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My overall experience at their open house on April 22, 2017 was wonderful. The computer rooms were nice and I got a lot of information on the school and their programs. I also got a lot of information from a federal aid officer and they helped me fill out my FAFSA form which was very helpful.
The Art Institute of Washington is your average, for pro-fit college. You need to know that Design is going to be your major, before you spend money here. Overall, the experience has been positive.
Not all classes are available every quarter. This is usually because their are very few members in the faculty who teach multiple subjects. The faculty tries to manage your scheduale by sending recommendation of courses students should take. Students don't have to follow their recommendations, but it is highly encouraged. Registration and your advisor's course recommendations are given at halfway through the quarter. This should give students plenty of time to figure out their scheduale, but it is better to register earlier. If the class is full by the time you register, you would have to hope that it's available next quarter.

Unfortunately, even through your advisor's recommendations, the scheduale might end up very odd. For example, you could end up having to take one class early in the morning and another late at night during the same day. Or you have two full days of classes, but you get the rest of the week off. Or even having a 6 hour class being only availble late at night.

If you a class doesn't work for you and you prefer to be transferred to another class, the school allows you to switch during the first week without any reprucssions. However, it is very strict about attendence. If you miss a couple of days, they will fail you for the class unless you can get it appealed. Transferring credits are a hassle. Since most courses are unique to the school and doesn't off traditional courses as other colleges, those credits are not counted and just disappear even if you are transferring to another Art Institute. If you want to transfer to a traditional school, since quarters go by quickly, any course credit that can be transferred over will be halved.
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There's too little time each quarter to teach what's needed to be taught in order to do a project.
The school tries to bring people over during portfolio reviews so students can be familiar with people from the industry. Teachers try to teach studets. how to present your ideas and projects to employers. However, it would've benefitted more if people from the actual industry can come talk to the students rather than solely the teachers.
While it's natural that teachers have different expectations, there are still teachers that teach almost nothing and leave students to figure out how to do the projects themselves with little explanations. It is best to not take a quarter full of design classes as you would then have to be expected to make something new for each day. Instead, balance it out with have a general education class.
Everything goes by too quickly. Professors either take too long to explain a project which doesn't leave a lot of time to actually do it, or there are many projects given at a short amount of time that it may be hard to keep up. The teachers do try to help students frequently through critiques or on how to do something. However, the expectation of quality varies as some can give a project that was done very simple an A while either some might give it a C.

Students are usually friendly, but most of the time we don't get to know each other unless we meet in the student lounge. Instead, students are working in a confine space, usually in front of their computer with only their neighbors to help guide each other.

The building is way too small. While it's easy to get into classes, there's not a lot of places that students can hang around.
The man in charge of my field of study, Brian Tillman, is pretty lenient about changing classes for next quarter. So far, i haven't had too much trouble with it. My classes have been pretty flexible so far, but at the moment, I haven't had too much trouble with it.
I haven't truly taken advantage of the career services that Ai provides. At most, I have tried to get a work-study job, but I may have tried at a busy time, so I haven't heard back about it yet.
My program, Media Arts and Animation, is pretty difficult. The style of drawing that I'm used to isn't something that I can easily get out of, but I'm still trying. The workload isn't too much, but the amount of detail needed is what makes it difficult, because you need to make sure that it's worthwhile compositions, otherwise you've wasted your time, at least in my opinion.
Honestly, the teachers there try to push students to improve. They try to help you improve your craft into something that you can use for your future. Sometimes, they even mention opportunities that have helped them or advice that can possibly help you. Sometimes it gets difficult, but it helps to know that it's difficult. If it weren't, then what would be the point, really? I feel like I've actually learned something there even though it's only been 6 months, and I can't wait to learn more.
very small library, student center isnt very helpful, not many campus activities or engagement with students. The campus id very small with narrow hallways jam packed with students sitting on floor and waiting for classes
HORRIBLE! thats all i can say.. Im so glad i left
This school isnt helpful with anything and its to expensive
My major at the art institute was Photographic imaging. Some of the classes where alright and some of the teachers where okay. The only teacher that i had which was an amazing teacher was let go. There isnt much space on campus, the people at the school only care about their paychecks
This school isnt very helpful with anything ranging from interships, job search, housing, financial aid the reason i left
Very accepting towards diversity
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Small class sizes that offer one on one time with professors in certain instances. Although, you will be made to take classes that have nothing to do with your major.
Internships are made available, it is a tough and demanding curriculum, but well worth it.
Personally I don't pay tuition, but it seems pricey for what it is. I haven't received financial aid, and was told to return later to see about it.
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