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It is a small college. The teachers are great and the students and faculty are nice to meet and friendly to interact. Everyone is who they are and the teachers are great with getting in touch with if your having trouble in something or if you have a question.
When it comes to the housing, it can be another bite in the butt, but you can always try to be an RA and get free housing. Not to mention, the RAs I know are pretty respectful. And if you don't like your roommate, you can file a complaint or move out or they can move out. The only thing I don't really like about the housing is that we're not allowed pets outside or therapy animals, but our school prop manager gets to have his nevertheless
It was very cool experience. Everyone there expresses themselves and creates beautiful work. I wouldn't go back though because it's too expensive and it seems like the dean doesn't know what he's doing
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The school has a very welcoming thing about it. I don't know how to describe it its just great!!
If I could do it all over I would still go to the Art Institute. My instructors are strict and precise which is why I enjoy the classes, while the actual course loads can range between ridiculously hard to small amounts. Generally, most instructors help you with any issues besides the ones that change deadlines and make no exception for the classes. The financial issues with this school give a lot to be desired. For me, I had changed my plan to a lower payment each month. Instead of refunding my money they put it towards future payments. The payments didn't go through even though I consistently tried each month to get it to stick, I had 4 months that was supposed to be paid. However, the office kept trying to take my money and charged me for late fees. I gave up and paid the difference, having 2 months left over from my initial payment. When this situation arrises ask for a full refund instead of paying new months.
my favorite experiences so far is when we started making food dishes in class. just great
The upcoming quarter, I was hoping to be able to schedule classes that consisted within the first three days of the week, because I know at the end of that quarter I am planning on going out of state for a family affair, but that is not possible since they only have classes on set days, so now I have no idea if I will be able to attend the family matter, since I will be at school.
If I could go back in time to chose the school I want to go to, rather than the school my mom wants me to go to, I would go to another school, an accredited University where I can interact with fellow students and be able to do more than just sit in my room or be at school.
I have had classes that were run well by very good teachers, but I have had classes that weren't so great. Some classes can have up to 30 students, depending on how many seats are in the room and how many students signed up for it.
I think the value of a degree from this school can easily equate to nothing, especially since a lot of the surrounding companies know the Art Institute students to not be that great of potential employees. The fact that I feel like my value went down, just because I went to this school, is very saddening, I wish I would have chosen a different school.
I don't feel like there are a lot of "groups" of people in the school, a lot of the people are very similar. I am not one to get too close to people at the school, because I know that it is not going to last long, so I stay to myself most of the time.
My school doesn't communicate between sections, I have met with financial aid people to renew some fees, causing my monthly payment to double, but when it was time for me to pay the payment the following month, the accounting section had no clue that my payment was changed, it wasn't even on their computer database, they actually asked me if I knew what I was supposed to be paying, I honestly could have lied, but I didn't.
Apparently, there is a career center program that graduates are supposed to get in contact with six months before they graduate (or was it six months after?) and they are supposed to help with the process of finding job interviews and other stuff like that, but I do not know much about it.
My specific major is Graphic Design. I only say it's okay because I am taking courses that are for Web Design students, like making websites from scratch and coding, which has absolutely nothing to do with what I am actually there for, they just bunch together the Web Design and the Graphic Design students and have them take a lot of the same courses. Also, I have had the opportunity to be in a class where I learned absolutely nothing and the "teacher" taught absolutely nothing, which was rather annoying because I am paying to be in a classroom to learn something that I don't know much about, yet I am just wasting that money and learning nothing.
There are a lot of design oriented classes that I have to take, as well as some basics like Math and Writing. The Registration Process is pretty easy sometimes, I like going to see the Head person of my Major to do my schedule so that I take classes that I have to, but sometimes it is difficult to get in contact with them, for example the last time that I was having to make my schedule I emailed my admissions person and they never got back to me, so I had to continuously return to their office to see if they were there, until finally I bumped into them and we set a time for later that day.
The only good thing about the resources that we have are the computers and tablets, even then computers tend to not work or the mouse doesn't work. We receive a general admission kit, but we receive items that we don't even use and they don't give us items that we do tend to need, causing us to buy the items from their student store at a high price. Rather than just supplying a kit to a specific major and how far they are going in that major since not everybody is going to be there for the same amount of time.
There are so may types of different people in the programs you never know who your going to meet
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They make plans so they will help it make it more affordable
They set up the job that will further your career
There are multiple different electives that are offered they have fashion, art, culinary arts, and photography they have great teachers that that teach these programs
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