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The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, a campus of South University Reviews

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It seems like a very creative and artistic school that is perfect for people who want to live a creative life.
Beautiful campus and fairly helpful staff but VERY high tuition. Also financial aid won't cover housing costs so if you need housing make sure to have an extra 2,400 ish dollars per quarter.
watch out they will take your money
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I can only speak from a military veteran stand point. I am attending this school using veterans assistance and they have literally stolen money from me. I tried to enroll in early April and due to them not being able to get my High School transcripts I received an email from the school informing me that I had not been accepted and would have reapply, I complied and began classes May 12th. Now I am getting mail from the VA saying that I am in debt with them 8 grand because the school reported that I had enrolled and never showed up for classes and did not terminate my classes. I have no idea how I was supposed to terminate classes if I was supposedly not enrolled so my VA paper work should have never even been processed for that particular semester. I spoke with finaid and was told that the VA had been refunded and that I should not owe any money only to find out months later that the VA never received a refund from AIRD and I am in debt. The teachers are awesome and so are the class but I am completely over them and looking to transfer due to their Student Advisory Staff and Finaid staff. Not to mention both my student and finaid advisors are no longer working for the school. So they came in messed some stuff up and left and now they'll either fix the problem or I'll have to file a lawsuit.
Even though the classes are online, the teacher communicates with you as if you are in a real life setting
They do not offer any post grad services
The professors are very understanding and very hands on
Prior to graduation, the school itself help you apply to jobs that is within your major
The Fashion program allows you to learn designing and also marketing at the same time so the work load is a bit much but it's all worth it at the end.
This specific college gets you to where you want to be before hand.

Before you graduate, you get hands on experience with whatever major such as fashion . You will conduct your very own fashion show with real appearances with fashion marketers and designers.
You get hands-on experience in the classroom.
I took a college tour around my school and it looked amazing with top of the line technology
My rating says it all: It's the best. If you get all your paperwork in order, applying and starting classes is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
The student affairs center is great and they help me find a job .
The teachers at the college.
I love the Digital Photography program they offer.
This school is not flexible with the courses due to not having enough teachers to teach and or space to teach them or enough students to participate.
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The teachers are really great. It's the administration and the contract aid resources and financial services really need improvement. Due to their lack of understanding is now making my ability to pay for college more then just a hardship but unbearably frightening.
The professors are probably the only good thing going for this school.
From what I understand the graduation classes are very low and I have yet to learn of gainful employment success.
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