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The Art Institute of Tampa, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design Reviews

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I love the Art Institute of Tampa. My professors have a plethora of real world applications from producing television to free-lance graphic design work. There is a large cage of equipment that is always open for rental and there is such an amazing atmosphere of fun and creativity.
I Enjoyed My trip to the art institute of Tampa. I had amazing help from the administrator, and other staff. As well as an insightful open house to what to expect when I begin in October.
i havent started yet but the teachers expect 110 percent from their students and no less
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i havent started at the school yet but from what ive seen so far its a fantastic school with teachers there trying to get you prepared for your carreer and most if not all are still working in the field they teach
My experience has been great. I love the area and the scenery of the school is amazing. Theres never a boring day at school. Flexibility is a slight problem even though they have a wide variety of class times it makes it hard if you aren't used to your class schedule. it always changes between courses. besides filling out the extensive paper work that is the only other frustration this school can create.
The school website crashes at random. So it makes it very hard to submit assignments. The work load is pretty heavy but plenty of time is given to complete your assignments. The teachers are pretty understanding and have really good relationships with their students. They treat the students problems as if they were problems of their own. Peer to peer relationships are just about the same as teacher to student, we all help each other when needed. sticking together gets the job done. its pretty easy to register for classes walk in and walk out process.
As I stated before AI helps alumni find work upon graduation of the school. They are very credited and have a lot of influence in networking.
Degree wise this school has a lot of influence in the career I choose. AI is a very well credited school. they have so many branches that lead to very wealthy and promising futures. upon graduation from AI they help you exclusively In finding work immediately.
Every teacher, professor, and instructor here is dedicated to your success, they set up hours for Q&A, and tutoring. Courses last 11 weeks. Each course goes pretty smoothly, class sizes range anywhere from 5-30 students young and old. The classes I attend are either lecture (classroom) or Cooking (kitchen). I attend cooking classes twice a week and I have two lecture classes each week. my lecture classes last about 5 hours on schedule. All my cooking classes last about 4 hours.
I am attending AI to achieve my Bachelors in Culinary Management. The work load is pretty heavy, for instance we have a lot of project to complete, most projects either take up to about two weeks In duration or may even last throughout the entire course. Home work is minimal, there is a lot of research and reading. Math plays a big role in line of work. This is because I constantly have to cost out recipes, and requisition sheets. This all may seem like a lot but it is very necessary if I plan to take my career to the next level.
I've been having a blast attending the Art Institute. I have learned so many new things. Some of the criteria I have acquired has become to seem irrelevant to my degree, but any new knowledge is great knowledge. I look forward to closing out my term and graduating from The Art Institute next year.
The school is great the people are great and i enjoy going to school everyday
Online courses aren't hard and you have teacher that contact you personally to make sure you're doing okay in the class
Post grads all became succesfull with their degrees
The classes are small enough for everyone to learn at their own pace with professors that are patient enough to work with you
Alumni always have a great and positive things to say and have all been very succesfull after graduation
All of my teachers help with future jobs and internships. They work hard to make sure we all have a great career and bright future
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I love my school and everyone in it. Hands on classes are great and all my teachers work with me at my pace.
Challenging, but helpful for real world experience.
Focus is on educating students for the jobs once graduated.
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