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First off, I want to start to say that I just recently graduated from the AI in Fort Laudersale, Florida with my Bachelors in Interior Design. I can honestly say that I did graduate with some new knowledge, but after the first year, it was a disaster. My advisors told me I had a free run through school, then days before I graduate they informed me that I needed to pay school loans. What? Now apparently I'm $75,000 in debt from a school that did not help me get prepared for my field in any way. Teachers quit, never responded back to my emails, and the from a are horrific.
I enjoy the environment, this is a small school which makes it easier to interact with other students and the instructors care about students and their personal needs. However, I would like to have more financial aid options for international students.
"Right people, wrong place," is how a lot of my friends, including I, describe the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Student there are great and We had excellent teachers, 'till some of them got fired. We get these kits that supposedly have nearly everything we need for our major, but that's not entirely true. The kits barely have what is need, so, in my own experience, it's a must to buy your own materials. For any new student, I advise to either choose different school or have a job and know how to budget like crazy before enrolling.
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Flexible schedule is accesible to my day to day living.
An easy online process enablibg a very good learning expeience at the leisure of learning while at home.
Many levels of assistance and information given to student faculty along with an impressive alumni network.
Extensive learning throught great educators with heavy course load. These instructors ae outstanding.
Many future caree services available to students with various companies at our school offering jobs, interships with future career prospects.
Intriguing and motivational, excited in learning every aspect of this major, the wirkload is extensive and well worth it.
By far the best decision in attending this college.
Even though I didn't start my first semester yet at the school, I had amazing help from the admissions office from Kira Lubener. I am very excited to start this fall.
they teacher everything you will need in the real world, from menu management to operating technology
from start to the first day of school everyone was helpful
AI gives you enough time to schedule your day/night classes, The only thing I disliked was you'd have to wait for someone to drop a class before you could choose it (if it was full)
Professors were great! Whatever your major, that was the homework was about.
I really enjoyed going to the Art Institute. The only thing I disliked was when I my cosigner's credit score dropped, which prohibited me from attending school. It is a little expensive to afford, especially if you are an out of towner, living in the expensive dorms by yourself. Great activities at the school
The staff and faculty seem dedicated to assisting students however they can possible. They are always available to help whenever you ask for it. The students are friendly, and nobody is treated like a stranger. You can find a fellow classmate wherever you are.
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I absolutely love my school!!!! We are one big family (staff and students) and the support is overwhelming. I'm currently a bachelors student there and although I am struggling financially to pay for school, the staff and students always look out for me and encourage me to keep going everyday. I couldn't recommend a better place of education for artist than Art Institute!!!
I don't really know yet. I haven't started yet.
I haven't started yet but the registration process has been very easy and the school has been very helpful.
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