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When I started attending Art Institute of California-San Diego it was great until they decided to change polices. They let go of the good instructors, changed the location of the student housing. We went from living in apartment style to dorm style for the same crazy amount of $995. They try to find a way for you to pay more money and make it impossible for the students to enjoy the college life with all the debt. This school is definitely not worth it for the whooping $95,000 thousand
They are pretty flexible. There are online courses available for those who attend on-campus school and there is a complete online school, where your whole degree is completed online. For those who live far and do not want online courses, it can be a challenge, but each teacher does a great job working with you. There could be more flexibility in class times. There are only three blocks available for class times: 8a-12p, 1p-5p, and 6p-10p, These blocks are so long that it can be hard to work your job and life schedule around them plus they are not offered by multiple teachers, so usually, if a class time and day does not fit your schedule, you can't just look for another time it's being taught, you have to wait till the next quarter to take it. Transferring credits was great, they took a lot of my credits from community college cutting down my coursework needed quite a bit.
The online courses are really fast, so if you're not dedicated you could fail. Online courses are completed in half the time of in-class courses (5.5 weeks) so assignment due dates are really sped up, usually being due on two days each week (like every Wed and Fri) But the teachers are professional and the way it works is easy to understand. You start with introductions, then as the class progresses, you turn in assignments both open for the class to see and critique and some that only the teacher sees and grades. You have to comment on at least two other students work each week offering necessary feedback as well as completing your assignments. It can be taxing because it moves so fast, but if you're organized and don't procrastinate, you'll do well.
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I have not used the career center yet, but I've heard good and bad things. The bad mostly being personal issues from student to student. nothing that spoke directly to the quality of service.
The courses are great, they are set up to teach you as many facets of the industry as needed in real life situations. You learn to draw by hand, render by hand as well as computer programming. The professors are great! They are patient, kind, and really care about your success. They allow you to move at your own pace but critique you in a way that helps encourage you and gives you great ideas. Class styles are easy-going, most classes will have no more than about 15 students, so you get plenty of time with the teacher as a class and individually. Each course is set up well as you are working on one project for each class: for example in residential, you are designing a house for a specific client so over the course of the class you are creating concepts, schematics and diagramming, programming, space planning, editing and giving a final presentation of that project. Each class is 11 weeks long and each week a new part of the project is due. Very organized and smooth.
They have career placement center that helps you to find internships and helps you plan for your portfolio show. At the portfolio show, industry professionals come out to look at your work, if you are properly prepared and have a good portfolio, you will possibly be recruited for a job. What you put in, is what you get out, the school is set up to get you the skills and presentation you need to succeed, but the rest is up to you. The interior design program is CIDA accredited and has student chapters of IIDA and ASID, so the accreditation is there.
In the interior design program you get a very broad range of coursework that really is industry relevant. I've learned photoshop, Revit, CAD, In design and other necessary programs. Each class size is small (anywhere from 2-15 students) and is set up as an overall project so you are able to perfect industry related skills by working on one project from beginning to end. There is no one-sided focus, you learn how to design for commercial, residential, hospitality, institutional, etc. The workload can be heavy at times, but mostly due to other classes, (for me personally, distance) and if you're working you really have to set aside time for homework. The curriculum is ever-changing to match changes in the industry and it is set up so that you progress at a good pace. They have a design lab where there are lots of donated samples as well as private computers and a larger printer and scanner just for interior design students. The internship program offers you the opportunity to work in jobs within your field, the only issue is that they mostly have internships in the San Diego area, so if you live outside of there, it can be difficult to get one.
I love being a student at the Art Institute. I can see my growth from the first year I began till now. The Interior design program is very thorough, you'll be taught all the necessary programs used in the industry today. The teachers really care about the students and take the time in and out of class to work with your needs. Fellow students are mostly friendly, open and creative. The environment feels positive and professional. This is my fourth and last year and I wouldn't have wanted to attend any other school for my design education.
Class sizes are small to they help you get more one on one time with the professors which is goodnight ou have questions
Staff members actually take the time to learn about you and help you with what ever you need
The price for the school is expensive but I believe the education we get is real and not just off a text book. We get instructors who care about us and who currently work in the field to help us learn new trends and keep up with the ever changing culinary world. The instructors are also always willing to connect us with people they know in the field to get us jobs some have even offered us jobs .
The school is for me, is family friendly and care about my education
I have always wanted to go to the Art Institute; its my dream school.
Everyone is really helpful. They make you fee welcome and will try their best to help you and get your questions answered.
I am not done at AI yet but I feel that it's the best place I could go in the area. I feel that the GAD teachers make the program what it is. I feel like I should be there and that is important to me.
We are in San Diego, there is a large diversity of students here. I am 30 year old navy vet and my c++ buddy is 19.
There is hardly any issue with the computers or wifi.
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There are events every month but I am to busy to attend, some are geared towards graduating students. The library is nice and a study spot for all students. Most of us hang out in the student lounge and get coffee and play video games in between classes or on break.
The school is up to date and has a great feeling about it. All of the students are very creative here. I have made some really great friends here and as the years go by more are added through class experiences. GAD has a small student body and we all get to work along side each other, we soon start to know who is going to work and who is just there.
There are a few grant issues though its minor. I just think my grant money is held for longer than it should be. 5 weeks is a little long to wait for money when you are a full time student.
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