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This college is fantastic as it has the best of the best for teachers. You can learn from industry leaders. They really help prepare you for an exceptional career. However, it will come with a heavy price tag!
It is not a bad school to go to. The classes are small and the teachers there care a lot about your education, well O know fashion, animation and culinary. I just wouldn't recommend housing so much, I feel that the director does not do much towards problems and he frys to hard to be your friend.
I dont think i have had many hassles or frustrations so far with my school or classes. I wish the campus was a little closer to home but the drive is worth the quality of education i receive. The classes and their flexibility is great and easy to work around home and work life.
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My online classes differ from my culinary classes as they are basic classes like math. The workload is definitely manageable just as it is when i have in person classes. the registration process is simple.
The career center at my school assists in helping build up your resume and making a personal portfolio of all that you have done while you have been at the school. The offer job fairs, employment opportunities and intern and externships.
Class sizes are small for better hands on and individual training and help.

Professors are renowned chefs. They are very professional and up front about what it takes.

They dont just offer baking and pastry but also the savory side of culinary, web design, etc.
The value of a degree from this school, i think personally, is more valuable then degrees from most other culinary schools. The Art Institute is world renowned. People come from all over the world to go to the campus i am located at because they are such an amazing school with even more amazing opportunities for future employment. They hold career days where employers come in and personally sit down and talk with you and go over your resume and portfolio. Some students are even offered Jobs the day of. The career center/services help you to build a more professional resume and set up these portfolios for possible future employers to view the work you have done.
I am studying baking and pastry. The program is amazing! The workload is what you would expect from a culinary school- a lot but not too much to handle. The curriculum is very hands on with state of the art facilities and small classroom sizes to help everyone learn better and to make sure that the teacher can help everyone individually if needed. Part of my curriculum is an externship where i could be offered a full time job doing what i love. They also offer help in gaining careers, building resumes or switching careers.
Culinary arts has always been my passion. It is amazing to learn from renowned chefs and that they take time out of their days to come teach their passion to future Chefs.
The convenience and flexibility of classes/curriculum was very satisfactory considering I have narcolepsy, single-parent of five, and other family issues/concerns that take up my time. I have no frustrations and hassles to report. The ease of credit transfer was very satisfactory.
The quality of post-grad opportunities is definitely high before and after graduation. Their career services coordinator is definitely compassionate about her job including their counselor. I met them during orientation and in my first class. They definitely make sure their presence is known and encourages one-on-one. Guest speakers and clubs to join are made readily twice a day to cover students who take morning and evening classes.
The overall class experience that I have seen from just taking one course so far is outstanding. I'm a very analytical person and I sit back and observe a lot. From my observation of Brown Mackie is that it is compassionate about educating their students. The instructor/professor is compassionate, direct, professional, and expert of her field. She showed compassion in the classroom and outside. Outside meaning she made sure we obtained our parking badges in a timely manner and provided a way of contacting her if any situation should arise. She was direct meaning she didn't sugar-coat anything and I loved that.
Career aspects I feel I should gain is hands-on experience like the course curriculum incorporates for my major. Employers these days are looking for candidates that already have experience under their belt. Brown Mackie College gives the employer exactly what they require. I feel that I will be ready after graduation to transition and be successful within my field of study. This college gives no means for slacking off. You have to give a 100% if you want to be successful.
For my specific major such as Business Administration, the academic plan is tailed specifically to what the employer expects. Their staff have made resources readily available to all students to include one-on-one call line with professional counselor. Their staff also have internship positions incorporated in the course curriculummin in which a student isn't left struggling to find and apply for internship positions on their own.
Brown Mackie College - Greenville campus is engaging and have resources readily available. The implementions of IPads in the classroom instead of paperback books is a plus. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and compassionate. I only saw that same positive enforced environment and compassion from two instructors at the college I attended.
The Media Arts and Animation program is very hands on and engaging so students have an easier time learning about their major.
The class sizes are great because the teacher can can focus on the the students more than other colleges.
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School schedule is not flexible.
I have failed every online class but never campus.
My school only offers internships
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