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What I like about The Art Institute of Philadelphia are the professors. They make sure you are ready for the next step in your academic life and make sure you are ready to start your career. However, the thing I would change is the amount of courses being offered in each major.
I graduated from this school back in 2015 in Media Arts and Animation. While I was attending here, I encounter many problems with the school.

Upon graduating, every student is assigned to a career service agent that are suppose to contact you twice per week on leads and their follow ups with the companies that they pitched you to. They were to continue providing you this service for 6 months after graduating from there. However, the career service agent that I had only contacted me once every month with only one lead. The job placement was said to be around 75% when I was attending but, the terrible performance of the career service agent I had. I'm convinced that static is completely bogus.

Spending $80,000+ dollars here is not worth it at all. Save your money and attend a far better school than this one.
This is my first school in Philadelphia. I've learned a lot of things from here. However, the campus gets smaller and smaller due to the cutting assets or something made me so worried that it may be bunkrapt before I graduate here.
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The Art Institute of Philadelphia is a great place to meet people who share the same dreams and goals. It's also a place to learn from professors that are very passionate about their jobs.

Although there are some positive things about this school, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. This school is very unorganized which is why there is so much room for countless mistakes.
I made plenty of friends when I have attended that school however, it is not al about the friendships you make but the school work and the college experience. My professors were cruel and often mean while others seem unsure of what they are lecturing us about. The main reason why I ultimately left the school is because, of the financial office would mess my paperwork every quarter and have me sign paperworks to take other smaller loans just for them to tell meet is still not enough to cover my education.
I haven't gone through the post-graduate process yet.
I personally would not recommend this institution for anyone who needs to be walked through their instruction. You need to be able to seek the knowledge. I have to keep asking questions in order to get better understanding of the curriculum. But when the right questions are asked, the instructor is inspired for further instruction in something they may have overlooked. To me, I would say bad, to others it's great. I am super analytical.
Many courses were cut down to practically nothing really flexible. I understand that summer's are more difficult but to have no flexibility for course choice with a working schedule is very frustrating.
I haven't got to the point of looking for a career in my field yet. I am looking abroad. But I also don't trust that I am going to get the best assistance either.
A degree is a degree. It all depends on how the individual applies the knowledge gained....if any.
The computers are always freezing, but I know that has to do with a lot of students do major projects. If the students were given opportunities to rent computers for personal use, especially those who cannot afford to buy a computer, it would help a lot.
I consider myself a professional student. If I invest money in something I expect to get what I paid for. Many times I had to re-approach the topic of the lesson because the instructors don't have a clear lesson plan. If they do have a lesson plan, they don't adhere to it. I as a student, I shouldn't have to correct troublesome students in the class. I have found many teachers not apply themselves to teach properly. As if they are getting a free paycheck and it doesn't matter if you grasp it or not.

When spurred properly to earn their paycheck, the teachers are much better.
Most of the time I've been able to get the schedule I wanted and the only times I weren't they weren't the days I've wanted but so far I've been able to get the time of I want.
Online courses are easier in terms of workload and convenience.
There are many job fairs offered as well as internships and and job postings.
the school overs a lot of job fairs and offer internships and keep students up to date on places looking to hire.
Most of the advertising classes are small classes between 5 and 10 students while the other classes are between 20 to 25 students. However I did take a class that had up to 30 people.
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The classes for my major aren't offered every quarter but when I do get a advertising class I learn a lot about the field and I've also been able to experience the environment first hand as well.
It's a good school the only problems is the lack of classes offered for my major and the bad financial aid services but other than that faculty actually currently work in the field and offer real world experience. Also the classes are reasonably sized and you never feel like you're lost in a crowd.
Great network/job opportunities. Fair workload
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