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at first they did not want to transfer all my science credits and i had to fight for them
Haven't had much experience with these guys yet, it seems they try and help the students, but ultimately it is up to the student to get the job/ do well in interviews/ etc.
They could have more flexibility in crossover courses, taking courses not directly related to your major but helpful in the long run.
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I don't have much personal experience with this, I don't hear of too many recruiters coming to the campus or hear a lot about our alumni.....
There aren't many internships available in the immediate area that I am aware of, but the instructors are awesome and overall its pretty good.
This school is great for people wanting to start learning about art/ design (i.e. the people who don't already have a portfolio to get into other art schools.) Yes there are better schools, but things are what you make of them and if you have enough drive to accomplish something it is possible to do it here.
The school is small but all of the teachers have a lot of experience in their field or are still in their field so you know their knowledge comes from a reliable source; from a person who has been through the dirt of the process.
the school offers a lot of peer support. it has many resources if you are in need or want of anything you aren't capable of getting yourself
its pretty good. You should have a "good" option.
student affairs office is terrible. but the teachers are nice
I heard this school is very good at setting students up with internships!
I haven't had one yet. But the people i know who have had one, haven't liked it as much as the hands on learning experience.
This school has many international students! Other than that, its Oregon.. so Caucasians are the majority as usual.
I just think this school is way too expensive. I'm only 19, and i already have 86 grand in debt waiting for me when i finish. They should have more scholarship opportunities; that will make a substantial change in tuition.
To what Ai has very good connections; and will help you find a job within 8 months. Which makes me feel less overwhelmed
Some classes are only available every other term, which is the only downside I've seen so far.
We don't have an athletic center, that's probably because its an Art school; but i feel like everyone would enjoy that. I keep hearing that my school (this location) is going bankrupt which sucks, because the teachers here are great. Every class I've taken has been with an experienced individual who has been in the actual industry.
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Classes can be scheduled around your personal schedule, but other times they can't. I asked for no night classes due to where I live and having to take public transportation (in a not very safe city once it's dark) and was signed up for all night classes. Instead of suggesting that I spread out my general and project based classes, my adviser originally told me to get all the general classes out of the way--leaving me with a final year and a half of all project based classes which will end up as an impossible work load.
The school convinced me that I would be going somewhere that had everything I need to get the degree that I want. Classes are rarely offered when I need them, the prices (for classes, supplies, housing) are through the roof. Graduation rates are dropping because students are leaving the school all the time based on it's lack of classes and high prices. I would have chosen a real college instead of a trade school that just wants my money.
It depends. I love my major and I'm glad I picked it, but I don't like the school and wish I had chosen a different college to go to. AI is more of a trade school that focuses on the basics and brushes over topics that you could spend weeks talking about. The structure of the classes (3-4 hours once a week) doesn't adequately cover anything, and could work so much better if classes were actually offered when you needed them. AI is a diploma factory, they want you busting through your classes and taking as many as possible so you can graduate as soon as possible. They make it financially impossible to take a term off.
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