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This is my third time trying to go to school and now that I know what I want to do, I have also learned that this is the perfect place for me. Third time really is the charm!!!
The building is the greatest attribute to this school. There are definitely a select few of the staff that genuinely care about the students and their well being. However, the majority of the staff comes off as unapproachable and a bit shady. I've had a teacher who spent the majority of the class flirting with some of the younger female students, and the admin staff did not address that situation. I would higher recommend speaking with an outside financial adviser before any student decides to commit, otherwise you'll be informed of FAFSA and student loan opportunities only--no help with scholarships and/or grants whatsoever.
The Art Institute of Indianapolis offers a very personalized hands on education. They provide a variety of different programs and have instructors that care about the students education and overall progress throughout each and every class.
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I haven't had any problem with online courses and had a good experience with the online teacher
They are very intent on helping their grads find good jobs.
Some aren't as passionate but for the most part many of them have a lot of enthusiasm for their work and teaching
I have had a great experience so far and can't wait for my next quarter!
There is always room for improvement but I have to say AII is very good at teaching it's students. Even those who struggle get the help they need to create new works of art.
I have had a great experience with AII and am glad to continue to attend for my bachelor's degree. They are helpful in all aspects and care about helping their students. The quality of learning is incomparable to anything I have experienced.
Overall I would say that this school is exactly where I need to be to go where I want after college.
I have yet to get involved with any of these.
I am learning things that will apply to my chosen career.
So far it has been a really great experience.
everyone is helpful in every way. i am not from Indiana i am from Ohio so everyone helps me as best as they can
I am new to Indiana and the people here are so nice and they are helpful to me
Speaking from experience at the Art Institute of Ohio- Cincinnati, I'm not entirely expecting things to be amazing as compared to Cincinnati because it seemed that most students didn't care enough about classes or took them too seriously, which hindered the teachers ability to teach and my ability to learn all that I could have. Cincinnati lowered my overall expectations for learning all that I can for a successful career. I am hoping this school is better.
I really love my school, it's the best one for me.
Review The Art Institute of Indianapolis
Easy to work class and everyday life together
Started out pretty good but now it's just okay. Few thoughts about transferring maybe to different campus
Nice small class sizes, some professor don't do much but set up a powerpoint presentation and read it
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