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The Art Institute of California - Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University Reviews

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I love being a full time student at The Art Institute of Sacramento. Professors are very helpful the work one on one with students! Classes are fun! Classmates are friendly to one another! Admissions and financial aid officials are extremely helpful and friendly. I made a great decision appying to this awesome university!
The school has classes in the night, which makes it easy for people who work in the day or just can't make the morning classes.
Very easy to access and help is available
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Professors know what they're doing and have worked in the field of the major previously or currently, so they have the experience.
They're always helping and willing to help students. Flyers are put up to address students who may need assistance in any aspect. There are workshops, whether it'd be figure drawing to resume workshops.
My major is Media Arts and Animation and I'm loving it so far. I'm learning new things each quarter and bettering myself. The faculty is very helpful and the only reason you would fail is if you weren't trying.
This school is amazing and the staff is so helpful. For the first time I feel like I belong somewhere. I am able to talk about what I love with my fellow classmates. Also the school holds events almost every week to make it more fun. If I could do it all over again, I would re choose this school. I love it.
I never had hassles with transferring credit to this school or scheduling classes. The process was easy and I just worked my personal life around my classes. They hold classes from 8-12, 1-5, and 6-10. It's pretty easy to do and live outside of school. The only problem is that classes are so small that at times, they hold off on offering classes which can lead to graduation being pushed back.
The post grad center is terrible and tell you things you already know and are really of no help.
Class time is very immersive especially in classes that are geared specifically towards your major. Teachers are very much still active in the field they teach and offer insight into the career to students. Probably the best part of this school
This school has a post graduate career center where they help you find employment or jobs/internships outside of the school however, from my knowledge all they do is give you keywords to search on craigslist, monster jobs, and other job search engines. I really don't see the point when I can do this all on my own. They do offer advice or counseling when job seeking but that's about it. They tell you things you should already know.
A lot of this school is taught by teachers are amazing at what they do in the field and most still work in their field and offer great knowledge and connections to professionals.
Upon starting at this school in Winter of 2016, I completely loved it. The environment was great and I felt like I actually belonged. I've been attending this school for about 9 months now and I'm starting to fall out of love with it. The tuition is so high (it's a private school so I understand) but its unbelievably high and I was okay with paying this because for my degree, connections are everything but corporate has fired tons of amazing staff leaving the current staff somewhat like a skeleton crew. Lots of students have left for this reason and there goes a lot of either connections or possible future connections. It's sad what the school has come to. There are hardly any students and I fear I've pulled out numerous loans to attend a school that seems to be closing in the very near future.
It always one on one with this school it helps.
I like the school. Tuition is high though, but the teachers and curriculum is diverse. Teachers come from many fields and often work in the Industry simultaneously. Plus, the culinary students make a lot of excess food in their classes so there's often free food in the student lounge. A good environment of people, overall. Very friendly and always happy to help and talk.
Since courses are chosen online students can see what classes are availible at what time but most of them never really line up with the rubric of classes for each major, meaning you could have classes all throughout the week when it is highly recommend to take them.
School is definitely expensive which is sort of silly because a lot of students who go there as an alternative to a UC or CSU since they are more expensive. A fluctuation in monthly payments are expected and not all financial details are told clearly unless directly asked. Also a vague explanation of why prices go up. As well as CalGrant being denied and no one knows why.
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The professors are great, a lot of them are relatable and friendly. Even those with a less than friendly disposition have reason behind their critiques.
When in graphic design, it's expected that there will be a job waiting for you. National statistic say otherwise. I plan to switch to media arts and animation and I hear the job prospects are terrible, whereas from teachers and other sources the opposite is said.
Everyone is willing to help each other out and give helpful advice to younger or current year classmates.
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