to help you succeed.
The Christ College of Nursing provides the environment, resources, and people to help you succeed. The college expresses the importance of inclusiveness. There is no need to compare the program to others because this one is exceptional.
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The college has many resources dedicated to the success of students and the clinical faculty are amazing.
Great environment! Gives students the confidence to become great nurses and supports alumni. The college is right next to the hospital making transition easy. The staff and students are all welcoming and encourage participation.
I have always had my heart set on attending The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences and my hard work has paid off! I get to become a nurse through my dream school! Thank you Lord!
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