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The Art Institute of California - San Francisco, a campus of Argosy University Reviews

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You kind of have the plan your life around your classes. Its either work and sleep or school and no sleep. That is for full time students.
The online classes are cool its just sometimes you forget that you have classes even if you are on the internet already, easier to be distracted.
Almost every week they have job fairs based on majors offered and what places need people.
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For starters most of the animation teachers here have some type of expirence working with the disney studios. They tel you that the real struggle and what expirence they've gained from it. And they encourage all us younglings to be a better animation person than they were. "You'll have a full toolbox by the time you graduate. And some people won't know that you do."
Considering that there are many animation studios out there in San Fransisco its super cool. Everyday is a learning day and you can see where the great's of the greats came to learn and see how far and long it took them to animate for big companies such as PIXAR and DISNEY
I really feel as if I can thrive as a person. The teachers truely care about our learning and take their time when explaining things. I love that everyone including upper class man and incoming freshmen have equal opportunities. No one is singeled out and you can really focus because the school is mainly a hands on learning place.
I haven't done anything yet but just learn about the system and the programs for using with animation
It is okay so far. One problem is their financial aid officers. It seems they are heavily flustered and confused. They the process really complicated and hard to understand until they break it down. Sometimes it seems like they don't understand what one says. Some officers mix up the words. Communications is needed. Other parts the school is good.
So far im loving my expierence.
Not exactly the best when it comes to resources since there is no athletic center but the library is good, student center is great, and the campus activities are fun.
I love my school. The teachers are great, but the furniture is very bad.
Classes are good some of the academic advisers need more training
it's in a convenient location, but getting there all the way from stockton is a hassle.
I haven't taken any online courses with this college yet.
The computer labs at my school are really good. It's the network reliability that's iffy this quarter. It's my second quarter and I have heard other students and instructors discussing the network being down quite often. Last quarter, it seemed to be pretty reliable. Not so much this quarter.

If you live near campus, you don't necessarily need a personal computer and printer. Each computer lab is equipped with printers and scanners and all labs are accessible to students, even if there's a class in there, so long as there are stations available and you're quiet while the class is in session. If you do not live near campus, however, it's best that you have your own computer at home and if you're in a media program such as Visual and Game Programming, Game Art and Design or similar majors be certain you have a computer fast enough to run the software needed for these majors (Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Illustrator, among others).
We have a small campus between two buildings in UN Plaza in San Francisco. Both buildings serve a variety of students in different majors, though one serves mostly computer/graphic design type students and the other serves mostly those students who work with tangible items such as food, fabrics, art supplies, etc.

AI doesn't have sports available but there are clubs. Our Student Affairs department is very active in planning activities for students outside of class. The library is well-stocked. We have two lounges for students' use, one in the basement of one of the buildings. Both are furnished with couches, tables, chairs, microwaves, vending machines, and more.

As for campus aesthetics, well, it's in UN Plaza. On the one hand, it's a historical site and that's neat. On the other hand, it's UN Plaza. If you know anything about that location, you know what I'm talking about. If not...just do a search for San Francisco UN Plaza and look at some pics. Some will give you a clue as to what I'm referring to.

Overall, though, this school is more than satisfactory thus far.
It depends on the group of people you are working with because everyone is so diverse.
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Its Seems great, they help you find a job after you graduate which helps alot because being an art student can be hard because of all the competitive energy that go with it.
The teachers are invested in the students. I've received a lot of attention and feedback both in class and talking to them afterward or during office hours. There are tutors available for my specific major in the Tutor room, and free life model sessions offered. The workload is intense due to the quarter system, especially since I'm taking fulltime units that are mostly the art classes.
One of the specific reasons I chose this school was because the curriculum offers a mix of 2D and 3D animation. The 2D lab is nice and has plenty of space. I also currently have a rewarding internship that gives me practice with the animation production pipeline and working within a team.
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