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The Art Institute of Tennessee - Nashville, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta Reviews

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I enjoyed my general classes more than my art classes. My art classes were way too long and tiring. I wanted to feel motivated not forced. The environment is kinda disappointing and needs more pop of color. I like the staff they were really nice. Teachers give you full attention if you don't understand something or critiques. Never really received all my supplies and a little too expensive. Overall the school is okay. I fell like I was feeling forced to memorize and pressured due to classes being quarters than actually learning. If I had to go back to this school it would only be for a accociates degree. I wouldn't come back to this school.
They are very flexible they know you have a life outside of that school.
All I can say is its amazing love teachers.
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They have real animators from big companies cone in to see your work to try and get you a job.
They have me doing exactly what want to do and preparing me for my future job. They have a lot home work but I understand why BC if wanna b animator got b decated.
They push you to b ur best most of the teachers done it for them self so can explain.
I like it feeled with weirdos like me
The classes are relatively easy to schedule around work, but some are only offered at specific times of the year so it's hard to get all the classes you need near the end of your term.
The teachers are great but not worth the 100,000 i'm paying for tutorials. I would definitely recommend this school if the tuition was about half what it is, or if the faculty other than the teachers seemed to care.
The teachers are amazing and help a lot. The classes are good, although a few are just tutorials. The classes are almost always packed. The teachers try to adjust to the students' learning styles.
The only real reason to go to this school is to learn about the industry from the instructors. The classes themselves aren't that great and the degree won't really get you that far. It's mainly the work and knowing what you're doing. If you already know a lot about the subject the best thing to do would be talking to a student who already goes there or trying to get in contact with one of the instructors for critique.
It's pretty much high school all over again but with more people and with out the athletic types (no school athletic teams), but with few exceptions people are friendly, respectful, and fun.
The offices often don't communicate your options well and they seem to either make many errors or are just after as much money as possible. As an example the office tried to get someone with a GI bill to take out loans.
The teachers are amazing. They spend a lot of their free time helping students and give strong criticism without being discouraging. The workload varies from teacher to teacher but its not so much that you can't get it done. The curriculum is okay. There are a lot of classes that are simply tutorials for the programs we use and don't seem worth the money. The facilities for the Animation department are pretty good but the internship opportunities are nonexistent.
The teacher are great. They help a lot and are critical but nice. The curriculum is dumb sometimes. A few classes are just tutorials. Registration is easy if you go through a teacher or the department head, but the self registration website is often broken. Workload is easy and the special study options (when they are given) are great.
The facilities are good but are too small for the number of students in the school. The computer labs are almost always full. The scanners sometimes don't work. The student lounge is constantly overcrowded. The computers are not powerful enough to do too much and they often crash.However, the animation lab is well equipped with drawing tablets and has a few light tables.
we dont do very much t the school, everyone does their own thing for the most part
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the financial aid office was not straightforward with me, they did not breakdown my financial plan the way they was supposed to, which put me and alot of other people in a horrible financial position!
always have access to the computers and to print, never a problem
there isnt anything but a library and computer labs. and the library barely has good books, some good textbooks though
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