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They are such a great school. Such an amazing environment! The staff is always so open to help you with whatever you need.
This is a pretty diverse school in terms of where people are coming from and what they're majoring in. I just wish this school offered athletic programs and more scholarships.
The Art Institute of Las Vegas has kids who were stuck on what to do in life, so they ended up furthering their careers. It is a helpful and safe environment full of hope and the thrill of baking.
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The Art Institute has taught and challenged my skills. The teachers are amazing and the students are very inspiring. Being in a diverse environment motivates me and challenges me to be a better artist. I was skeptical about going back to school but I am so glad I did.
I have dropped out of college twice because I do not like school at all. But since coming to The Art Institute of Las Vegas, I haven't wanted to stop! Granted, I'm only in my first quarter but I have enjoyed it immensely! The professors are entertaining and involved with the class, the classes are interesting. I am in the Culinary program and learning the techniques and trying the food has given me a real sense of accomplishment.
I can take evening classes most often so I can stay home with my baby during the day while my husband is at work.
So far so good. I plan on starting my own business and I have the tools and networking I need to do it.
The Art Institute of Las Vegas is great because you get to really focus and learn exactly what you want. There are general classes to take but there aren't nearly as many as if you went to a state school. The administration staff are friendly and help you with anything you need. They answer questions fully and will find specific answers if they themselves don't already know.
The scheduling fits very well with my home and work life.
The online classes are very convenient for those who cannot get to the campus.
Our career services center is so helpful. They help create resumes and everything with getting a job in your field.
I love being able to get critiqued on my photos to know what I need to improve.
Everyone that works here tries their best to help the students succeed and get jobs.
Being a photography student has given me opportunities to experience real life photography situations.
I absolutely love my school. All of the staff is so helpful and caring.
Well I haven't started yet but I am trying to get scholarships. All I can say is the Admissions Rep was really nice and kind. Very described on details of the school, courses living area, career jobs,, and activities
Going into the art institute I did expect more in a sense of more options. The school is really expensive and I'm coming out of pocket to pay since I waited so long to sign up for scholarships. What I like about my school would be the class size because they're usually small. No more than 40+ a class which gives the instructor breathing space to teach. The access to technology is great as well. We have many apple macs throughout the school, and there's even a checkout spot for things like laptops, cameras, and equipment for your classes. The only thing I would change about the school is make it bigger. Its so bland to me
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Classes are small so the professors know you and can personally help you with whatever it is you need.
This school is amazing. I have met so many talented people. The teachers are fantastic. The price, not so much.. But there are small classrooms so you get one on one with the teacher and the teachers actually care how we do in school and want to see us succeed. I'm not sure if I would choose this school again.. while I do love it, I have given up a lot to be here. Moving almost 2000 miles away just to come to this school, it's hard. But I love it.
I will admit, it is a lot to pay for but i think the education is worth it.
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