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I have acquired a solid and dependable education from professors who are gracious, helpful and understanding. I have learned course knowledge, as well as gaining life experience.
I enjoy The Baptist College of Florida so much! But what really draws me to be here, is the fact that it's not a huge college. It's a small, chill environment, and a place where I can actually get to know everyone. Attending a small college is not a bad thing! The staff and students here are wonderful! I can honestly say I'm blessed to be at BCF and would not rather graduate from any other college.
I loved The Baptist College of Florida. The professors all really care about the students and the small school environment really allows students to become family.
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The Baptist College of Florida is a college that has an amazing President, Dr. Kinchen. He is wonderful, and knows the names of nearly every student on campus. He is a wonderful example of how a Godly leader should be. The professors are also amazing. They share so much insight and give wisdoms that transfer beyond the classroom. There a limited activities offered on campus, and the college sits in a dead town, so expect to drive thirty minutes to buy anything. The students are hit or miss. A lot of the students are very cliquey and mean, but I'm sure it's that way at every college. Most students are very nice and friendly. The number one thing I love about BCF is that I met my fiancé there. They don't say "Ring by Spring" for nothing!
The Baptist college of Florida is an amazing school! Everyone wants to see you succeed and the experience of attending BCF is so great because it is like a big family.
I do feel very safe on campus. Recently though, there have been several car break-ins.
I have not had the best experience living on campus. I like to study in my room and go to sleep at 11:30 or so...but when people are running down the hallway screaming and slamming doors, it is hard. Plus, my RD is not the best.
We do not have Greek life - thank the Lord!!
Our athletic program at school is pretty bad. But...none of us came here to play sport, we came here for the ministry. Plus, there are several intramural sports offered.
My overall experience at school so far has been great. The teachers are wonderful and I love the small town feeling.
This isn't the time or place to get into an argument on the meaning of diversity. What the Bible speaks clearly on as far as moral standards before God leave every one of us as sinners without hope. But, there good news is that Jesus Christ pays the penalty for sin and it is up to us to listen to and abide by His Word. If a student is a different race, that is not a sin, they were created by God and are made in His image. You won't find a problem at BCF. If you are from a low economic background, join the club. But those who are of a better economic standing do not belittle others. In fact, they see their economic position as an opportunity to bless others. If you have specific political beliefs, you will find someone from each political party here. There are more republicans/conservatives. In order to get into BCF, one must profess Christ as their savior, and so there aren't other religions that are found on campus. But one thing does hold true about BCF, if you walk onto campus and believe differently than we do, we aren't going to spew hate at you. It is our belief that salvation is available to all who believe on the name of Jesus. Our job is to simply show the love of Christ to everyone.
Drugs are not tolerated. Students found with drugs are either dismissed from the school or placed on probation and sent to rehab.
Our professors are top of the line. The courses offered address the degree programs effectively. Classroom sizes may reach 60 or more in a room during your freshman and sophomore year. After that, upper-level courses rarely get above 20 students in a room. By the time of graduation, I was fully prepared to move forward in my degree field. I have attained a job working in that field and am now pursuing a Master of Arts at BCF to increase the effectiveness of my resume.
Whether a student is working toward a BA in music, psychology, education, ministry or business, there are a great number of internships available while a student at BCF. Do those internships take work? Yes. Are employers begging the school to send every student available? Only the church staff positions. Even with this fact, many students will never provide their resume to BCF. In our Education department, I have seen one alumnus after another get jobs within a public or private school system. Because our Teacher Education Program is State Approved, students now have an even easier time finding a job because they can teach out of state right away. Our psychology students are placed within an internship program before they graduate and are expected to write a paper based on that program. Our business students have gone into corporate fields, worked for non-profits, and many continue their schooling in fields such as law.
We were recently rated as the third safest college in Florida. When walking around campus or around town, there is a very high sense of safety within the newer management of the Graceville Police Department. Our Campus Safety Office patrols the campus but must call on the Graceville Police during an issue. Campus Safety ensures that doors are locked and that there are no shady characters or cars on campus.
What do you expect in a college dorm? I've stayed in a few selections of them across the United States for various reasons and they are not supposed to be a hotel. Your dorm is what you make of it. It can either become home because you have decided it is where you want to stay, or it can be an utter disappointment because it isn't where you want to be. For the price paid on the dorms, weekday meals are paid for. There isn't an immediate access to a stove and the rules do not allow for open heat sources. However, I get that. BCF doesn't want to pay the price for some brainless student to leave a hot plate on and burn down the building. If you find yourself in the need to grill, there are two charcoal grill stations next to Lake Albert. If you have been subscribed to Pinterest for very long, you know all of the meals that can be made in a microwave. The students, faculty and staff create a family atmosphere. Accept that you will be accepted or make the choice to hold up in your dorm. The Campus Housing experience is yours to make.
When I first applied and attending in 2009, I had never heard of BCF. Now, I couldn't imagine how it was kept so quite within the Christian communities of Florida. I highly recommend this institution to any student desiring to receive a college education that places the highest priority on the Word of God. Sure, there are times when BCF will not meet certain desires or expectations, but when it comes to academic training of Christian leaders, this school can not be beat. As far as I am concerned, that is the job of BCF and they do it to the highest level...everything else is just a bonus.
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Considering the amount of funding that goes into our athletic program, as well as the belief of the institution that academics should come first, the quality of the athletic facilities is expected. These facilities aren't designed to attract athletic stars because there are no scholarships or varsity teams. We have a simple intramural program that provides students with the opportunity to participate. We have a gymnasium that allows for indoor basketball, volleyball and racquetball. In the gym there is a walking track, weight room, pool table and ping-pong table. Students can compete in fencing classes as well as a chance for female students to take part in a zumba-type dance class. As far as students that enjoy running or biking, our remote location offers students the ability to run or bike within a safe community.
I would choose it. The faculty and staff really want to see you succeed and the will go above and beyond to help you learn the material.
So far, my college experience has been great! BCF is a unique place to be and I am grateful for the privilege of being a student here. At BCF, your professors do not merely teach the required material because it is their job; the professors go above and beyond to make sure that you are receiving the highest quality of education possible because they truly care for each individual student. The faculty here puts God first in educating young Christians to "Change the world through the unchanging Word". That is why I love being a student here.
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