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The Art Institute of California - Orange County, a campus of Argosy University Reviews

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I've been enrolled in this school for a little over a year and this place has it's ups and downs. For positives, everyone is nice and are not hard to approach if you have questions or concerns. For negatives, as about almost anyone knows of how expensive tuition fees are. You are to pay monthly fees otherwise you will be put on hold before you can register any classes. Every once in a while, they remodel some parts inside of the school that closes certain halls. And sometimes staff would move to a different location.
The classes are pretty convenient based on amount of courses.
I've taken two online courses and both were very good experiences. The teachers are pretty quick to respond with any answers.
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I'm not sure, I'm still attending school.
Teachers are very experienced in the same major.
Very valuable degree for the graphic and web design major.
This school is heavily concentrated in this field.
I had to remind them that I have credits that needed to be applied.
Online courses are all good. I thrive with online classes but it is not my preferred way of learning. They are 5.5 weeks long which makes it go by fast and I am not sure if that is a long enough time to retain what I have learned.
Career fairs and opportunities for internships are few especially since I work in the day time. Night classes are few and career opportunities are limited for someone of my age and a returning student. I was reminded by my director that "This is not a night school" so I am forced to take days off of work to attend a class that is needed for me to graduate. That puts a burden on my financial situation, as if they are not already putting me in a financial hardship already with the amount of tuition I am being charged.
There are quality instructors and I am taking as much as I can from them but sometimes I am forced to take online classes and I do not get the one on one experience and attention I can when I am taking a class on campus.
Because I am earning an Associates degree I am not eligible for an internship. Although, I was told that I can get a internship opportunity it will not be applied to my grade. An internship will only be for experience only.
I have learned a lot while I attend this school, I just wish they were more accommodating to older students with day jobs. The quality of most teacher are exceptionally impressive but there are a couple that could be better organized and approachable.
I am a returning student going through a career change. They do not accommodate for students who are older than the average student. Career fairs are always in the day time. I do have a job but I work day shifts 5 days a week. There are not enough night classes so I am forced to take some classes online. I don't mind taking online classes but I learn better in a physical class. My director of my program could be more helpful and understanding. It is also very expensive. I wish the teacher were more dedicated to the students. At times they cancel class and I am paying a good penny to learn. One thing I have learned is that your grade doesn't matter as much as your portfolio.
The career center is always available to any students and newcomers. Both Career Center and Student Affairs are top notch and try every way to lead the students in the school especially sending out upcoming events, job applications, and graduation applications.
All classrooms have same hours except for culinary. Computer labs are always opened in the morning till evening depending on the location and the time elapsing with class time. When I first transferred into the school, there was a bit of a hassle when the student affairs needed my official transcripts from two different schools so they could check which classes I already fulfilled.
Online course can be good to okay depending which course you're taking. I've ran into some tech difficulties that required clear history and cache to be able to login to my online course. Sometimes, I would have to refresh my AIG just to login.

Overall, it's good if you want to try balancing out between on campus and online. Registration is fast and efficient as long as you are going on the right path and always talk to academic advisor to help out.
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Fast-pace and flexible. There should be no room for procrastination while enrolling in the Art Institute.
Animation varies depending where you will work; whether working in a studio or creating your own business. There are some jobs that require those with animation experience, but more professional level, which can be a little tough.
Teachers can be very friendly and motivated to teach their students. Since I major in Animation, I would be in classrooms with computers (windows and mac) or a drawing desk.
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