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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology - Los Angeles Reviews

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I recently joined this program and have attended two semesters. This is a terrible program. Instructors do not show up and when they do they add no value to the lecture or weekly readings and assignments. Truly dissatisfied.
Im really excited to start here at the school. I have heard a lot of great things and the faculty are really great in staying connected to you.
Rules for students andANARCHY for teachers. NEVER get back to you or give feedback on hw, dont' teach, and you make PPTs for 5 yrs, so that you use the class time, and teachers don't work. Force you to complete dissertation with their timing, but don't explain rules, just enforce. if you don't complete it CANNOT leave for internship! 180,000$ spent, and limited # of pages you can print. cost per credit (1400$) to meet 3 times, rest is online!busy work, no teaching, learning, or reading!waiting for diploma after 1 yr, no reply. GPA of 4, and never on Honor Roll, only 1 lunch with dean. took GRE x3 to get scholarship, and:"we no longer offer it". Ethical violations, (students PRESENT IN CLASS own genogram, with family substance abuse, mental illness, etc.( MANDATORY )
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I'm a full-time online student and have had a wonderful experience thus far. The instructors are accessible and facilitate in a way that encourages active involvement. The assignments are diverse and clearly presented on discussion boards. I must warn, online participation can be rigorous, requires discipline, and strong writing and organizational skills.
My career goal is to be a psychologist in private practice.
We have practicum and internship. The practicum is unpaid (mandatory) but there are a variety of opportunities. The internship process is competitive but there is the opportunity to find paid positions.
This is a new school but it is making progress rapidly. I wish student involvement was more encouraged and that the various programs interacted more with each other.
There is not really a student center. The library is small. There are no green spaces. Campus events are not popularly attended. We hangout at restaurants nearby instead of on campus.
No one uses drugs at school here. This is a professional atmosphere.
The only housing here is off-campus. Living downtown is convenient and there are some reasonably priced (for LA) nice apartment complexes.
The school is in downtown LA which is just starting to get a revival in culture and nightlife. There are some great restaurants around but you have to find them. There are also a number of contemporary art museums nearby that are great to go to, such as the MOCA Geffen. Little Tokyo is also nearby and fun to go to.
The school advocates the integration of diversity in the issues we address in class and in practice, however, the student body could be more diverse.
It's SoCal so it has been sunny warm days for the majority of the time I've been here.
The school is great and is inside of a historic Los Angeles building. Its nice and modern and there are guards always one duty in the main lobby. There is a lot of traffic on the main street right outside the building, so there are always people around and I never feel unsafe. Especially with the financial district just two blocks down, the people around this area are mostly of the professional kind.
Due to the fact that is it right in downtown Los Angeles there is a lot of diversity with Korea town a few metro stops away, and lots of other variety just a few blocks away. There is always new food to try, new restaurants to discover, and new food trucks to follow. The food is great, sometimes the cost is not so great, but there definitely is something for everyone even if you are on a budget.
As it is graduate school, the students all carry themselves in a very professional manner and represent the school very well. Everyone is friendly and professional.
Online and on campus classes (15 week semester - 5 on campus classes)
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Hybrid classes - campus as well as online weekend classes
Somewhat helpful no scholarships for graduate student
Its a great program and the only on on the west coast that fits my needs.
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