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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division Reviews

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The experience I am receiving is wonder. The Professors and students are both very friendly. The Professors do work closely with us students.
Excellent professors and awesome way to study from other city. The online classes are amazing and everything is easy to acess as well professor are able to help.
I love it! I appreciate the convenience of a fully online program that allows me to manage my own time as someone who also works full time.
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Admissions and financial was easy. No parking issues, schedule flexibility, enjoyable subjects. They will always come up with a reason why you owe more money (even after graduating). Without the official transcript, the degree means nothing. Some professors really knew their stuff and were helpful. Others shouldn't be teaching, let alone these subjects.
The teachers are helpful and encouraging and the courses are wonderful. I love the flexibility and variety of the courses.
I love my classes, overall my professors have been great and there is an excellent source of student community for being an online program. The finance department is shady.
the lesson outlines are amazing. the site is user friendly. it is quite expensive, the advisers are a bit negligent. i was misled from the start about costs.
I am taking online classes for Interior design. The school is great! I am going to start possibly in May or June and I am very excited to get a head start on my career.
Of course some of these things are to each their own since it is an online school. I love the programs thought and the professors.
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division is a well-rounded school that focuses not only on academics but also the student in and out of school. The professors are great and are willing to help if you are willing to ask it.
My first year was fine and had fun. When 2017 started, the teachers failed me even if I told them I had computer problems and had family problems. They kick me out of school and making pay them back even if I told them for the 100th time that I was getting back in school.
I have not gone there yet, I am enrolled to go there and what I like about it is, that they offer fashion oriented courses online when no one else does. What I don't like about it is, that the tuition cost is $90,000 which is beyond most capabilities to obtain.
I just graduated from the Art Institute of Tucson with an Associates in Applied Science and also took the transfer grant that was offered through my school to continue my education and work towards a Bachelor's in Culinary management. I am on my second quarter of classes and am expected to graduate December 2018.
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division is so far amazing. The enrollment process is simple and the staff is always there to help whenever you need it. So far, the Instructor's are very knowledgeable.
I love the online division. The classes are nicely paced. They are from 12am-11:59pm so it it easier to get your work do with a job. The professors are easy to contact as well as other staff memebers.
Taking classes online was very convenient, but that's the only positive thing I have to say about The Art Institute. The courses were a joke. You can easily find a more affordable and higher quality education elsewhere.
I am loving this school so far. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time! From the teachers, to the finance counselors, and the academic counselors, they are all amazing!! I highly recommend this school as your online choice if that is what you are going for. It took me a while to choose the Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online. But I promise you its worth it. Don't just look at the information online. They really work with you when it comes to tuition costs. Don't let the number online scare you. It definitely scared me, but as long as I pass all of classes, that number is cut in half almost!!!!! I can't wait to continue my education here the next few years!
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The online class is better on your time, because you have the freedom to choose when you want to do your homework.
I love online classes, it is easier than the traditional classroom.
I haven't had a chance to view anything on post-graduation as I have just started.
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