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All of the classes are online (it's an online program). If you're a self-motivated student it can be good because there's ample freedoms and no actual classes to attend, except an occasional virtual meeting but that doesn't even happen in every class and when it does it can range from 1 meeting the whole term to 4. Oh also the classes are accelerated. We don't do semesters we do 2 terms each semester. So all of the work students do in a 15 week semester, we do in 7 weeks. I did not have a problem with any of that, I have really great grades. However, many of the class designs are terrible and have lots of problems. The classes are not designed by any individual professors. The professors just work off their generic syllabus and don't always understand the ins and outs of assignments.
RUN!!! I do not recommend this program to any prospective graduate students for Clinical Mental Health Counseling in their Online Program. There are a million and one problems with the classes, billing, IT, financial aid, etc. Yes it's flexible but it's also a freaking unorganized nightmare. Don't do it! Maybe their other programs are ok but not their CMHC online grad program. Although since there's problems with business portions of billing, IT, and financial aid I have my doubts.
Online classes are frequently lacking clear instructions and missing resourced. The professors won't clarify instructions. The professors ask for understanding without extend the same ti students.
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Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a program for white anglo-saxon Protestant women only. If you are a black female, male, LGBTQ, are disabled you will at minimum have a difficult time and will be likely harassed and repeatedly refered to a disciplinary committee.. 5This school also saves every single piece of paper you ever give them, then you will see the reflection paper again when you are referred to the disciplinary hearing. They also will wait until near the end of your degree when you are past the point you can transfer so they get your money. This school sweeps race discrimination, disability discrimination, and sexual harassment claims under the rug. The school's general counsel can't understand claims and will keep asking for clarification even when the claims are extensively documented, so that the claims can be left at an intake stage, never invesigated, and ignore the claims.
This place is horrible (the DC campus). The school doesn't care about students or education, they only care about making money. The school has sent students to collections. The school operates based on a money-making business model. Some professors are excellent but because leadership is awful, the professors aren't able to help students. Staff turnover rate is high. Going here has been one of the worst decisions I ever made.
The professors have been very supportive and helping to cultivate my learning experience. The professors care for you beyond your educational experience but as a human being. I remember I was having some personal challenges and the professors provided support for me and allowed me to adjust my assignments to lower my stress. This is my first year at the Chicago School and so far it has been a great experience.
My advisor my super nice I didn't even have to go in the school to enroll, she helped throughout the whole process and she has been my go to person in any questions I might have, the payment process was easy as well, I can choose my classes and not worry about anything
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is a great place to obtain your degree in higher education!
I love my experience at The Chicago School of Profesional Psychology. Great teaching stuff. I have the ability to take classes online which works perfectly with my full-time job. I am also applying to their grad school. This is definitely the best school for a psychology degree.
I love the instructor is supportive when you need help with you work. I love this school. Th instructors will help in any way they and they will email quick and one thing I like about this school. I would recommend this school to anyone.
I am an incoming student who is very impressed so far every one is professional and helpful, the campus is functional and somewhat nice. The academics seem top notch and everything about managing being in the school has been intuitive.
Everyone you will speak to throughout application process, and thereafter are not only very nice but extremely helpful and will regularly check on you or update you on any necessary and relevant information to you and your college experience.
Amazing people to study with! Professors who have real life experience in the field they are teaching and are great at teaching. They require internships throughout your studies so you do get real world experience. They will help you get these internships.
All administrative support employees respond fast, issues resolved quickly. Expensive. Hard to get in touch with professors over the phone.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at this school. The professors were very caring and genuinely wanted each student to succeed.
This is my first experience with TCSPP but so far so good. The staff I have dealt with have been wonderful and easy to reach via phone or email.
I loved the faculty and learned a lot for my field. I was able to use my skills to build a career working with children on the autism spectrum. I would like to continue to learn more about the latest research.
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The application and interview process with TCS was clear, friendly, and swift. The faculty was informative, although not extremely available. The location of the school is very dynamic, in the heart of Chicago. TSC provides many opportunities to engage in the community and affect the world in a positive way.
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is an excellent College! The professors are the best and brightest and their program is challenging and informative. I love the professor input and general congeniality of everyone at the College. I am an online/blended graduate student and I would not trade all that I have learned at TCS for anything. In my opinion, it is a top notch college.
I am thrilled with the PhD program at TCSPP! The program is unique, cutting edge and allows me to expand career opportunities moving forward. I am an online student which enables me to continue working whilst earning my degree. Definitely worth checking out!
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