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My overall experience with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is the school is awesome but the housing is terrible.
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is a good college to attend if you are looking for something small and straight-forward. There is not much here besides going to class, but the academics are good.
It is an awful school. They cheat you out of your money and can't even hire decent teachers. Would have never gone if I knew how bad it was.
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Excellent instructors. Tutoring available when needed. Good class structure. Your pace and the time for the assignments. Flexible and able to challenge classes. Learned a lot in a short period of time.
Being that I have to work in order to pay for school, this online option was the most ideal. I can do my work during my breaks, before and after work.
The biggest difference is time management. You aren't in a classroom. You are completely responsible for the time and the effort you put in to each class. Scheduling time with your classmates is hard, but you have to do it.
Career Services is pretty accessible by phone or email.
The course work is really straight forward. The rule of thumb is to be prepared and be on time.
I can not say how hard or easy it is to get a job/internship with this program because I have not reached that section of my program just yet.
I would like it better if there was more personal and original art involved.
This school is challenging but great if you have a complicated schedule
This is the only school that be in New York Fashion week
It's being easy and going very well so far
It's great so far. Just make sure when you're attached a file to be submitted take a screenshot or picture of it to have proof you did submit it. It'll be considered late otherwise
This is a program to help you in your design program of choice.
I'm like the online classes because it's easy for me to get my work done early and have more time with my mom and friends.
Other than a few classes that aggravated me, i enjoyed it.
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Classes are fast track, meaning 5 and a half weeks per class. can a times overload if taking more than one class but otherwise still manageable.
Havent come across this yet.
The classes are great, if you know what to look for,everything is provided that you would need. Professors often will include videos or links to help with assignments as well.
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