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915 North Black Canyon Hwy
Phoenix, AZ 85029

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The students at Bryman are very outgoing and friendly. They are always there to help other's. The teacher's are very smart and they don't teach you like a child, they get on the same level as you. There are many different nationalities that attend Bryman and some language barriers but we all help one another. I think the main challenge is to read and write English if you don't know how to speak or write then it is difficult.
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Some of the unique trades about my school are that the classes we take are constructed by actual doctors, we have alot of hands on activities and when we graduate we get a certificate of "Guarentee" stating that if the job that we are placed into does not think we are fully trained enough that the school will retrain up up to the standerds of the employer. I am in the dental assistance program and I love all the hands on activities we get to use to utalize our eduation. I am maintaing my A+ with studying my work, passing all my tests, great communication skills and always asking questions to get the most out of my education.
  • July 15 2013
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My externship was from hell. I will not mention the company, I did it at, but after completing my externship I never ever want to work in the medical field again. I feel my medical associate degree is worthless, and I haven't accomplished a damn thing.